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Introducing “365” Range from TODDS-AC

Text of TODDS-AC 365 RANGE

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    The 365 COLLECTION

    OCee Design created the 365 Collection to provide a comprehensive portfolio of quality seating for everyday style and comfort.

    Proven designsThis collection provides the essential ranges designed to meet the demands of busy commercial environments while o ering outstanding comfort and support for every use.

    Unrivalled optionsThe 365 Collection can be supplied with an unrivalled range of options from operating mechanisms and bases to arm styles, fabrics, vinyls and leathers. Customers can create stylishly attractive solutions, tailored to their own individual requirements.

    Outstanding valueManufactured in our Northampton factory, the 365 Collection encompasses reception & breakout, managerial, operator and visitor, meeting and conference, educational and industrial seating products that deliver outstanding value for money.

    Only the best components and materials from the leading industry suppliers are utilised. Quality materials combined with rigorously proven manufacturing processes enable OCee Design to provide a unique 5 year warranty o ering a competitive whole life solution.

    04 - 05 About Us & Quality Assurance

    06 - 07 Ergo+ & R4 Environmental Charter

    08 - 17 Operator & Visitor

    18 - 27 Managerial & Meeting

    28 - 35 Reception & Breakout

    36 - 43 Educational

    44 - 49 Industrial

  • OCee Design seamlessly combines innovation and creativity with unrivalled quality and exceptional service to deliver unique, dedicated commercial seating solutions.

    Operating from modern head oce, production and showroom facilities in Northamptonshire and a showroom in London, we employ a team of experienced design, seating and customer service specialists. This enables us to provide oce furniture distributors, design and build contractors and professional speciers with a market-leading portfolio of seating products.

    Balancing comfort with cutting edge design

    Developed to balance comfort with cutting edge design, our Design, 365 and Bistro Collections are proven in every commercial and industrial environment. Ergonomically friendly and exceptionally reliable, they have enhanced the working environment of many of the UKs leading organisations.

    Unrivalled Choice

    At OCee Design we recognise that every individual and organisation is unique. Our unrivalled range of products can therefore be supplied in a wide selection of covering materials with an extensive choice of operating systems and accessories.

    Exceptional customer service

    We understand the need for customers to work with seating suppliers they can trust. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing a helpful, customer-focussed service.

    We supply 80% of our product range nationwide within 5-10 days under our 5 working day delivery cycle. This cycle also allows us to deliver the remaining 20% of our range within 4 weeks. Whats more, our refreshingly exible, hands-on approach enables us to work proactively with customers to help them achieve their own business, project and sales objectives.

    About Us


  • 5About Us & Quality Assurance

    Every OCee Design product oers unrivalled quality, reliability and durability.

    Quality products

    OCee Design only uses proven, quality components and materials sourced from trusted suppliers. We employ a highly trained workforce and personally manufacture every seating product in our modern Northampton factory. Our product quality and reliability is exceptionally high enabling us to provide a minimum 5 year warranty. All chairs are inspected before despatch to ensure that orders are fullled correctly and that our own stringent standards are adhered to. We rmly believe that our products help enhance the reputations of our customers within their own individual markets.

    Quality processes

    As you would expect from one of the UKs foremost dedicated oce seating manufacturers, we are a quality assured organisation having gained accreditation in ISO 9001. We recognise our responsibility to ensure that the quality of the environment is maintained and are certied to ISO 14001, the recognised standard for environmental management systems. Membership of FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) also helps us understand and ensures we comply with the latest legislation, Health and Safety requirements and industry standards.

    Quality business partner

    When customers choose to work with OCee Design, they have the reassurance of knowing that they have selected a quality, long term business partner who will genuinely help them to achieve their own business objectives.


  • Our Ergonomic and Backcare collection has been developed in

    response to the increasing requirement for additional comfort and

    support and has been endorsed by a fully qualied physiotherapist.

    Maximising user comfort

    The collection includes our Physio and Sphere ranges which include

    a 5 year warranty for 24/7 use and a 10 year warranty for normal use.

    Our Re-act Deluxe and Re-act chairs are supplied with 2 and 5 year

    warranties for 24/7 and normal use respectively.

    The Ergonomic and Backcare collection is oered with a choice of

    mechanisms, ratchet back, arm height adjustments, tension control,

    seat slide, head rests, inatable seat and back lumbars and are all

    designed to provide maximise user comfort. High quality sculptured

    foam seats and backs that wrap around the body and actively

    encourage users to adopt a correct seating posture are also included.

    Proven products that can be sold with condence

    Our Ergonomic and Backcare collection oers customers proven

    products that can be sold and specied with condence. The collection

    is perfect for people who have experienced back problems or for

    24 hour environments, surveillance rooms, call centres and other

    applications where users need to be seated for long periods of time.

    Our Ergonomicand BackcareCollection

    As a Chartered Physiotherapist, I have assessed the Ergo+ seating portfolio developed by OCee Design Ltd and approve of the criteria that has been applied to the range.In particular the features detailed below allow for the required adjustments to be made that enable the correct seating posture to be achieved by a wide variety of individual users.

    All key features of our Ergo+ are fully adjustable from a seated position:

    t 4FBU)FJHIUoHBTMJGUUPFOTVSFGFFUSFNBJOJODPOUBDU with the oor to provide stability.t 4FBU4MJEFEFQUIoUPFOTVSFDPSSFDUUIJHITVQQPSU and to prevent lower leg compression and associated restricted blood ow.t 4FBU5JMUBOHMFoUPFOTVSFIJQTBSFTMJHIUMZIJHIFS than knees to maintain the inward lumbar (lower back) curve. This helps to- reduce back ache, slipped discs and sciatica and assists correct neck alignment.t #BDL3FTUEFQUIoQOFVNBUJDBEKVTUNFOUUPFOTVSF the inward lumbar (lower back) curve is maintained, back muscles are supported and can relax. Also assists correct neck alignment.t #BDL3FTUIFJHIUoTMJEFBEKVTUNFOUUPFOTVSF correct, comfortable positioning for each individual user. Also assists correct neck alignment.t "SN3FTUTBWBJMBCMFXIFOSFRVJSFEGPSDFSUBJO working environments.t 1FUJUFBOE)FBWZEVUZTFBUJOHPQUJPOTBSFBWBJMBCMFUP optimise the requirements of individual users.

    Assessed and Approved by Lorna Taylor Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy, Dip. IIST, MCSP, HPC

    Maximising user comfort

    Lorna Taylor Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapist


  • 7Ergo+ & R4

    Environmental Charter

    OCee Designs unique R4 Environmental Charter sets an industry-leading standard for sustainability and underpins our commitment to Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish and Recycle.

    Although our business is unlikely to ever seriously harm the environment, we believe rmly in responsible manufacturing, sustainability and recycling.

    We have implemented a robust environmental management system and are accredited to ISO 14001. As such, processes designed to protect the environment have been embedded into our working practices and we continually plan, monitor and review our performance to minimise the impact of our operations.


    t UP3FEVDFUIFGSFRVFODZPGDIBJSQVSDIBTFTCZNBYJNJTJOH product longevity and issuing a full 5 year warranty on all our seating solutions

    t UP3FVTFTFBUJOHQSPEVDUTUIBUIBWFOPUSFBDIFEUIFJSFOEPG life and can be of benet to schools, charities and social enterprise organisations




    At OCee Design we aim:

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    3 Key facts about the OCee Design Reception & Breakout range

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    Our Operator & Visitor Collection encompasses a

    range of functional and extremely reliable seating


    Packed with user-friendly featur

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