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  • 1. I n t r o d u c I n g
  • 2. internet security reInvented Every day, malware gets better at understanding how you work. Does your security? CA focused on IT professionals when creating Total Defense r12, a multi-layered Internet security solution engineered to work the way you do: with strength, clarity and flexibility. Total Defense isnt just a security solution. Its your security solution.MultI-layered Internet securIty
  • 3. Visually RefinedGraphical. Intuitive. Straightforward. Total Defense r12s dashboard keeps you informed at all times. More security. less cost. completely With multiple layers of security, Secure your IT and save money Installed. youre protected many times over. with surprisingly affordable Dont sweat the deployment. pricing options. Let the industrys only remote installation team do it for you. More Security. Less Cost. completely Installed. mpletely
  • 4. workflow redefIned When your Internet security is effective and easy to handle, you spend less time catching up to threats and more time getting ahead of them.MultI-layered Internet securIty
  • 5. Simply PowerfulEasy Management Security Thats Scalable Multi-Layered Security One glance at Configure both the Behind every barrier, the Total Defense installer and the engine malware should management console in Total Defense to find another barrier. tells you everything. optimize your system Total Defense syncsThe streamlined interface compiles performance. Whether youre CAs award-winning malwareall critical endpoint information to deploying it over two nodes or protection with new capabilitiesgive you a real-time picture of all 200,000locally or globallyyou in deployment, management,the threats and vulnerabilities. You decide exactly how to use the power compliance and reporting. Yourcan also customize the dashboard of Total Defense. IT environment will be protectedand organize information the way behind multiple layers of like it.Policies: Click and Deploy Instant Auditable Reports Seamless Switch Set policies with point- Multiple layers of security Thinking about and-click ease. Total are useless if you cant see replacing your anti-virus Defense lets you tailor how theyre performing. with the multilayered thousands of endpoint Total Defense can create security of Totalpolicies from your desk. No more system-wide, customizable reports Defense? Transitioning is easy. Totallogging-in to endpoints to fine-tune in real-time. So auditable data on Defense automatically removesthem one at a time. security standards and compliance is the old security softwarethat always within a few clicks. would take you hours to uninstall manuallyto avoid any application conflicts. w! w! w! Enhanced Ne Ne global security Ne network access content filtering Protection research center capabilities Manage your network policies and stay Knowledge is security. Get the latest Put spam in its place. Keep your gateway compliant with international security threat updates and trends from around and endpoints safe. standards. the world. More Security. Less Cost. completely Installed. mpletely
  • 6. combinations revaMPed Choose from a full, flexible array of Total Defense security packages You can start with any level of security and then upgrade easily without uninstalling or reinstalling software. With cloud-based licensing, you can simply unlock new features in your Total Defense suite when you want more security. Anti-Virus r12 Threat Manager r12 Total Defense for Total Defense for Total Defense Endpoint r12 Endpoint Premium for Endpoint and Edition r12 Gateway r12 Virus and spyware Virus and spyware Virus and spyware Virus and spyware Virus and spyware protection protection protection protection protection Centralized management Groupware protection Proactive protection against Proactive protection against Proactive protection against Centralized Reporting Zero-day threats zero-day threats zero-day threats Endpoint security validation Centralized Management Centralized Reporting Centralized Reporting Groupware protection Groupware protection Endpoint security validation Endpoint security validation Protection for Gateway MultI-layered Internet securIty
  • 7. Total Defense RespondsDeployment: Youre Covered: Stay Alert. Cloud-Based LicensingWe Got It. 24x7x365 Plan ahead. and Upgrades With our Remote Viruses dont Power your Need to upgrade? Deployment Service, just work 9 to 5. security Just contact your the only one of its Thats why our with global reseller to unlock kind in the industry, support lines are intelligence. new capabilities inyou dont have to worry open around the clock. Total Defense Security Advisor your Total Defense suite. Itsabout installation. Our team With Total Defense on your acts as an early warning that simpleno uninstallingof experts will install and side, you have our total system, streaming real-time and reinstalling. The cloud-configure Total Defense on support backing you alerts and tips, from CAs based licensing feature inyour systemvia broadband. through web, phone, and Global Security Research Total Defense lets you easilySo you can rest assured that chatevery hour of every day. Center, to your dashboard. allocate, track, and shiftyour system is secured and The more you know, the more licenses; conduct migrationsconfigured correctly. prepared you are. and upgrades. Total Defense for Total Defense for Total Defense for Anti-Virus r12 Threat Manager r12 Endpoint Premium Endpoint and Endpoint r12 Edition r12 Gateway r12 Anti-Malware HIPs Endpoint Firewall Intrusion Protection Operating System Security Application Controls grouPWare Microsoft Exchange Lotus Notes Microsoft SharePoint NetApp Vulnerability Assessment Unified Network Control (NAP)* CA Gateway Security* *Centralized management from a separate console More Security. Less Cost. completely Installed. mpletely
  • 8. Interested in Becoming an Internet security Partner? visit: Experience a virtual trial in the cloud.Test drive Total Defense in the cloud. No infrastructure. No investment. No problem. The Total Defense Virtual Trial Center lets you simulate how it will work on your network. Run tests. Create policies. Discover endpoints. This isnt a demo. Youll experience the real Total Defense and get real results. More Security. Less Cost. completely Installed


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