The tower of London & London Bridge

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The tower of London & London Bridge. By : Takalynn Ellis. LONDON BRIDGE. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The tower of London &amp; London Bridge</p> <p>The tower of London &amp; London BridgeBy : Takalynn Ellis</p> <p>LONDON BRIDGE </p> <p>The current London Bridge was designed by Mott, Hay and Anderson. The senior engineer was Alan Simpson, the superstructure was designed by a team led by Michael Leeming, and foundations by a team led by Keith Pontin. The bridge was constructed by contractors John Mowelm from 1967 to 1972, and opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 17 March 1973. It comprises three spans of pretressed on crete box girders, a total of 928 feet (283m) long. The bridge's lights were made from Napoleon's cannons. The bridge was built to be functional and long-lived, and, as such, it is noticeably less decorated than other Thames bridgesLONDON TOWERThe Tower was oriented with its strongest and most impressive defences overlooking Saxon London, which archaeologist Alan Vince suggests was deliberate.</p>


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