Themes from gandhi and mandela biographies

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  • Themes From Gandhi and Mandela BiographiesKyle Janes

  • The Misuse of ChristianityThroughout his life, Gandhi had seen the effect of Christianity on his people. Often it was used by the British as an excuse to conquer and even kill at times. They believed that because they came from a Christian nation, whatever wrongs they did are okay because they are better than the people they are tormenting. Gandhi realized that this was not true. He knew that what the British were doing was very wrong, but didnt actually put down the faith itself. Instead he scorned the actions of the British understanding that their religion didnt encourage their behavior during the period of imperialism.Religion is a matter of the heart. No physical inconvenience can warrant abandonment of one's own religion."

  • Social ResponsibilityA reoccurring theme in the American dream is the one of Social Responsibility. That is, the belief that one is responsible for contributing to society whether it be through work, charity, or just moral goodness. Nelson Mandela believed strongly in the instilment of social responsibility into the people. He believed that is was good for a person to view himself as part of the team rather than just looking out for yourself. This belief is mostly due to his receiving of a good British style education which encouraged such democratic beliefs.

  • Non-ViolenceIt is hard to believe that two men can have such a lasting influence on the world without even the thought of violence. We see so much killing and hate in most major revolutions throughout human history that Gandhi and Mandelas efforts are truly a light in what is the darkness of the human struggle for individual rights. They realized that wars only complicated things and resulted in the losing of countless lives. Through the use of peaceful protest and strong wills, they gained what they wanted, and what their countries needed.


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