Tower of London Ghosts

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The Tower of London is situated in the east of the city, it is the oldest palace, fortress and prison in Europe and was created by William the conqueror in 1078. Throughout the years many kings enlarged it building walls and small towers. The first buildings were the White Tower and its Norman Chapel, which is the oldest Church in London. In the White Tower, medieval kings used to live with their families. It has been the site of murders, marriages, uproars, museums, and zoos. The Tower of London was also an execution site, and its said to be full of ghosts of the victims who lost their head on its scaffold.

Read on to learn about some of the ghosts that have haunted the Tower for years!

3. Bloody Tower 10. Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula

28. Queen's House 29. Salt Tower 30. Scaffold Site 33. Tower Green 43. White Tower

Henry VIIIs second wife, Anne Boleyn was executed in Tower Green after being a prisoner in 1536. Many people have seen Annes ghost since her death. A little girl saw the whole execution in Tower Green. Sometimes she appears with her head, sometimes without it, carrying her head under her arm. People see her in the Chapel Royal situated in the White Tower, sometimes she is looking out of the window in the same tower and sometimes she is walking on Tower Green

Sir Walter (1552-1618) was an explorer and a favourite of Queen Elizabeth, but she died in 1903. The new king, James I, did not like Raleigh and sent him to the Tower as a prisoner. In the evening he used to walk from his rooms in the Bloody Tower to the Lieutenants house. It is said that some nights you can see a dark figure on Raleighs walk, between

She was Henry VIIIs fifth wife. He adored her, but she was unfaithful to him. Henry ordered an investigation and found that not only had Catherine been flirting behind his back it was also said that she had been promiscuously unchased before he married her. On 13th February 1542 she was beheaded on Tower Green with Lady Jane Rachford, who had been party to Catherines infidelity.

She didnt want to be queen, but it was because of her father and father in laws ambition that Edward VI transferred the rights of his sisters (Mary and Elizabeth) to her when she was only sixteen years old. After nine days, her father, Henry Duke of Suffolk, told her she was no longer queen, she was imprisoned and beheaded after watching her husbands decapitated body. She is said to appear on the anniversary of her death on 12th February, 1554. She has been seen on the Salts Tower.

Edward V became king of England in 1483 when he was only twelve years old. His brother was only ten. Their father was dead, but they had an uncle, Richard. He was very bad and he wanted to be king himself. So, he killed both princes. He did not kill them himself but he paid another man to kill them. They were seen as ghosts at the bottom of the staircase of the Bloody Tower. They were wearing night-clothes