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A2 Media Coursework - Storyboard for our teaser trailer

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  • 1. THE TORMENT Storyboard By Beth Thompson

2. 0-2 seconds. (No sound) 3. From fade to black EXT: 2-7 seconds. Medium long two shot. Natural high keylighting. Estate agent and Emily conversing (diegetic sounds/dialogue) 4. Quick cut 7-9 seconds. Close up. Keys being passed over. (Diegetic sounds:keys/background ambient) 5. 9-10 seconds 6. Fade in EXT: 10-12 seconds. Establishing shot of location. High key lighting. Nondiegetic soundtrack begins. 7. Quick cut INT: 12-14 seconds. Low angle close up. Artificial, medium key lighting. Emily looking around. Non diegetic music. 8. Quick cut INT: 14-17 seconds. Medium shot. Medium key lighting. Emily on thephone. Diegetic speech as non diegetic soundtrack fades. 9. Quick cut INT: 17-18 seconds. Long shot. Emily in kitchen. Non diegeticsoundtrack. 10. Quick cut INT: 18-20 seconds. Over the shoulder shot. Artificial, medium key lighting. Emily making tea in kitchen. Non diegetic soundtrack. 11. Quick cut INT: 20-21 seconds. Medium shot. Emily turning around. Diegetic sound of Emily in shock, non diegetic bang and music. 12. 21-22 seconds 13. Quick cut INT: 22-22.5 seconds. Low key lighting. Emily running down hallway. Diegetic sounds of heavy breathing/screaming, non-diegetic music escalates. 14. Quick cut INT: 22.5-23 seconds. Close up of Emily hiding in fireplace. Low keylighting. Diegetic speech What do you want?!, non diegetic soundtrack. 15. Quick cut INT: 23-23.5 seconds. Close up of Emilys face. Very low key lighting. Diegetic heavy breathing, non diegetic soundtrack which is increasing inmomentum. 16. 23.5-24.5 seconds 17. Quick cut INT: 24.5-25.5 seconds. Extreme close up highlighting missing key. Low key lighting. Non diegetic soundtrack with effects. 18. Continuity INT: 25.5-26 seconds. Extreme close up of key. Low key lighting. Non diegetic soundtrack continues. 19. Quick cut 26-27 seconds. Very low key lighting. Close up of Ouija board and key. Non diegetic soundtrack increases momentum. Cuts to black/static. 20. Quick cut from black INT: 27-27.5 seconds. Extreme close up. Low key lighting. Key moves. Non diegetic soundtrack with loud noise. 21. Quick cut INT: 27.5-28 seconds. Over the shoulder, medium shot. Low keylighting. Emilys expression is scared when looking over shoulder. Non diegeticscream. Soundtrack continues and intensified to climax. 22. Quick cut 28-29 seconds. Billing block. Non diegetic sound reaches climax with a loud bang to follow. 23. Quick cut INT: 29-30 seconds. High angle long shot. Low key lighting. Emilywalking downstairs to closed door. Diegetic footsteps with heavy breathing. 24. 30-31 seconds 25. 31-35 seconds 26. Quick cut after long black out INT: 35-37 seconds. Close up. Low key lighting. Door opening. Non diegetic door creak/hinge, diegetic heavy breathing. 27. Quick cut INT: 27-28 seconds. Close up zoom in. Low key lighting. Jessica indoorway. Light bulb swinging and highlighting her hidden features. Non diegetic sinister laughter. 28. Quick cut INT: 38-38.5 seconds. Extreme close up. Low key lighting (swinginglight bulb being only artificial lighting). Non diegetic static editing.