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  • The Communicator 509.533.3602

    Students apps PG. 11Repurposed PG. 6





    Tattoo trends in Spokane

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    Artist Angela White exhibit utilizes found objectsDay of silence brings awareness to LGBT harassment

    Full moon cyclingPG. 8

    Silence speaks out PG. 5

    Eco-friendly buildingsPG. 10

    Sell your stuff for cashPG. 4

    Useful phone applications for students

    Tuition set to increase Fall 2011April 28 - May 11, 2011 Volume 42 | Issue 9

    Chancellor Christine Johnson spoke to faculty and staff at the April 19 strategic budget and planning forum. Nicole Denman | The Communicator

    TUITION | Page 2

    Jayne PaulusThe Communicator that. is. full. of. and. was. designed. with.teachers,. students,. the.

    tion. budget. of. $23,900,000. and.opened. on. the. first. day. of. spring.2011.quarter..It.includes.a.cadaver.lab,.a.plane-

    tarium,. four.chemistry. labsinclud-ing. an.Organic.Chemistry. labtwo.physics. labs,. one. geology. lab,. two.

    SCIENCE | Page 2

    Jackson ColbyThe Communicator,.bookstore.staff.member,.and.SFCC.alumna,.Derry.said.According. to. Derry,. if. enough. students. demand.

    change,.it.will.happen.Derry. has. training. in. self-empowerment. and. the.

    empowerment. of. others,. and. said. she. is. thrilled. that.LGBT. students. are. working. side-by-side. with. towards.making. the. campus. a. safer. place.

    ADVOCATES | Page 2


    $24 million

    total construc-tion budget

    $200 thousand was raised by

    student government for the new


    Source: Jim Brady, John Whitmer

    Advocates take steps toward safe campusWorkshops provide outlet for those affected by bigotry and violence

    State-of-the art science building opens to students

    State budgets propose an approximate 15 percent cut for CCS 2012 academic year

    Lindsey TreffryThe Communicator

    Employee positions

    Tuition and fee increase

    Beginning. in. 2012,. tuition.will. cost. CCS. students. at.least.$


    In.her.recent.budget,.Gov..Christine.Gregoire.proposed.a. reduction. of. the. states. portion. of. higher. education.spending.. The. state. senate. and. house. budgets.$,,.CCS.Chief.Administration.

    Officer. and. acting.Chief. Financial.Officer,. CCS. has.,,.training,.goods,,.Stevens.said.,.

    in. compensation. (employee. salaries)..According. to. Ste-vens,,.faculty, to. CCS. response. to. the. September. 2010.

    SBCTC.Budget.Reduction.Survey,,$500, further. personnel-related. reductions.were. to.

    we.can,.Stevens.said..By.starting.early,,[employee].$$375.a.year,.respectively,,,. excess. tuition.will. to.

    fund. state. needs. grants. given. to. students..According. to.accounting.and.economics.instructor,.and.SFCC.Associa-tion. for.Higher.Education.Vice.President,.Don.Brunner,.students. tuition. is.going.up. to. fund. the.grants. that.,[The.students][money],.

    Aerial view from the top of the science building.Cody Walker | The Communicator

  • April 28 - May 11, 2011 News The Communicator

    2 Did You Know?: SFCC is one of the few community colleges in the nation to have a cadaver lab. Source: Jim Brady

    Tuition:Strategic budget forum discusses implementation of budget cutsFrom page 1

    zoology labs, two general biology labs (also supporting microbiology and environmental science), one botany lab, a pond, two anatomy and physiology labs, one general purpose lab and a greenhouse. With several student areas it is also equipped with computers, printers, and an LCD display for news and announcements. Soon it will have a coffee and snack stand.

    The building has a passive heat-ing/cooling system that uses the ex-terior masonry bricks to gather heat. This mitigates the amount of elec-tricity the school uses on heat and cooling systems.

    The new environmentally friend-ly building is safer and more inspir-ing than the previous building, said Nastassja Noell, a chemistry student at SFCC. Theres something about having natural lighting in an area that makes things feel more clear, my brain doesnt feel like its com-pressed like it did in the old build-ing.

    According to Jim Brady, dean of computing, mathematics and sci-ence, instructors are able to custom-ize their lessons and lectures with built in podium cameras, tablets, and digital technology.

    The science labs are stocked with

    Brunner said.According to Stevens, Washington technical and com-

    munity colleges are subsidized differently than universi-ties. For example, if Washington State University (WSU) were to have a 12 percent cut, they are granted the au-thority to raise tuition by 12 percent. At CCS, a 1 percent budget reduction requires a nearly 2.5 percent tuition in-crease to offset it because, unlike a university, all tuition funds do not go directly towards a budget deficit. Despite this fact, Stevens said tuition will not be raised more than the legislature proposed.

    According to Stevens, with a 10 percent tuition in-crease and a 12 percent budget reduction, there is still an 8 percent gap.

    Part of the gap may be filled by a raise in student fees.[CSS has] local authority over [student] fees, Stevens

    said. The Board has always held [the fees] to cost of liv-ing adjustments.

    According to Stevens, historically CSS Board of Trust-ees has not raised fees to the maximum amount allowed by statute.

    On April 19, CCS Chancellor Christine Johnson led a strategic planning and budget forum. At this meeting, Johnson shared the projected cuts that are to be made and where some of the state money will be redistributed.

    SFCC President Pam Praeger also discussed a savings fund that is available to the college. This fund is much like a contingency or rainy day fund that may be used upon request from the Board. The enrollment for 2011 was over target by 17.5 percent, so other revenue may come from

    excess tuition and additional Running Start students.Many states are saying colleges are now state-located,

    but not [state-] supported, Johnson said. Colleges are entrepreneurs and have to ask How else can we gener-ate revenue?.

    Some federal budget projections, from the fiscal year 2012 budget, include a reduction of Perkins funds and the rate per student for Pell grants, according to Johnson. According to Stevens though, there are some increases in other financial aid, like state need grant funds.

    [Financial aid increases] will help needier students, Stevens said. But it will put a squeeze on people who dont qualify.

    CCS budget specifics cannot be decided until Gov. Gregoire, the state senate and house come to an agree-

    ment and finalize the budget. The CCS budget will be pre-sented to the Board for approval in June.

    Tuition and fee increases are a last-resort option, Ste-vens said. We want education to be affordable.

    Were trying to do everything we can.

    for all.The Safe Campus Advocates host

    workshops from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. ev-ery Friday all the way through May in the SUB lounges.

    According to Gregory Roberts, one of the leaders of the program, the workshops give people who have experienced hateful bigotry or violence a safe, confidential place to share their stories with people who will