Todorov's Theory of Narrative

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The equilibrium, disruption, resolution and new equilibrium of 3 thriller/action movies.


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>EquilibriumDisruptionResolutionNew equilibriumINCEPTIONA man and his family (wife and 2 children) live a normal and happy life.</p> <p>The disruption occurs when the wife commits suicide and makes it look like her husband did it. This forces the man to run away and leave his 2 children. He is never able to return to them.</p> <p>A wealthy man requires this family mas services and promises that he will be able to return back home if he does this job for him.</p> <p>The new equilibrium is when the man has returned home to his children. However the audience never know whether this is reality or just a dream.JURRASIC</p> <p>WORLDA family have planned a trip but unfortunately cant all go. So the parents send their 2 sons on the trip by themselves to be taken care of by their aunt. The disruption is after they have arrived a dinosaur has escaped and is killing everyone in its path. The aunt is also to bust to take care of the boys but as this has occurred she is concerned for their safety.In order to save everyone at the park then they have to kill the escaped dinosaur and, evacuate everyone off the island.The new equilibrium is when the 2 boys are reunited with their parents and the dinosaur has been killed. Thus saving the lives of many people.SAN</p> <p>ANDREASThe equilibrium in San Andreas is at the beginning of the film. The audience denote a couple that have split up, living their separate lives with their daughter and signifies the complications associated with a couple wanting to divorce.The disruption in this film is when the earthquake occurs. This splits up the family as they are in different places and causes concern for each others well-being.They resolve this problem by contacting each other and arranging a place to meet. This allows the family to be together which ensures their safety.</p> <p>The new equilibrium is when the earthquake stops and they can start to re-build their city and start to live their normal lives again.</p>