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The Story Finding Your Story in God’s Story “Rebuilding the Walls”

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The Story Finding Your Story in God’s Story “Rebuilding the Walls”. Series 2 - God Pursues His People. Review Chapter 20 “Queen of Beauty and Courage”. Series 2 - God Pursues His People. Z & J. Susa. E. N. I. Vulnerability . Nehemiah 1: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Story Finding Your Story in God’s Story “Rebuilding the Walls”

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The StoryFinding Your Story in Gods Story

Rebuilding the Walls

Series 2 - God Pursues His PeopleReview Chapter 20

Queen of Beauty and Courage

Series 2 - God Pursues His People

SusaZ & JENI. Vulnerability Nehemiah 1:The City of Jerusalem is without walls therefore vulnerableGreat trouble and disgraceNehemiahs prayerRepentanceReminding God of his wordFavor with the king

Nehemiah 2Request to the king

Send me to Judah to rebuild the cityLetters for safe travel through territoriesSupplies for gates for the city walls and a house for Nehemiah

Requests granted because the gracious hand of God upon NehemiahNehemiah inspects the walls and reportsHeres the problem we are in troubleHeres the solution let us rebuild the wallPeople motivated to rebuild the wall

The OppositionYou are rebelling against the kingGod will help us succeed

II. The Work Begins - Nehemiah 3 Nehemiah 4 Terroristic Threats4:8 - They made plans to come and fight4:9 We prayed

4:9 They made threats4:13 We placed armed guards

4:14 The rally call4:15-18 Working while armedNehemiah 6 the work completed6:15 The wall was finished in just 52 daysThis work had been done with the help of our God

III. Spiritual Renewal

Nehemiah 8-10

Ezra reads the law

The Levites read and explained the meaning helping the people understand

People weep when listening to the words of the law

Dont be dejected the joy of the Lord is your strengthThe people confess their sinsThe people make vows

A prophetic word from MalachiOffering defiled sacrifices crippled and diseased animalsPriests instructions have caused many to stumble into sinUnfaithful in marriage vowsCheating God of tithes and offeringsCursed with a curseCall to repentance

IV. Application

God stirs in your heart to do his work assuming you have made it your purpose to live for himPsalm 37:4 (NASB) 4 Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.

Doing the work of God will stir up opposition1 Peter 5:8 (NLT) 8 Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

Work with one hand and be armed with the otherEphesians 6:10-13Your success will be as a result of the gracious hand of the Lord upon youGrace Gods enabling power, giving you the ability to do what he has called you toPhilippians 4:13 (NLT) 13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Colossians 1:29 (NLT) 29 Thats why I work and struggle so hard, depending on Christs mighty power that works within me.

Stay true to your commitment to JesusRepentantYieldedWillingFruitful in your works