The successful public space

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  • 1. Presented By: ElieSelwan
    ASuccessful Public Space-An Agora in the City-
  • 2. Topic Statement
    A Brief Background of my Project
    Direction of the Project
    My Theoretical Framework
    Future Progress
  • 3. Final Topic Statement:
    A well planned public space has the effect of encouraging citizen activity and community involvement.
  • 4. Nathan Phillips Square- 1961
  • 5. 1965
  • 6. 2011-2012
  • 7.
    • What Makes a Public Square successful?
    • 8. Why was the square built in the first place?
    • 9. Who uses the square?
    • 10. What are its functional purposes (before and after the revitalization process)
    Important Research Questions:
  • 11.
    • This project can be seen as a comparison research study of Nathan Phillips Square in the Torontos urban landscape with theAgora in Ancient Athens.
    • 12. The Agora was an open "place of assembly" in ancientGreek Civilizationcities in the early in 8th Century BC.
    • 13. Urban Scholar Lewis Mumford argues that the Agora was the first public square in an urban landscape, where civil political and leisure functions were conducted.
    The Agora
  • 14. Brief History:
    • Agora started as a place designated as the city-state cemetery.
    • 15. After 6th Century BC the Agora became the main square of the city,it was the commercial, political, administrative and social center of Athens. Shopping, stalls, fountains, municipal buildings and courts of justice were grouped in and around the Agora. It also played an important role in the religious and social life of the City.