TOPICS FOR ESSAY #3 – Cause-and-Effect FOR ESSAY #3 – Cause-and-Effect Analysis Essay Outline &…

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  • TOPICS FOR ESSAY #3 Cause-and-Effect Analysis

    Essay Outline & Introduction Due: Friday, November 16 PLAN YOUR ESSAY: DEVELOP AN OUTLINE & INTRO w/THESIS.


    First Draft Due: Monday, November 19 BRING 2 TYPED COPIES TO CLASS

    Final Draft Due: By Friday, November 23 SUBMIT YOUR PAPER ONLINE USING TURNITIN!

    ID is 4852460 and PASSWORD is vlahakis

    Upload your paper per the instructions; papers are accepted until 11:59pm on the due date.

    Choose a topic from the options below and write a 6-8 page essay. Plan to do some

    research on your topic and include interviews, statistics, and/or other support from

    trusted sources to support your points and conclusions. Include a list of works cited.

    Use the checklist in Making Sense (pages 483-484) to guide your writing process. Refer to a

    print or online handbook for MLA citation guidelines.

    1) Explore the effects of multitasking in your daily life. Consider your own multitasking as

    well as how the multitasking of others (such as roommates, friends, siblings, parents,

    coworkers) affects you. Think about future consequences and draw some conclusions

    about the issue.

    2) Has the Internet shaped and/or changed the way young people read? Research the

    Internets influence on reading in the digital world. Explore your own reading life and

    analyze the advantages and disadvantages of reading online versus reading printed


    3) In Nicholas Carrs essay Is Google Making Us Stupid? he focuses on the Internet and

    how it might be affecting our brain function. Choose another technology that you use on

    a daily basis and analyze how it affects your life in both positive and negative ways.

    4) Write a causal analysis about the effects of technology on students writing and

    learning. How are these areas changing due to technological developments? What are

    the positive and negative effects? Also consider the challenges for teachers and students.