Tips for Writing Essays

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Tips for Writing Essays. Thesis Statement. Typically appears at the end of the introduction Is NOT the same as an attention-getter Should explain the full scope (in terms of content) and purpose of the essay - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Tips for Writing Essays

Tips for Writing Essays Thesis StatementTypically appears at the end of the introductionIs NOT the same as an attention-getterShould explain the full scope (in terms of content) and purpose of the essayUnless writing a personal narrative, should not be written in first personOrganizationEach paragraph needs a topic sentence (often taken directly from part of the thesis)Plan your essays prior to writing themModel of a well constructed body paragraph:

Strong topic sentence with a clear connection to the thesis statement. Supporting detail #1. Supporting detail #2. Supporting detail #3. Closing sentence and transition to next paragraph.

Remember: Careful thought planning at the beginning eliminates confusion and panic at the end.

The Writing ProcessPre-writeRough draftPrintReviseEditPrintProofreadSubmit

Introductions and ConclusionsThink of your introduction as a funnel: a general statement about your topic funnels to the specific scope and purpose of the essay#1 rule about writing conclusions: no new information!Introduction: Tell us what youre going to tell usBody paragraphs: Tell usConclusion: Tell us what youve told usFinal ThoughtProofreadProofreadProofreadProofreadProofreadProofreadProofreadProofreadProofread again