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This is the new media pack for 2013


<ul><li><p> tlm the travel &amp; leisure magazine </p><p>on your doorstep constable country</p><p>Pretty as a </p><p>Straddling the Essex and Suffolk borders, picturesque DedhamVale isknown as Constable Country as it was where artist John Constable livedand painted many of his famous works. Clare Mann lives in the heart ofthis idyllic landscape and gives a guided tour</p><p>We have spent many happy hourstramping along Dedham Vale,where we live. The Vale is celebrat-ing its 40th year this May as a des-ignated Area of OutstandingNatural Beauty. My childrens</p><p>favourite walk with the dogs is between Dedham andFlatford down the Stour River. In the summer thewater meadows are filled with buttercups and thegnarled silvery willow trees trail their branches in thecool brown water of the river. The young JohnConstable would have walked the same two milesalong the riverbank every day to school in Dedham</p><p>picture</p><p> Willy Lotts cottage on theRiver Stour</p><p>Nat</p><p>iona</p><p>lTru</p><p>st</p><p> Constables Hay Wain</p><p>The</p><p>Nat</p><p>iona</p><p>lGal</p><p>lery</p><p>,Lon</p><p>don</p><p>Hasan was tinkering with the engine of hislittle boat before taking us for a triparound the bay. He assured us that he onlydid this for friends. We didnt like to tellhim that it seemed everyone was a friendin Gumusluk.</p><p>In the space of just a couple of days in this idyllicvillage on the tip of the Bodrum peninsula, the staff ofone of the restaurants had taken us swimming and thelocal baker had shared yoghurt and freshly-pickedalmonds with us. Now the owner of the village antiquesshop was about to take us for a late-afternoon jaunt onhis boat.</p><p>Turkey is famous for its hospitality. It doesnt comeany warmer than in Gumusluk, which has largelyavoided the tourism trappings of Bodrum just 40minutes away.</p><p>We had intended to spend only a few days in thisvillage, where the road ends literally. The settlementsposition on the site of ancient Myndos means that devel-opment is severely restricted. Accommodation is limitedto village houses, a few apartments and a couple ofpensions.</p><p>Many of the houses and most of Gumusluks handfulof shops and restaurants are accessed directly from thebeach, which acts as the villages main thoroughfare.And with very little passing traffic save for a fewBodrum visitors to Gumusluks renowned fish restau-rants each day the beach is more country lane thanhigh street.</p><p>Our few days in Gumusluk turned into two weeks.Apart from a trip to the market in Bodrum, we rarelyventured out of the village such is its halcyon-like grip.With the garden gate of our stone cottage opening</p><p> tlm the travel &amp; leisure magazine </p><p>Turkey has soared in popularity as a holiday destination, thanks to its excellent value and therange of resorts it offers all round its coast. Howard Carr gives a guided tour</p><p>getting to know Turkeys Mediterranean resorts</p><p>Med to make your mouth water The stunning beachand lagoon at Oludeniz</p><p>Cosm</p><p>os</p><p>directly onto the beach, days began with an early-morn-ing swim. Then it was a few strides along the beach tobuy fresh bread, yoghurt and apricots for breakfast.</p><p>The rest of the day was distinctly lazy and hazy, withthe odd break for kayaking in the bay or walking overthe headland to explore meadows, cliff-top paths andremote coves. It was a rare walk when we didnt stumbleacross tiny patches of ancient mosaics in the fieldsaround the village.</p><p>We could have headed for bigger and busier resortsalong the coast. We could have swapped weed-coveredmosaics for more impressive historic sites such asEphesus. Turkeys popularity has boomed in the lastcouple of years as holidaymakers look for good valueoutside the eurozone.</p><p>But Gumusluk is proof that Turkey is big enough tocater for all types of traveller on and off the beatentrack. The country covers an area three times the size ofthe UK and has more than 2,700 miles of Aegean andMediterranean coastline.</p><p>Beach resorts are served by the four main gatewayairports at Izmir, Bodrum, Dalaman and Antalya.</p><p> tlm the travel &amp; leisure magazine </p><p>getting to know Turkeys Mediterranean resorts</p><p> Antalya yacht harbour</p><p>Pete</p><p>rEl</p><p>lega</p><p>rdSt</p><p>arw</p><p>ood</p><p>Hot</p><p>els</p><p>and</p><p>Reso</p><p>rts</p><p> Aspendos amphitheatre</p><p>Even in these austere times, there seems nostopping the rise of ever-more luxurious andsophisticated spas. Perhaps its the quest forwell-being in our fast paced world or theconstant desire for beauty thats drivingdemand. Its a phenomenon that has taken</p><p>the hotel world by storm with any self-respecting five-star establishment forking out for a top spa. </p><p>Londons latest major facility is the recently-openeddazzling rooftop spa at the Four Seasons Hotel ParkLane (</p><p>Normally the preserve of the penthouse suite orcelebrity restaurant, this bold, basement-snubbinglaunch puts health and wellness on the very top tier.Designed by architect Eric Parry, this 10th floorwonder has nine glass-walled treatment rooms, eachwith individual relaxation pods. Views stretch overthe treetops of Hyde Park and Londons cityscape. </p><p>Another recent addition to the London spascene is So Spa by Sofitel, at the Sofitel London StJames ( Reachingnumber one spot for a UK hotel spa in Cond Nast</p><p>Travellers coveted Readers Spa Awards 2011, thissophisticated urban spa is infused with French</p><p>panache with a topiary French poodle in the spa gardenand macaroons in the Tea Bar. So Spa features Sofitelssignature MyBed massage tables and theres a privateTurkish steam bath (hamam). The signature So Exhila-</p><p>rating Body Treatment takes one hour and costs 90.UK spas are heading in many directions. It seems that</p><p>the baby boomers generation are demanding more age-inclusive treatments such as chiropractic and holisticjoint therapies, thermal bathing and hydrotherapy. Withineasy reach of London, Hertfordshire resort The Groves( Sequoia Spa is recognised asone of the finest spas in the UK and is one of only 10 inthe world to offer ESPA Ayurvedic Treatments. Thesetherapies harness the best of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy,thalassotherapy and phytotherapy.</p><p>Theres a general feeling that spa-going is less aboutbeauty and more about health and well-being. Clients</p><p> tlm the travel &amp; leisure magazine </p><p>When the going gets tough, it seems the best way toescape the rigours of modern life is to pamper yourselfand chill out. Spa diva Jane Anderson explores thegrowth of Britains luxury spa and wellness retreats</p><p>a touch of class uk spas</p><p>Spaspangledglamour So Spa bySofitel entrance</p><p> Indoor poolat The Grove</p><p> Child's play at Woolley Grange</p><p> The Lifehouse Spa</p><p>Life</p><p>hous</p><p>e</p><p>von</p><p>Esse</p><p>nH</p><p>otel</p><p>sTh</p><p>eG</p><p>rove</p><p>want scientific evidence that that their spa treatments aredoing them good. Having said that, there is a market forextreme beauty, including stem-cell facials, laser treat-ments and harsh chemical peels. </p><p>walk-in spasAs spa treatments become something that we think of asa part of our routine and not a one-off luxury, theres agrowing demand for walk-in spa treatments. Britain isseeing more high street spas, such as Harrods UrbanRetreat ( and the small chainof Relax outlets (, the latest inCovent Garden, that offer walk-in 10-minute energisermassages for just 14. The idea that you can have expresstreatments during your lunch hour is catching on. </p><p>Salt is another hot trend for 2011, with salt caves andspas offering salt therapy good for clients with respira-tory diseases such as asthma as well as common skinproblems such as psoriasis. Look for hyper-modernrooms made of sea salt blocks in such spas as the SaltCave in London and Kent (</p><p>Many spas seek to bring nature into their treatmentphilosophy. Set in the heart of the New Forest, LimeWood hotel ( opened its29 rooms in November 2009. A year later came its stun-ning, three-storey Herb House spa with 10 treatmentrooms and Herbary filled with fragrant herbs that formthe basis of many spa treatments. Perfect for forest-loving couples looking for an indulgent break. </p><p>The Herb House has two double signature rooms,including the Bath Garden with an outdoor double bathand private steam room. Hot pools and thermal rooms(Forest Sauna, the Steam House, the Mud House andCaldarium) add to the ambience along with a Hands andFeet room for manicures and pedicures and a roof-topgym with forest views. The Bamford Signature Treat-ment takes two hours and costs 125.</p><p>destination spasFor serious spa goers, theres a growing number ofdestination spas, with the spa as the raison detre foryour visit, not as an add-on. Chilling out in Essex justgot a whole lot easier with the opening of Lifehouse( last December. Located inThorpe-le-Soken, this contemporary day and stay spa</p><p> tlm the travel &amp; leisure magazine </p><p>a touch of class uk spas</p><p>bootcampsBootcamps are the new word in getting your body ready for a special occasion, aholiday on the beach or just rebooting your system. Usually over about three daysto a week, bootcamps are a gruelling rollercoaster of exercise classes and if yourelucky, spa treatments. </p><p>Weight loss is more or less guaranteed if you stay the course. Many five-starhotels offer more lightweight ones like The Groves Bikini Bootcamp, but for morehard-core options try the women-only FitFarms in Somerset( or NuBeginnings in Devon ( something with a more military edge, try No1 Bootcamp Monmouthshire withhikes through the Brecon Beacons (</p><p>day spasDay spas are a great way of indulging yourself withoutthe expense of checking in overnight. Thermae BathSpa ( dates back toRoman times but is now an innovative modern spawith a fabulous rooftop pool. Prices are reasonabletoo with entry from 24. Hay Barn Spa( in Gloucestershirewill have you back to your best in a day and if youwant a great drop-in spa in the capital, head toHarrods Urban Retreat ( Glow Urban Spa &amp; Beauty (,also in Knightsbridge. </p><p> Relaxing at Titanic Spa</p><p> The Lifehouse spa</p><p>Sofit</p><p>el</p><p>Life</p><p>hous</p><p>eTi</p><p>tani</p><p>cM</p><p>ill&amp;</p><p>SpaI</p><p>f the thought of leisurely cruising along a canal inBurgundy in the lap of luxury with a gourmetchef and all meals and wine included appeals,then why not enter this competition to win a fabu-lous six-night hotel barge cruise courtesy ofEuropean Waterways.Owner of GoBarging, European Waterways is thelargest luxury hotel barging company in Europe, offer-ing six-night/seven-day luxury cruises on its large fleetof vessels in France, Scotland, England, Ireland,Holland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Italy. Ithas built a reputation for providing high quality bargingholidays on its floating boutique hotels to a discerningclientele in search of a truly unique experience.</p><p>The hotel barges accommodate between four and 12passengers and are ideal for people looking for either anindividual cruise with other like-minded people, or forthose wanting a whole barge charter for a family orgroup of friends. All vessels are fully crewed with aCaptain, gourmet chef, hostess and a tour guide.The prize is a six-night cruise for two people aboard</p><p>European Waterways eight-passenger hotel barge Art deVivre on the Nivernais Canal in Burgundy, France. Thecruise includes en-suite accommodation in a twin/dou-ble cabin, all meals, wines, an open bar, chauffeuredexcursions, local transfers to and from the barge, butexcludes travel and gratuities. The cruise will depart on</p><p>a Sunday and end on the following Saturday.30 tlm the travel &amp; leisure magazine</p><p>March/April 2010</p><p>competition hotel barge cruise</p><p>WIN a 5,000six-night cruisefor two aboard a luxury hotel barge in Burgundywith EuropeanWaterways</p><p> Cruising on the Art de Vivre</p><p>All photos: EuropeanWaterways</p><p>tlmthe travel &amp; leisure</p><p>magazine</p><p>Summer 20113.50</p><p>CORKING HOLIDAYS</p><p>Wine tours nearand far</p><p>FLAT OUTFlying in style</p><p>SKIP THE LIGHTFAN-TANGOArgentina uncove</p><p>red</p><p>TAKE A HIKEExploring Britain</p><p>on foot</p><p>NATURAL WONDER</p><p>Bountiful New Zealand</p><p>HISTORY REVERED</p><p>Boston down to atea</p><p>wina trip to Boston andCape Cod, 2 Olympuscameras in our newphoto contest</p><p>&amp; more</p><p></p><p>uk</p><p>HERECOMES</p><p>SUMMER</p><p>PLUSBudget London</p><p>Golf in Egypt</p><p>The Cotswolds</p><p>Boutique hotels</p><p>10 of the best UKbeaches</p><p>MEDIA INFORMATION 2013INTRODUCTION tlm the travel and leisuremagazine.The only holiday and travel-focused title targeting readers in prosperousareas of London &amp; South East England.</p><p>Topical features aimed at our core readershipencompass holidays and short breaksthroughout the UK and beyond to Europeand worldwide destinations, together withideas for leisurely days and evenings out.</p><p>Articles and features compiled by leadingtravel writers laid out with a contemporarydesign, tlm has a relaxed yet informativeapproach to entice readers to consider newdestinations and also to take a fresh look atmore familiar locations.</p><p>Flagship competitions, giveaways and readeroffers appear in every issue to encouragereader interaction and these, along withhelpful information and comprehensivefactboxes on destinations, promote theretention of the magazine by the reader andlinks to tlms website.</p><p>KEY FACTS Format A4 full colour, printed perfectbound with UV varnished cover on highquality stock with a minimum pagination of100 pages.</p><p> Frequency Published quarterly inJanuary,April, July and October.</p><p> Distribution Delivered directly tohouses in afuent commuter townssurrounding London.The areas delivered toare carefully researched using ACORNdemographic classication to ensure wereach our target readership.</p><p> Readership In excess of 150,000 perissue typically aged 35+ and proled as ABC 1.</p><p> Content Vast range of features fromlong-haul destinations to European cities,popular sunshine resorts to all to the UK'skey areas with particular focus on Londonand the South East and its major attractionsand events.Also topics covering hotels, traveltechnology and other peripherals.</p><p>CONCLUSIONWith a quick turnaround from deadline topublication, tlm is able to offer date-sensitivedistribution, allowing for late deal publicity andevent-led promotions, as well as awarenessadvertising. So, if you have an offer for travelnext month or want to publicise yourproducts for a particular occasion, tlm canhelp. In addition to traditional placements,advertising options include:</p><p> Targeted exposure alongside relevanteditorial content improving readerunderstanding and product awareness.</p><p> Advertorial opportunities tailoredcontent for your specic message.</p><p> Promotional campaigns and competitions.</p><p> Inserts &amp; supplements.</p><p> We are able to offer an online presence toadvertisers, via the digital version of themagazine.We have advertising opportunitieson our website</p><p>REGULAR FEATURES Getting to Know: Our detailed low-down on popular overseas holidaydestinations.</p><p> UK Uncovered:A comprehensive guideto discovering Britains many treasures.</p><p> OnYour Doorstep: Domestic bliss focusing on regions close to home in the...</p></li></ul>