Tourism and Travel in Ancient Egypt

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"Tourism and Travel in Ancient Egypt," a new book written by Mohammed Ahmed, a tourism specialist, presents investigations on one of the ancient Egyptian mysterious topics, which has been unsatisfactory discovered and researched, is related to the matter of “travels in ancient Egypt”. The book is published by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing . It meets the interests not only for the Egyptologists, tourism and history scholars, but also for all the human beings and to a broader readership scale in terms of their fondness of comparing and recognizing the differences and similarities between travel in ancient times and now. The book proposes full detailed descriptions on the travels of ancient Egyptians and considers being a factual journey through the history. It offers the following benefits: A comprehensive literature relating to the topic of ancient Egyptian travels. Adduce various examples of travels in ancient Egypt. Discover new aspects of the daily life in ancient Egypt.

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  • Tourism and Travel inAncient Egypt

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