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  • 7/25/2019 Things you need to know when starting.docx


    Things you need to

    know whenstarting...To all beginners, business is the best opportunity to change your life. But you haveto consider many factors in a way of preparing yourself to challenges that will comealong the way. We all know that Food Business is one of the most trending

    business here in the Philippines, because of the fact that filipinos love to eat. Eventhough we have great marketplace here you should study the important guidelinesshown here in this ideo.!o you love freshly baked goods" #magine owning a rewarding retail business that allows you toprofit from your passion for your favorite bakery goods. $ou can when you start a bakerybusiness and open your own bakery

    How to Start a Bakery Business

    %ow to create a business plan for your bakery &includes a sample business plan for a


    (hoosing a name for your bakery

    Where to get start)up financing for your bakery business &includes sample start)up


    #nformation about important business matters including insurance and whether youshould incorporate

    %ow much space &s*uare footage' you need to open your bakery

    What to consider when choosing a location for your bakery, including information about

    permits and leases

    Key tips to help make your bakery a success Pricing is key+ products must be competitively priced but must also give you a decent

    profit margin. Because you are selling low)value products in *uantity, it can be easy to thinkthat pricing is not that important, but every peso must count

    !cor and cleanliness+ getting repeat custom is very important for bakeries, especially

    because they need to compete with big supermarkets for custom. Ensure your premise isclean and welcoming

    -earn from your customers+ catering to peoples needs is essential if you want to beatthe competition. /eep a note of what you sell each week and ask people for their opinions.!evelop new products based on what is successful. (onstant innovation is important as youllneed to keep people interested and 0 by e1tension 0 coming back to you

    Despite the challenges, running a bakery can be very rewarding,DO THE !TH"Before you purchase even one thing, you need to sit down and figure out whatyour start)up costs will be, what your monthly overhead will be and how much product you willneed to sell in order for the business to be successful.

    H#$#%& E'(O)EES"

  • 7/25/2019 Things you need to know when starting.docx


    Even if you 2ust start with one employee, you are going to need some help. $ou may 2ust

    need someone to run the counter, while the word gets out, but eventually you may need helpin the kitchen as well.

    Perhaps you have a friend or family member that is interested in going into business withyou. This will divide the responsibilities and you both will get paid in direct correlation with thesuccess of the business. 3emember, you may not see a profit right away, because you willhave to put up an initial investment in order to put yourself in a position to generate someincome

    SE(E*T#%& THE !$E!. seek out a space that can accommodate all of the appropriate e*uipmentas well as be inviting to customers. (onsider the neighborhood and the surrounding storeswhen selecting a location. 4ll of these factors can have a significant impact on your business.

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    Future of Bakery Businessin the Phii!!ines

    " Essentias for a

    Bakery BusinessJoseph Gandianco, chief executive ocer and second-generation owner of Julies Bakeshop,relates that there are ve values that an entrepreneur who wants to enter the !aker"!usiness must keep in mind#$.1. Hands-on%ike all other !usinesses, the owner must !e hands-on in running the !aker" & from sourcingof ingredients, marketing, product development, and choosing the locations. Just likekneading dough, getting "our hands dirt" will let "ou feel the texture of the dough which willtell "ou if it is too soft or too dr". 'You have to work hard for the !aker" to succeed and

    grow. (f "ou will let the !akeshop )ust run on its own, nothing will happen. But if "ou arehands-on, "ou will know what will !e good for "our !usiness,* Gandianco said.

    2. Innovation+n"!od" who is serious in his venture knows the value of innovation. (n a saturated industr"such as !read-making, innovation will set apart a !usiness from the rest. 'hile ourcompetitors are alwa"s monitoring us and our products, we continue to innovate withexisting products to make them new,* Gandianco said.

  • 7/25/2019 Things you need to know when starting.docx


    3. Service/roducing !etter and innovative products is not enough. 0ervice must also !e topnotch. '(fpeople see that "our sta1 are wearing proper uniforms, o!serve cleanliness, and o1er goodservice, people will keep coming !ack to "our !akeshop. 0ometimes, if all products are the

    same, the customer will choose a store that has the !etter service,* Gandianco said.

    4. Quality/ro!a!l" the most important aspect of an" retail !usiness is the 2ualit" of "our products. (nthe !akeshop !usiness, 2ualit" !read is e2ual to patronage. '3ot onl" are our !reada1orda!le, the" are also made of good 2ualit". 4rom the ingredients to the process, we makesure that our !reads are made in the !est possi!le wa",* Gandianco said.

    5. People Management+ happ" emplo"ee is more likel" to create more sales and give !etter service compared toone that is grum!ling. 'You should alwa"s learn how to manage "our people. 5ake sure thatthe" follow the rules and regulations, especiall" the procedures on how to handle the

    products. +s we are involved in food production, we are conscious of the sensitive anddelicate nature of our !usiness. /roper management of people will ensure that there is alsoecient movement in the work area,* Gandianco said.

    #hy not a Bakery

    Business..5+3(%+, /hilippines - +re "ou planning to put up a !usiness6 h" not tr" a !aker"6 (t isprota!le, can !e started at home and allows the owner to grow the !usiness graduall" ashis capital, interest and knowledge of the !usiness increases.

    4ilipinos love to eat !read and the !usiness minded should keep this in mind. /andesal is theusual !reakfast fare most /ino"s cant do without !efore starting their da"s. 0nacks areusuall" a few slices of !read taken with co1ee, softdrinks or fruit )uice. +n aspiring !aker"!usinessman should therefore have these two products in his list and expand from there.

    7ther /ino" favorites are ensa"mada, pan de coco, mona", and mamon, while the morea8uent ones ma" opt for cinnamon rolls, 4rench !read, ham!urger !uns and other moresophisticated and therefore, costlier stu1.

    9he enterprising !aker must know his market and tailor-t his products to the kind ofcustomers he caters to. + !aker" in 9ondo, for example, must have products geared for the

    9ondo market and not for the more sophisticated 5akati or Greenhills crowd.

  • 7/25/2019 Things you need to know when starting.docx


    4rom one sack of :our, and using the most common formula for the production of loaf !read,a !aker can produce ;$ loaves weighing

  • 7/25/2019 Things you need to know when starting.docx


    Pan de Sal RecipeRecipe adapted from Kulinarya: a Guidebook to PhilippineCuisine, makes 30 to 40 rolls

    Activating the yeast$ package active or instant "east, a!out >-$FA teaspoon

    $FA cup warm water$ teaspoon sugarissolve "east in warm water with a temperature an"where !etween $== and $$= degrees 4.

    9o proof "east, add sugar and let stand for $= minutes. (f the mixture dou!les in volume then"east is active.(t is ver" important to make sure that "east is active. ater that is too hot kills the "east somake sure that the water temperature is around $== to $$= degrees 4.Making the dough cups H cup H$== gramsI sugar$-$F> cups warm water$ teaspoon salt$F> cup H= gramsI shorteningcanola oil for greasing a large !owl$ cup !readcrum!sKom!ine :our, sugar, warm water, salt, and shortening in a large !owl and mix until wellcom!ined. +dd "east. (f the mixture is too wet, add more :our and mix until well com!ined.7n a clean surface dusted with :our, knead the mixture into a smooth elastic dough, fora!out $= minutes. 9o test the dough if its read", pinch a piece and stretch it into a s2uare.

    9he dough is read" if its elastic enough to !e stretched into a translucent sheet of dough. (fit tears continue kneading. 9he dough can !e kneaded !" hand or in a mixer tted with adough hook.

    Grease a lare bo!l !ith canola oil" Place the douh in the bo!l, co#er the bo!l!ith plastic !rap and let the douh rise to about t!ice its si$e"

  • 7/25/2019 Things you need to know when starting.docx


    Punch the douh, knead aain to redistribute the yeast, and di#ide the douh intot!o pieces" Roll each piece of douh into a rectanular sheet and then roll thesheet into a lo, about %0 inches lon and % inches in diameter" &et the douhrest for an hour"

    'sin a douh cutter or a (at knife, cut the lo into )*inch thick pieces" Roll eachpiece in breadcrumbs, place on a bakin tray !ith the cut side up" +ake surethere is enouh space, about t!o inches, bet!een pieces" Sprinkle douh !ithmore breadcrumbs and let the douh rest for one more hour before bakin"+ean!hile, preheat the o#en to 30 derees -"

    .ake the bread for %0 minutes or until the pan de sal becomes lihtly toasted"Pan de sal is best en/oyed straiht from the o#en but these rolls free$e really

  • 7/25/2019 Things you need to know when starting.docx


    !ell" Place rolls in a free$er ba and store in the free$er for up to a month" oreheat them, toss fro$en rolls in the micro!a#e or toaster o#en"

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    )* #e-Lo+ed Breads and

    Pastries that Fii!inosFondy Eat

  • 7/25/2019 Things you need to know when starting.docx


    Lnfuss", modest, and without airs & if 4ilipino !reads and pastries had character, then thesewere them.

    9hese !reads and pastries from the /hilippines are ver" much well-liked !" their e2uall" self-e1acing 4ilipino or /ino" makers, who take delight in the thought that their !aked creationscare for their !odies and somehow lift their spirits.(n fact, an" true-!lue /ino" should !e a!le to recall a morning of eating hotpandesal with hisor her famil", an afternoon of eating siopao with friends, or the surprise of opening his or her

    lunch !ox at school and seeing a large, pu1", cream" ensa"mada.(n the /hilippines, !reads and pastries are not )ust for eating. 9he" are a tradition.7ftentimes, 4ilipinos share these !reads and pastries with their loved ones, !ring them homeaspasalu!ong or gifts, and eat them together with famil" and friends during specialoccasions.

  • 7/25/2019 Things you need to know when starting.docx


    5uch has changed in the tastes and lifest"les of most 4ilipinos. 5an" of us are now heav"eaters of muns, !ars, scones, turnovers, !uns and rolls, croissants, anish pastries, 4rench!reads, and other non-4ilipino !reads and pastries.+maDingl", we 4ilipinos almost alwa"s come !ack to our time-honored /ino" hopia,mona", and pan de coco. e also never miss out on !uko pie and crema de frutafor special

    get-togethers.hile there are a lot of well-loved !read and pastries in the /hilippines, !elow is a list of the$= kinds that 4ilipinos fondl" eat.

    1. Pan de Sal or Pandesal

    9he most hum!le of 4ilipino !reads is also the most popular & pandesal,which is madesimpl" with eggs, :our, salt, sugar, and "east.Kreated in the /hilippines in the $@th centur", pandesal has !ecome a part of the traditional4ilipino !reakfast. 4ilipinos usuall" eat it in the mornings while it is oven-fresh and warm.hile pandesal can !e eaten on its own, man" 4ilipinos ll it with cheese, coconut )am,peanut !utter, !utter, fried eggs, sardines, or cooked meat. + cup of hot co1ee or chocolatedrink goes well with it.7riginall", pandesal was hard and crust" outside and !land inside. 7ver the "ears, it haschanged into a soft and sweet kind of !read.

    2. Siopao

    0iopaois a white, round, steamed !un stu1ed with pork, !eef, shrimp, or salted egg and:avored with sweet or spic" sauces.(t is ver" lling and is usuall" eaten !" 4ilipinos on the go as snacks in mid-afternoons.

    0iopao is originall" from Khina where is it called !aoDi. (t is also popular in 9hailand where itis called salapao.

    3. Ensaymada

    + kind of !rioche, ensa"madais a popular 4ilipino !read that is rounded and :avored withgrated cheese and sprinkled with sugar on top, making it popular among sweet-toothed kidsand kids-at-heart alike.Cnsa"mada is suited to people from all walks of like. e have ensa"mada from our local

    !ake shop that sells it cheapl" for a dime.e can also get the upscale ensa"mada in ve-star hotels where it is topped o1 with !uttercream and lled with purple "am, ham, salted eggs, or macapuno or coconut sport.Cnsa"mada originall" came from 5a)orca, 0pain where it is called ensaimada.(t has !ecome hugel" popular in 0outh +merica where 0pain held several territories.

    4. Buko Pie
  • 7/25/2019 Things you need to know when starting.docx


    Buko pieis a traditional 4ilipino !aked pastr" that uses the ever-present coconut fruit in the/hilippines.(t is lled with "oung coconut meat and is made sweet, thick, and rich with condensed milk.

    Buko pie is originall" plain.%atel", however, essences of almond, pandan and vanilla have !een used to add interesting:avors to this alread" "umm" dish.

    5. Crema de Fruta

    + staple during the "uletide season in the /hilippines, crema de frutais originall" a soft cakela"ered with cream, custard, candied fruit, and topped o1 with gelatin.Mecentl", however, 4ilipinos have created crema de fruta using la"ers of hone"-:avoredcrackers, cream, condensed milk, candied fruits, and gelatin.

    9his colorful and lip-smacking treat is chilled until the gelatin is set. (t is served cold.

    6. Hopia

    Nopia is a customar" gift that 4ilipinos give as delicious presents to friends and familiesduring special occasions.(t can, however, !e eaten on )ust a!out an" ordinar" da".+ round, !ean-lled pastr", it is so popular in the /hilippines that it has spawned varieties#

    Nopiang 5ungo O hopia lled with paste of mung !eans

    Nopiang Ba!o" O hopia lled with pork, winter melon, and onions

    Nopiang L!e O hopia lled with paste of purple "am

    Nopiang Napon O hopia lled with !eans of aDuki !eans

    7. Empanada

    Cmpanadais a world-recogniDed pastr" that got its name from the 0panish ver!empanar,which means to wrap in !read.(t is made !"...


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