The Wiki Way: Creating and Facilitating a Collaborative Online Learning Environment Shanna Opfer Concordia University Director of Elementary Education.

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The Wiki Way: Creating and Facilitating an Online Learning Environment

The Wiki Way: Creating and Facilitating a Collaborative Online Learning Environment Shanna Opfer Concordia UniversityDirector of Elementary Education ProgramSeward, NE

Sectional AgendaWiki BasicsPlay with a Wiki http://edgetechnology.wikispaces.comShare effective examples of Wiki use in Elementary ClassroomsCreate your own Wiki AccountCreate your own Wiki

So, what is a Wiki? A web page with an edit button!

This video, by the people at Commoncraft, explains the idea of a Wiki in Plain English without using ANY technology.

Wikis areA type of web site that allows users to easilyadd,remove,and otherwise edit and changeavailable content.

This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool forcollaborative authoring.Key to Effective Wiki SuccessCollaboration!If you are not offering collaboration opportunities on your Wiki, you are missing the whole point! Without options for co-editing and communication, you simply have a webpage.Effective Wikis embrace other 21st Century Skills as well:Communication in a Digital ArenaCritical Thinking in a Global ContextNew Media LiteracyCreativity

Types of WikisPublicCan be viewed by anyoneAlso can be edited by anyoneProtectedCan be viewed by anyoneOnly can be edited by members of the spacePrivateCan only be viewed or edited by members of the space

Why ?The worlds easiest to use wiki.No experience necessary. You are up and running in minutes!

There are other good wiki sites:PB WikiWetpaint

Lets Jump in and Try This Out!Go to http://edgetechnology.wikispaces.comSettings are on PUBLIC, so anyone can access and edit.

Please wait while I assign you a play page on this Wiki.

Lets Jump in and Try This Out!Navigate to your page, click the button, and add the following information.

Name SchoolPositionBriefly share a way youve recently used technology in instruction OR share a favorite technology application or website you use or look forward to using in your future classroom. (Write a short paragraph)

For my early finishers: Play with the editing toolbar to change font, text size, etc.

Click ! You have 6 minutes! Go!

Now Lets CollaborateGo to the Play Page one number after your own. (1 goes to 2, 2 goes to 3, etc)Read the content on the page and respond in one of the following ways:Relate a personal experience youve had with this technologyOffer a suggestion to make this learning experience even betterShare other insights or thoughtsShare encouragement

My Experience with a Wiki

Essential UnderstandingsTechnology should enhance student understanding of content.Technology should support learning goals and objectives.

Wiki Concerns and SolutionsA malicious author can sabotage a wiki's content A wiki can easily be restored to a previous version by visiting the history function. A wiki allows anyone to edit A wiki can be set up to allow only authorized users to have editing rights. You can also create a wiki that only you and your class can edit.A wiki page does not like to be edited by two people simultaneously Create sub-pages for the students to work on that are linked to the main page. Click refresh and save often.Student privacy is paramount Never publish last names or personal details of students. Teachers must discuss privacy issues with their students.How Can I Use it in My Classroom?Home Base Center

Promote Communication with Parents and StudentsFacilitate Content DeliveryPost assignments, projects, etc.Share resourcesExamples:Student Portfolios Mrs. Cooks Class Mrs. Andersons Class

How Can I Use it in My Classroom?Facilitate Collaboration and Communication

Within your own classroomProject-based learningPeer-reviewed work"Choose your Own Adventure" Story WritingWithin your community the country/world

How Can I Use it in My Classroom?Professional Development

A great Wiki often houses a stockpile of GREAT resources and informationJoin Wikis that are helpful for your needs

Specific Subject Area Support Wide Goal Work

So, before we WikiQuestions?Concerns?Thoughts?Wiki WorkshopUse the paper tutorial to set up your Wikispaces account and begin work on your Wiki.

For further tips, tricks, and ideas visit the Wiki Tutorials link on the Edge Technology Wikipage.

Wiki Ideas:Classroom Home Base Page (try to include at least one page that promotes collaboration)Begin a page for a collaborative project in your classroomCreate a portfolio of teaching resourcesDo your own thing!

Workshop SharingWhat did you accomplish?What are you excited about?What other questions do you have?


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