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The Wound Wrap Post-Surgical & Chronic Wound Care

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The Wound Wrap Post-Surgical & Chronic Wound Care. Alpha Muse Inc. 380 Lexington Avenue, 17 th floor New York, NY 10168 888-916-5777 The Wound Wrap: Why?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Wound Wrap Post-Surgical & Chronic Wound Care

  • The Wound Wrap

    Post-Surgical &Chronic Wound CareAlpha Muse Inc. 380 Lexington Avenue, 17th floorNew York, NY

  • The Wound Wrap:Why?Laser and/or robotic surgery require several small punctures to the skin often too far apart to be covered by traditional bandagesCurrent wound care options are insufficient and require adhesive to be applied directly onto the skinSignificant rise in laser and robotic surgery in urology, plastic surgery, oncology, and other areas of medicine Approx. 5.7 million patients a year in the U.S. alone are affected by chronic woundsChronic wounds are usually on hard to cover areas of the body like the foot or leg

  • The Wound Wrap:A Better ChoiceFully lined, disposable product that wraps around the body covering a larger surface areaEliminates fluid leakage due to gravity and adhesive shifting No more ruined clothes, linens, or great discomfort No more adhesive pressure or pain on tender skin around wound or incisionReplaces current wound dressing methods that are not designed for chronic or laser surgery woundsBoth U.S. and Foreign Utility Patent applications filed through Russ Weinzimmer & Associates, P.C.

  • The Wound Wrap:How?A larger enclosing bandage.Robust cuffs to minimize leakage.Layered to offset direct wound pressure. Non-adhesive inner layer.Highly-absorbent middle layer.Leak-proof outer layer.Various bandage shapes to enclose different parts of the body.

  • The Wound Wrap:How?Strong adhesive strips & tabs along the sides of the bandageWraps around the wounded body partProvides strong support without direct adhesive contact on the skinAdded benefit of bypassing uncomfortable bandage removalAddresses all of the primary flaws of current post-laser surgery and chronic wound dressings

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  • The Wound Wrap:Large & Growing U.S. MarketDomestic Wound Care is a $5 Billion+ MarketAnticipated to exceed $7.5 Billion by 2015Growing incidence of wounds linked to increasingly prevalent chronic conditions

  • The Wound Wrap:Large & Growing U.S. MarketThe graying of America by 2030, one of every five U.S. residents will be a senior citizenIncidence of wounds, chronic & otherwise, linked to advanced ageThe "Bulging of America" epidemic rates of Diabetes and Obesity Growing popularity of laser & robotic surgery

  • The Wound Wrap:Large & Growing Global MarketA $15 Billion+ Global MarketWell over half the market is non-U.S.Western Europe, Japan, & other developed nations.Most significant growth in emerging economies of China, India, & BrazilGlobal Market projected to reach $20.3 Billion by 2015.

  • The Wound Wrap:A Strong Financial OpportunityAccording to a 2008 Business Wire article: Consumers of advanced, high-end adhesive bandages are generally less price sensitive and are more willing to pay higher prices to receive additional benefits from advanced adhesive bandages.The Wound Wrap is ideally positioned as a premium high-margin product. The Wound Wrap is a significant and high-value advance in the wound care field.

  • The Wound Wrap:A Strong Financial OpportunityMultiple channel opportunities hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies, nursing homes, rehab centers, etc.Excellent way to capitalize on the growing popularity of laser surgery throughout the country and the world.Already a proven product does not involve large R&D expenses.Simple & inexpensive to manufacture.A low risk opportunity.

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    The Wound Wrap