The Story Deliverance. 2 Why read the Bible? Because it tells us an alternative Story If you want to change a society, then you have to tell an alternative.

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<ul><li><p>The StoryDeliverance</p></li><li><p>Why read the Bible?Because it tells us an alternative StoryIf you want to change a society, then you have to tell an alternative story.</p></li><li><p>Jacob and SonsGod is making a people to get to know him and make him known</p></li><li><p>The family grows to a nation in Egypt and the Story moves on</p></li><li><p>*Then a new king, to whom Joseph meant nothing, came to power in Egypt.</p></li><li><p>Increased numbersKill the baby boys</p></li><li><p>What kind of puny god cant even protect his own people?How might God make himself known and advance the Story?</p></li><li><p>Send someone elseI am who I am</p></li><li><p>God makes himself known in mighty deeds</p></li><li><p>Exodus becomes a pattern of Gods saving deeds</p></li><li><p>Isaiah</p></li><li><p>They spoke about his departure,[exodus] which he was about to bring to fulfilment at Jerusalem.</p></li><li><p>This is my body given for you.This cup is the new covenant sealed by my blood.Jesus understood his death and resurrection as a new Passover and Exodus - Gods deliverance</p></li><li><p>The Story has moved forward and casts its shadow across the centuries - Gods mighty deeds are seen</p></li><li><p>Is there enslavement or oppression in your life?What exodus might God be leading you towardsHow might God want to use you as a Moses to work for the exodus of others?Remember that Jesus has given himself for our exodus</p></li></ul>


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