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Release for the fifth book by Phil Simon.


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TooBigToIgnore: TheBusinessCaseforBigDataPhilSimonResidents in Boston are automatically reporting potholes and road hazards via their smartphones.Progressive Insurancetracksrealtimecustomerdrivingpatternsandusesthatinformationtoofferratestrulycommensurate with individual safety. Google accurately predicts local flu outbreaks based upon thousands of user search queries. Quantcast lets companies target precise audiences and key demographics throughout the Web. NASA runs contests via gamification site TopCoder, awarding prizes to those with the most innovative costeffective solutions to its problems. Explorys offers penetrating and previously unknown insights healthcarebehavior. How do these organizations and municipalities do it? Technology is certainly a big part, but in each case answer lies deeper than that. Organizations have realized how to reap massive benefits from today's new emerging types of data. They are embracing Big Data, allowingthemtomake astuteandotherwiseimpossible observations,actions,andpredictions. It'stimeforallorganizationstostartthinkingbig. In Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data (Wiley, March 2013) recognized technology expert and awardwinning author Phil Simon explores an unassailably important trend: Big Data, the massive amounts, new types, and multifaceted sources of information streaming at us faster than ever. Never before have weseendatawiththevolume,velocity,andvarietyoftoday.BigDataisnotemporaryblip offad.In it is only going to intensify in the coming years, and itsramificationsforthefutureofbusinessareimpossible overstate. Too BigtoIgnoreexplainswhyBigDataisabigdealprovidingcommonsense,jargonfreeadviceforpeople and organizations looking to understand and leverage Big Data. Organizations are able to interpret previously unimaginable amountsandtypesof data,andthemostprogressiveorganizationsareharnessingsignificant in the process. Big Data allows organizations to find the potential gold in the petabytes of tweets, Facebooklikes,blogpostsandrelatedcomments,podcasts,photos,videos,andthelike. Rife with case studies, examples, analysis, and quotes from realworld Big Data practitioners, Too Big Ignore makes a compelling case for businesses. FromtherequisitebackgroundonBigDataandkeyterms the specific techniques people are using to understand Big Data and new tools needed to succeed, Simon offers practical advice on getting started in Big Data as well as some of the challenges and issues that along with the territory. Wrapping up with predictions for the future, Simon argues once and for all thatNewmanCommunications,Inc. 125WalnutSt.#205Watertown,

DataisTooBigtoIgnore. ABOUTTHEAUTHOR: Phil Simon is a soughtafter speaker and the author of five management books, including the awardwinning The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business. His fifth, Too Big To Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data, has just been releasted(John Wiley&Sons). recognized technology expert, he consults companies on how to optimize their use of technology. Simons contributions have been featured on NBC, CNBC, Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, The Huffington Post The Globe and Mail, Fast Company,ZDNet,ABCNews,Forbes,TheNewYorkTimes,ReadWriteWeb, andmanyothersites. TooBigToIgnore PhilSimon JohnWiley&Sons,Inc. Hardcover,$50.00 March28,2013 ###

NewmanCommunications,Inc. 125WalnutSt.#205Watertown,