Touching Lives in Frederick County September 3, 2015 1.

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Touching Lives in Frederick CountySeptember 3, 2015


Nonprofit Economic Impact in Marylandnonprofits

Over 32,000


An est. 1.3 million volunteers

provide 193.5 million hours of service each year

Economic ImpactMaryland workers is employed by a non-profit organization

Since 2006, over 23,000 jobs added

1 in 10 Over $13.5 Billion in annual wages

Frederick County Nonprofit Sector

1,356 Nonprofits175 Nonprofits over $100,000 7,672 Nonprofit Jobs8% Total employment$76.7m Annual nonprofit wages15% Growth - Nonprofit employment 2006-2011-4% Growth - Total employment 2006-2011

5Quality of LifeVision: A highly effective, ethical and accountable nonprofit sector that inspires public trust and involvement, enhances the fabric of all communities, and drives change through collective action and advocacy.


This is the vision statement from 2010-2015 Strategic Plan. Emphasize the fabric of communities and drives change through collective action and advocacy

Photo is of downtown Silver Spring. Impact Silver Spring and many other Silver Spring nonprofits helped advocate for government, nonprofit and business partnerships to transform downtown Silver Spring.6

Nonprofits * Businesses * GovernmentQuality of Life

7Maryland Nonprofits can play a catalyst role in defining and advancing a united vision for Maryland. Experience in facilitating conversations with people of diverse backgrounds republican, democrat and independent when asked to draw a picture of the society that they want, everyone draws the SAME PICTURE. While government suffers from dysfunction, nonprofit boardrooms bring together people of different faiths, different politics, and different backgrounds to find collaborative solutions to community problems every day.

We want to make sure they arent doing this in isolation. 7InfluenceQuality of LifeAccountabilityTransformative Change8How do we measure quality of life? GPI is part of that, but there are more indicators that are important to people such as the Happiness Index, Health Outcomes being measured and tracked by the State of Maryland with a major focus on reducing health disparities, and other measures developed by national and Maryland nonprofits such as the Personal Outcomes Measures. Personal Outcomes Measures originally developed for developmental disabilities, mental health and aging fields, but increasingly relevant to all of us. See below.

Increasingly, nonprofits and government (and to some extent businesses) are recognizing that no single organization, and in fact no single sector can do it alone. Collective action is necessary but far to infrequent to create the bold vision for the community that we all want.

Government, business, and nonprofits all contribute to the conditions that can create a better community. Nonprofits play critical role in influencing business and government to work towards creating the advantageous conditions AND the role nonprofits play in creating accountability that the conditions are actually coming to fruition.

Personal Outcome Measures developed by Council on Quality and Leadership (Maryland Nonprofits member)

Myself1. People Remain Connected to Natural Support Networks2. People Have Intimate Relationships3. People Are Safe4. People Have the Best Possible Health5. People Exercise Rights6. People Are Treated Fairly7. People are Free From Abuse and Neglect8. People Experience Continuity and Security9. People Decide when to Share Personal InformationMy World10. People Choose Where and With Whom to Live11. People Choose Where they Work12. People Use their Environments13. People Live in Integrated Environments14. People Interact with Other Members of the Community15. People Perform Different Social Roles16. People Choose ServicesMy Dreams17. People Choose Personal Goals18. People Realize Personal Goals19. People Participate in the Life of the Community20. People have Friends21. People are Respected


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