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The Site SpecificationBy Jamaal Totten

As the facilitator for this project I worked closely with Stakeholders, In-house Senior Web Programmer, and a Software Development Firm regarding the Backend High-level Functions. Our objective was to maintain emphasis on designing a Real World large scale CMS Application with advanced High-level Functionality covering the following areas:

Custom Application and IntegrationData Base Integration ManagementData AggregationData Manipulation and MigrationOrganization Schemes, Layout Structure, Content Labeling Classification SchemesSearch Engine OptimizationDesign logic including Simplicity and Consistency, Design Integrity and Stability, Color TheoryAutomated FunctionalityData Centralization

As the Architect for this project I used a Top Down Information Architecture approach for designing this large scale web site application.

First lets start with the global navigation. Please look at the taxonomy and youll notice that I used a Topic Based Organization Scheme to organize our site global content. By keeping the Organization Scheme consistent, I am able to alleviate usability issues and task flow incompletion.

For the utility links area we integrated social media and networking applications to enhance our online marketing. By integrating these applications we are able to support our users short term memory. Now users dont have to leave our site while they multitask.

Observing the user - They seamlessly navigate between 4 to 6 different browser screens at the same time, they are true multi-taskers.

The search interface - the top right corner complies with current industry best practices. HPU logo is in the top left corner.

Conventional layout scheme - minimize travel time for the users when moving from point A to point B which maintains an easy work flow for the users.

Companys branding,Use of beautiful banner adds to promote special news and events. Implementation of smooth slow transition effect to the rotating banner adds to solve a potential usability issue. Placing mouse cursor over the social media icons, triggers the hover card menu, Users are now able to complete more tasks without leaving the site.

Optimum use of user vision.

Utility of story section.Each story section has a related story history list which serves as a memory aid. Our goal was to minimize the users memory load by supporting memory recognition to help users find previous articles as easily as possible.

Social Share Story Widget supports the users short term memory, which allows the user to share information with friends with minimal cognitive effort.

Asynchronous communication encourages social interaction with greater collaborative efforts from our users.

Section for undergraduate registration HPUs rankings just above the Apply Online Button to illustrate how HPU is well-respected. Ultimate objective is to get as many students to register as possible. We tend to make almost every decision based on perception - our ability to see and interpret information.

Under the Campus News Section Chronological Based Organizational Scheme - a clickable scroller that users can quickly navigate through the latest articles. Footers were used for Topic Based Organization scheme to maintain consistency.

Local Navigation Audience Based Organization Scheme to support the users task flow. Admissions Department services multiple audiences. Goal is not to overwhelm our audience with so much information in the top Global Navigation - information overload.

Users spend 54% of their time in local navigation, 24% of their time is spent within the top global site navigation. Placing imperative information in certain areas of the site is most effective.

As a Usability Engineer Specialist and Designer, I put a lot of thought into every element that is used within the user interface to make intelligent design decisions that support the target users task flow.

My job is to help you understand how users cognitively utilize, perform and complete tasks within applications.

How do I do this?Developing specific strategies based on the perceived users cognitive processes. Execute tactics using UX Strategy Methods such as, User Testing, A-B Testing, User Research, Surveys, Interviews, User Profiles, Focus Groups, and Heuristic Evaluation.

For Market Research Utilize High Point University Marketing Department and Admissions Counselors to recruit participants for research. Gather research to build user profiles which include users characteristics to gain better insight in understanding the users mindset.

Audience: Primary User (High School Student)Name: Nick OgleAge: 17Goals: Nick wants to find a university that matches his needs, then apply and be accepted. He also wants to feel connected to the university.Needs: Nick has to find the appropriate Admissions Counselors.Behaviors: Nick is involved in many clubs at his high school. He has brothers and sisters and likes playing video games with them. He enjoys traveling and is fun to be around.Attitudes: Nick likes being able to express himself. He likes it when brands answer his questions before he asks them. Hes connected everywhere he goes with his smart phone and tablet. He has a constant drive to stay popular.

Audience: Secondary User (Current Student at HPU)Name: Alyssa HuntAge: 19Goals: Alyssa wants to be an active member of the HPU community, get a good degree and land a great job. Needs: Stay informed with campus news and events.Behaviors: Alyssa is involved in her sorority and loves to go shopping with friends. She likes it when people make her feel important and recognize her accomplishments. Alyssa loves listening to music and spends evenings watching Jersey Shore.Attitudes: Alyssa is very confident. She likes to be up-to-speed on whats happening at all times and she wants to be associated with brands that are like her clean cut, stylish and ahead of the game.

New site EvaluationFirst step - conduct a Heuristic Evaluation, which will identify any problems associated with the design. Evaluate the design based upon Jacob Nielsens Ten General Principles for user interface design. Conduct some user testing to gather feedback and get more insight. Provide recommendations and alterative solutions using Holistic UX design approach, which means I think or rethink through the entire problem and solve it as a whole.


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