Third Party Integrations - Does it make sense

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Presentation from Cornerstones 2011 Customer Conference in Memphis


  • General Session IV: Third Party Integrations Does it make sense?

    Aaron Hosey and Alan Minton

  • Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future. Niels Bohr, Danish physicistIf you have a choice of two things and cant decide, take both. Gregory Corso, American PoetEven if youre on the right track, youll get run over if you just sit there. Will Rogers

    Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs.Henry Ford

    The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.Arie de Geus, Shell Oil Company

  • How do I stay competitive in a hyper-changing business and technology landscape?

  • 1 : the act or process or an instance of integrating as :

    a : incorporation as equals into society or an organization of individuals of different groups (as races).b : coordination of mental processes into a normal effective personality or with the individual's environment.2 a : the operation of finding a function whose differential is known.b : the operation of solving a differential equation.(1620) merriam-websterIntegration noun \,in-t-`gr-shn\

  • 1990todayA System of Systems

    1950System Integration(Engineering)1970Computer System Integration

    Enterprise Application Integration


    Cloud2CloudIslands of Automation

  • Business Partnerships


    User (Cloud/Free)TechnicalIntegration Types Direct



  • Enter new markets

    Fill gaps in your product portfolio

    Retain existing clients

    Provide a service or product at a lower cost

    Not a core business function

    Limited resources and skill limitations

    Attract new prospects/clientsWhy Integrate?IncreaseRevenueDecreaseCostGatherFame

  • When?Only After You Know WhatYou Are Trying To Do!

    Far too many integrations are driven by technology rather than business objectives.

    Cost to Return AnalysisBuild verse Buy AnalysisThink Long Term 3, 5 or Even More YearsHave an Exit StrategyTest Assumptions

    As a general rule of thumb, when benefits are not quantified at all, assume there arent any Tom DeMarco and Timothy Listner

  • DefineSuccessCriteriaRelationshipModelResponsibilitiesCommunicationWhen Is Done Done?DeliveryOperationsResponsibilitiesCommunicationHow Are Client Issues Resolved?SupportContractsFinancial ModelsPrivacyGovernanceLegal &FinancePositioningMessageMediaSalesMarketingHow to IntegrateBusiness AreasDefineMeasurementProcesses &Tools

  • Web ServiceFile TransferSDKType12


    XMLFlat DelimitedProprietaryFormat

    WorkflowBusiness LogicSecurityComplexityClick to add textHow to IntegrateTechnical AreasGive Extra Attention To:

    Use and Processing Measures Stability and Scalability Delivery and Support Requirements

  • 1Plan For the New & UnknownIs Everyone Ready?Take Small StepsWhen Things Get Off Track234How to IntegrateProject ManagementBuild Slack into Your ScheduleSlow Responses Cost TimeValidate! Validate! Validate Along the WayGet Everyone Together and Regroup

  • How to IntegrateProduct Development ProcessManage


  • Integration Evaluation Plan*includes internal resource allocation, external costs, and time requirements

    TaskResponsibilityComplete Partnership Opportunity Assessment (POA)CIS/PartnerExec Committee reviews POACISTechnology Process Map (TMP) createdCISTMP Reviewed by Partner CandidatePartnerProject Scope created*CISProject Scope Reviewed by Partner CandidatePartnerProduct Roadmap Impact Assessment (PRIA) completedCISExec Committee reviews TMP, Project Scope and PRIACISPartner Agreement PresentedCISPartner Agreement signedCIS/Partner

  • What Good Things?How Much Good Things?

    Cost of Good Things?Great?Valuable PartnershipThings to Think AboutEvaluation Funnel

  • OCI: Primary - Brand, Secondary - Revenue

    Platform: iQCX

    What did we do?PartnershipDirect integration using web service API (Tripit proprietary)Complex workflowLeverages iQCX business rules

    What good things did you get?Integration between iQCX Mail and popular itinerary tracking applicationCustomer satisfaction via offering in demand technologyCompetitive advantage in sales presentations

  • OCI: Brand

    Platform: iBank

    What did we do?PartnershipDirect integration using file transfer (XML and flat delimited formats)Simple workflowLeverages iBanks on-demand data output model

    What good things did you get?Secure data transfer from iBank to flight status applicationAutomation of customer required taskCustomer satisfaction via offering in demand technologyCompetitive advantage in sales presentations

  • 1Final ThoughtsIntegration is a powerful method to extend the reach of your business and maintain a competitive edge.

    2Have clear business outcomes before starting the project. Evaluate on revenue, cost or fame.

    3Think long term and set objective measures for success (and failure). Have an adoption AND exit plan ready just in case

    4Create a detailed integration plan and manage to it. But remember to build-in time for any uncertainties. Measure twice and cut once.

  • Questions?

    **************3-4 requests per month.

    Integration AND distributor, reseller, referral

    Primary Objective - What is the organizations overall goal? E.g. growth, profitability, cost reductionKey Problems - What are the main challenges that prevent them from achieving this objective? E.g. unable to efficiently acquire necessary travel data process transactionDesired Outcomes Opportunity Classification Information. - 1. revenue generation; 2. cost reduction; and/or, 3. brand awareness. Who are the primary investors?Who are their partners?How many customers?How many transactions?How do they generate revenue? E.g. transaction, subscription, professional service fees etc.What markets do they serve?What is their market share, by market?What are the costs associated with this partnership?What is the potential revenue model?What is the potential revenue?How soon will revenue be recognized?What is the value of the cost shift/reduction?How soon will costs be shifted/reduced?What is their recent history of media references?What is their recent history of industry event appearances?

    *Critical points for consideration and evaluationWhat good things need to happen?How much good thing needs to happen?When does it stop being good and the associated costs?What if it is GREAT?



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