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Top ten greatest bulgarians

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2. 3. Number 10:Paisius of Hilendar 4.

  • SaintPaisius of HilendarorPaisiy Hilendarski was aBulgarianclergyman and a keyBulgarian National Revivalfigure. He is most famous for being the author of Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya . Most Bulgarians think of him as the forefather of theBulgarian National Revival.

5. Number 9:Ivan Vazov 6.

  • I van Minchov Vazovwas aBulgarianpoet,novelistandplaywrig h t. His works have been translated to over 30 languages. V azov was influenced byHristo Botev, who was the ideological leader of the Bulgarian revolutionary movement.IvanVazov was a widely respected figure in the social and cultural life of newly independent Bulgaria.

The National theater carrying his name 7. Number 8:Stefan Stambolov 8.

  • Stefan Nikolov Stambolov was aBulgarianpolitician, who served asPrime Ministerand regent. He is considered one of the most important and popular "Founders of Modern Bulgaria", and is sometimes referred to as "the BulgarianBismarck".

9. Number 7:Saints Cyril and Methodius 10.

  • Saints Cyril and Methodius wereslavic brothers born inThessaloni k iin the 9th century . They becamemissionariesofChristianityamong theSlavic peoplesof Great MoraviaandPannonia.

Statue of Saint Methodius at the Holy Trinity Column in Olomoucin Moraviain theCzech Republic 11.

  • Through their work they influenced the cultural development of all Slavs, for which they received the title "Apostles to the Slavs" .
  • They are credited with devising theGlagolitic alphabet, the first alphabet used to transcribeOld Church Slavonic.One of the brothers Methodius is buried inSan Clemente in Rome.

12. Number 6:Boris I 13.

  • Boris Ior sometimesBoris-Mihail (Michael)was the ruler ofFirst Bulgarian Empirein 852889. At the time of hisbaptismin 864, Boris was named Michael after his godfather, EmperorMichael III.He is famous for christening the whole of Bulgaria .

14. Number 5 : Hristo Botev 15.

  • Hristo Botev born Hristo Botyov Petkov was aBulgarian poetand nationalrevolutionary. Botev is widely considered by Bulgarians to be a symbolic historical figure and national hero.He was also part ofGiuseppe Garibaldi s campaign for Italian union.
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16. Number 4 :Simeon I of Bulgaria 17.

  • S imeon I the Great ruled overBulgariafrom 893 to 927during theFirst Bulgarian Empire. Simeon's successful campaigns against theByzantines,MagyarsandSerbsled Bulgaria to its greatest territorial expansion ever.His reign was also a period of unmatched cultural prosperity and enlightenment later deemed theGolden AgeofBulgarian culture.

18. Number 3:Asparukh of Bulgaria 19.

  • Asparuh was ruler of a Bulgartribe in the second half of the 7th century and is credited with the establishment of theFirst Bulgarian Empirein 681. He is the most famous Bulgar ruler. The accuracy of the Turkic title khan commonly applied to him and his successors is a subject of some dispute.

20. Number 2:Peter Deunov 21.

  • Peter Konstantinov Deunov (11 July 1864 - 27 December 1944) was a spiritual master and founder of a School of Esoteric Christianity. He is called Master Beinsa Douno by his followers.One of his biggest followers was the famous physician Albert Einstein.

22. Number: 1Vasil Levski 23.

  • Vasil Levski originally was the nickname ofVasil Ivanov Kunchev(18371873), aBulgarianrevolutionaryrenowned as the national hero ofBulgaria. Dubbed theApostle of Freedom, Levski ideologised and strategised a revolutionary movement to liberate BulgariafromOttomanrule.Garibaldi also helped Levski with the Bulgarian liberation.


  • Founding theInternal Revolutionary Organisation, Levski sought tocrea t ea nationwide uprising through a network of secret regional committees.


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