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THIS IS With Host... Your 10 20 30 National Symbols U.S. FlagVocabulary “America the Beautiful” More Symbols

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  • With Host... Your

  • 101010101010202020202020303030303030National SymbolsU.S. FlagVocabularyAmerica the BeautifulMore Symbols

  • A 100This national symbol is red, white, and blue.

  • A 200Name this national symbol.

  • A 300Name thisnational symbol.

  • B 100There are _________ stripes on the flag.

  • B 200The stripes represent the 13 original ___________.

  • B 300There are ___ stars on the flag.

  • C 100You do this to decide which game to play.

  • C 200Patriotism means that you ______.

  • C 300When you use something to represent something else it is a _________.

  • D 100This national symbol has a color word in its name.

  • D 200This national symbol is very tall.

  • D 300This national symbol has four presidents faces carved in it.

  • E 100The color purple was used to describe the ______.

  • E 200The word shining is used to describe the ____.

  • E 300Oh beautiful for spacious _____.

  • F 100The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 ______.

  • F 200We say this to show respect for our flag?

  • F 300In America the Beautiful, the word amber was used to describe the waves of grain. Amber means ________.

  • The Final Jeopardy Category is:National SymbolsPlease record your wager.Click on screen to begin

  • Click on screen to continueLook at the picture and write the name of the national symbol on your chalkboard. Work together and use your sounds. Good luck!

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  • Capitol Building

  • Thank You for Playing Jeopardy!Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

    What is the flag?What is the Statue of Liberty?What is the Liberty Bell?What is 13?What are colonies?What is 50?touchWhat is love your country and are proud of it?What is a symbol?What is the White House?What is the Washington Monument?What is Mount Rushmore?What are mountains?What are seas?What are skies?What are 50 states?What is the Pledge of Allegiance?What is gold or yellowish-brown?Popcorn

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