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  • 1. Image analysisThis is a photo of Michael Phelps in the London 2012Olympics winning his gold in swimming. A very largetelephoto lens has been used to get up and close tothe swimmer. The camera would have had a fastshutter speed as well as a large aperture as thiswould have caught the large amount of photos thatwere taken in a clear and sharp image as themovement of the model would have been very fast.The lighting in the room would have been artificial asthe swimming pool was indoors.Interpretation of meaningThe expression on Phelpss face shows thatswimming in the Olympics isnt an easy sport andthat it takes a lot of physical and mental strength tosucceed in this sport. Due to the position he is withhis body coming out of the water, we can see that ittake a great amount of strength in his upper body toget himself in this position and not just any athletecould do this.Tom Jenkins is a British photographer who works for the Guardiantaking photos for the sport section. He is renown for takingphotographs of extraordinary moments in popular sportingevents such as the Olympics, The Ashes Tournament and TheRugby Grand Finals. The purpose of his photos are to beadvertised in the Guardian newspaper and to advertise wellknown sport events.CategoryLive action sport

2. Image analysisOnce again a telephoto lens would have beenused to capture this image from a distance.The camera had a fast shutter speed and asmall aperture to capture the movement ofthe Manchester City players celebrating theirvictory. Tom Jenkins would have specificallyknown that Manchester City were possiblygoing to win the league with this match andtherefore prepared in advanced for thecelebration. The lighting would have beennatural as it was inside a large open stadium.Interpretation of meaningThe facial expression on the Manchester Cityplayers show that they were elated by theirvictory over QPR in the last game of the season,they won the match last minute and thereforewon the league which only emphasis theexpression on their faces.CategoryLive action sport 3. Image analysisThe camera used for this photographwould have had a large lens with a goodclear zoom on it. The camera would havehad a small aperture and a fast shutterspeed to capture to fast movement of theathlete running.Interpretation of meaningThe position of the athlete with hishand on his chest is to show hisrespect for the recent Bostonbombings. His facial expressionemphasis the strain and commitmenta person needs to run a marathon.CategoryLive action sport