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Map of Three Gorges Dam in China

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The worlds largest dam500 km 500 miles

Length 1.4 mi. (2.3 km) Beijing Height 600 ft. (185 m) Reservoir Holds back 20 billion tons of water Energy 85 billion kilowatt hours a year Wushan Xiling Gorge


Shanghai Yangtze River Map area

Yunyang Fengjie

Wanxian Zhongxian Changshou Chongqing

Yan gt

Qutang Wuxia iver Gorge Gorge eR z


Three Gorges Dam

Fengdu Fulings mile 1.3 km) (2.1

Human tollpeople relocated About 100 towns were submerged About 1.3 million

Yangtze River Direction of river flow

Environmental impactThreatened species Include Yangtze dolphin, Chinese sturgeon, finless porpoise Landmarks Scenic deep gorges, about 1,000 archaeological sites submerged Farmland About 60,500 acres (24,500 hectares) of farmland and orchards flooded 2007 MCT

Source: International Rivers Network, Probe International, World Almanac, Embassy of Peoples Republic of China (U.S.) Graphic: Chicago Tribune