Tips on Writing Essays

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Tips on Writing Essays. Assume that your readers are intelligent people who have read the text in question. Your job is to explain the TOPIC so that they understand. You do this by presenting facts and drawing conclusions. Approach. Read and re-read the text with your essay topic in mind. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Tips on Writing Essays

Tips on Writing EssaysApproachAssume that your readers are intelligent people who have read the text in question.Your job is to explain the TOPIC so that they understand.You do this by presenting facts and drawing conclusions.PreparationRead and re-read the text with your essay topic in mind.Make notes as you go. Write down as much as you can. You may find use for it later.When you have finished reading, go through your notes and organize.Select the examples that best relate to the topic.WritingStart with a brief introduction that attracts your readers attention, presents the topic and outlines your basic approach to it.The Body is where you develop your ideas using examples. Your essay needs to be minimum description and maximum analysis. Avoid plot summaryWhen using your quotes, you must relate them to the topic, dont expect the reader to do it for you.WritingLink paragraphs together using transition sentences.In good essays, thought flows from evenly from unit to unit.The paragraphs build on each other, strengthening your argument with each new point.Be sure that you remind the reader of how each paragraph relates to the topic.

WritingYou can either write your examples in the order which they happened (chronologically) or another logical order. (possibly ending with the strongest example)Choose a method most appropriate to your topic.Make your conclusion brief.When finishedGive it a title that is both informative and attention grabbing.Re-read your essay SEVERAL TIMES!Read it out loud.When you cant find anymore changes, get someone else to read it.

Dos and Do not dos Do notuse I, personally, me.

begin sentences with but, and, or or. Usually creates a sentence fragment.

use a passive voice ex. The ball was hit by the boy. The verb should follow the subject. The boy hit the ball.

DoVary the length of your sentences. Dont always write in short sentences because it will sound monotonous but be careful not make your sentences too complex because grammar becomes tricky.

Write in present tense. Huck decides he will play a trick on Jim.

Try to avoidUsing apostrophes incorrectly.

#1) Singular possessive nouns always end in s.That is Harolds jeep.That is Chriss car.

#2) When a plural possessive noun ends in s, just add an apostrophe.The boys hamster is a baby.The ladies boat will be launched on Tuesday.

#3) When a plural noun does not end in s, use sThe womens racquets dont have strings yet.

Try to AvoidIndefinite use of pronouns. Instead of continuously saying his he they over and over, use the actual name.Exclamation marks.Abbreviations except etc.Capitalizing things that are not Proper Nouns, Sentence openings and Titles.Using quotationsQuotations should be short.

Avoid dropping quotes. Nature has an important role in Macbeth. A falcon towring in her pride of place was by a mousing owl hawk at and killd (Shakespeare 2.4.14-15).

Using quotationsQuotes should be set up by the sentence.

Act 1 Scene 6 describes an air that nimbly and sweetly recommend itself unto our gentle senses (Shakespeare 1.6.3-4).

Using quotationsMultiple sourcesEnd each quote with author and page number in (parentheses)

Example Boo Radley (Lee 78).Followed by the punctuation

Single SourceOnly the page number is needed.Boo Radley (78).

Using quotationsYour work cited page needs to be set up like this:

Author. Title. Place of publication: Publisher, year.


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