The Trinity The Trinity Tidings To share the love of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, by loving one

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  • July 25, 2018

    Trinity Episcopal Church

    410 North Pine Street

    P.O. Box M

    Florence, AL 35631


    Fax: 256.740.6653



    Clergy The Rev. Dr. Andrew C. Keyse


    The Rev. Dr. Callie Plunket-Brewton

    Associate Rector

    Episcopal Campus Ministry Chaplain

    The Rev. Catherine Schiesz


    Church Staff Noël Beck - Choir Director & Organist

    Simon Richardson - Youth Director

    Sheila Shelton - Bookkeeper

    Jessie Stracener - Children’s Ministry

    Pam Turner - Nursery Supervisor

    Lauren Miller - Administrative Assistant

    Vestry and Officers Scott Townsend, Senior Warden

    Brian Heckert, Junior Warden

    Gayle Ozbirn, Treasurer

    Matthew Gruber, Clerk

    Bonnie Atkinson

    Caroline Bobo

    Cliff Darby

    Bob Garfrerick

    Mark Grisham

    Rachel Hillis

    Beth Lane

    Dorlea Rikard

    The T r in i ty T id ing s To share the love of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, by loving one another,

    loving our community, and putting our faith into action.

    Regular Sunday Schedule Resumes August 12

    We will return to our regular Sunday schedule on Sunday, August 12, 2018: 8:00 am Holy Eucharist, Rite I 9:00 am Breakfast 9:30 am Sunday School/Adult Christian Education 10:30 am Holy Eucharist, Rite II Please note that the 5 p.m. Sunday service will not start back on this day. Callie will soon be sending word out about when this service will resume. We are once again asking for volunteers to cook breakfast on Sunday mornings. If you would like to sign up, please see the sign-up sheet in the kitchen, or call the office to indicate which date you would like. The regular Wednesday schedule for children and youth will return on Wed., Aug. 15. Our Adult Christian Education offerings for Aug. 12, 19, and 26 will focus on the actions of General Convention and we invite all to come for discussion and conversation. Following the Labor Day holiday and Parish Retreat, we will have two offerings beginning on Sunday, Sept. 16. Fr. Andy will begin a Confirmation/Inquirers class for anyone wishing to be confirmed, reaffirmed, or received by Bishop Sloan when he visits on December 16, or for anyone simply wishing to learn more about the Episcopal Church. Callie will have a class offering as well. It always feels good to get back into a routine once school begins. We ask that you continue to make Trinity a part of that routine.

  • 2 July 25, 2018

    Sunday Schedules

    10 Pentecost, July 29th, 2018

    9:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite I

    Greeter: Ralph Jones Chalice Bearer: Patte Clement Ushers: Floyd Odenwelder, John Ott Lector: 1 Needed

    Intercessor: Merrie Margaret Brewton Acolytes: Alec Brewton

    Organist: Noël Beck Children's Chapel: Jessie Stracener

    Vestry Person of the Day: Beth Lane

    Readings: First Lesson: Ephesians 3:14-21 Psalm 145:10-19

    The Gospel: John 6:1-21

    11 Pentecost, August 5, 2018

    9:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite II

    Greeter: John Archer Chalice Bearer: Elizabeth Renault Ushers: Jeff Johnson, Bill Montgomery Lector: 1 Needed

    Intercessor: 1 Needed Acolytes: 1 Needed Organist: Noël Beck

    Children's Chapel: TBA Vestry Person of the Day: Gayle Ozbirn

    Readings: First Lesson: Exodus 16:2-4, 9-15 Psalm 78:23-29

    The Gospel: John 6:24-35

  • July 25, 2018 3

    Those on our prayer list:

    Those in the Military:

    Denys Zea, Don Beckwith, Scott

    Sibley, Jacob Bobo, Adam Garfrerick,

    Taylor Grier, Kyle A. Taylor, Michael

    Larsen, Chris Muse, Sam Spearman,

    Thomas Harold Self, Paul Hunter

    Marcu, Andy White, Greg Morris,

    Lathen Foote, Josh Bohannon, Joel

    Scott, Denver Mauter, Joey Sharif,

    Ben, David Lord and the 20th Special

    Forces Group

    Birthdays and Anniversaries

    Coming up:

    † Jennifer Jenkins, Tom Ott, Barbara

    Broach, Mary Garner, LuEllen Redding, Dr. & Mrs. Robert Koonce, Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Gillespie, Chris Bobo, Bill Sutherland, Mike Webb,

    Dr. & Mrs. Mike Moeller, Cathy Moeller, Bonnie Atkinson, Eloise Tomlinson, Brenda Melton, Mr. &

    Mrs. David Tomlinson, Dru Johnson, Myra Wilhite, Joan Lane, Alec


    Sean Michael O’Bannon, Katie Clement,

    Milo Nicholson, Martha Gruber-Cabler,

    Elizabeth Shaia, Paul Jones III, Jimmy

    Blythe, Lindy Blackburn, Lexi Edington,

    Maggie Williams, Ragan Morris, June

    Nuessle, Ned Hughes, Ann Moses, Frank

    Moses, Mary and Joe Garner, Kelly McCord,

    Susan McGee, Maurie Shaw, Victoria Greer,

    David Blazer, Tim Taylor, Pride Sherrill,

    Kerry Pillow, Al Stocks, Cathy Moeller,

    Faye Vines, Helen Richards, Lex Webster,

    Anthony Bruce Smiley, Kate Boggus, Kaylee

    McGee, Jessica Painter, Ellen Dick, Glenn

    Baker, Mark Cunningham, Dru Johnson,

    Albert Trousdale III, Katherine Jones, Pat

    Rutherford, Maxine Teel, Belinda Butler,

    Judy Reeder, Celia Heil, Ed Jones, Barksdale

    Klos, Jesse, Jana Childers, Chuck Kelley,

    Reba Kennedy

    Our Prayers

    Altar Flowers Upcoming dates available:

    July 29 August 5 August 12 Please call

    256-764-6149 for more information.

    Care Committee August Chair:

    Becky Taylor

    Altar Guild

    August Chair: Beth Lane

    2. Jennifer Jenkins

    4. Tom Ott, Barbara Broach

    5. Mary Garner, LuEllen Redding

    7. Dr. & Mrs. Robert Koonce,

    Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Gillespie

    10. Chris Bobo, Bill Sutherland

    11. Mike Webb

    12. Dr. & Mrs. Mike Moeller

    13. Cathy Moeller, Bonnie

    Atkinson, Eloise Tomlinson,

    Brenda Melton

    14. Mr. & Mrs. David Tomlinson

    15. Dru Johnson

    16. Myra Wilhite, Joan Lane, Alec


    17. Beverly Mullen, Sharon Wiese

    18. Michael Gallaher

    19. Paul Mitchell,

    Sheila McCord

    20. Siras Keyse

    21. Adam Libell, Ruthie Mitchener,

    Martha Mitchener

    25. Paige Thornton, Kate Hanbery

    26. Susan Koonce, Katie Clement,

    Liza Clement, Mr. & Mrs. Scotty

    Bobo, Sheree Barnes

    27. Mr. & Mrs. Bud Pride

    28. Caroline Vance

    29. Adam Garfrerick

    30. Elizabeth Burts, Barbara


    Rest eternal grant to them, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon them

    We extend our deepest sympathies to Matthew Gruber

    and family on the death of his grandmother Eula Bell Gray

    August Birthday’s & Anniversaries

    A Christmas Carol Shoppe Search your closet, ask your grandmother! For the

    St. Francis Bake Sale we are looking for antique

    and vintage Christmas items. Ornaments, nativity

    sets, Christmas villages, children's books, jewelry, linens, dishes, All Christmas themed. Call: bitsy Kingsley - 256-766-7881

    Amy Darby - 256-627-7724 Zac Abramson - 256-412-4943

  • 4 July 25, 2018

    What: Home Communion

    When: Wednesday,

    August 29, 6 p.m.

    Where: Home of

    Chris & Jill Bobo - 500

    North Shore Drive,

    Florence, AL 35634

    RSVP: Church office at


    The Wednesday Book Group is currently meeting on Wednesdays

    from 12-1 p.m. We’re reading Everything Happens For a Reason and

    Other lies I’ve Loved by Kate Bowler.

    Come and join us!


    Book Group

    Save the date!

    Our Trinity Dragon Boat team is looking for enthusiastic rowers for our Shoals Dragon Boat Race on September 29 at McFarland Park. We need 20 rowers and a drummer in

    order to have a complete team and would love for you to join us. The proceeds from the race support the Shoals Scholar Dollars, and we're asking individuals interested in rowing pay $50 to cover food, a t-shirt and the registration fee, but scholarships are available. Contact Laura Heckert at, if you're interested in rowing or have any questions about it.

    Our Parish Retreat is Sept. 7-9 at Camp McDowell.

    We will have activities for people of all ages and will even be able to watch a little football together.

    Make plans to join us! Registration forms are available on the website (,

    in the back of the church, in the office, and online coming soon!

    The EfM program is preparation for the ministry to which we are called. It is that vocation for which we pray at the end of the Eucharist: "And now, Father, send us out to do the work you have given us to do, to love and serve

    you as faithful witnesses of Christ our Lord."

    Year One - Old Testament Year Two - New Testament Year Three - Church History Year Four - Theology, Ethics and Interfaith Encounter Your commitment is one year at a