The Seventh Grade Photo Essay Project. Afghan Girl (1984) Steve McCurry

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  • The Seventh Grade Photo Essay Project

  • Afghan Girl (1984)Steve McCurry

  • Albert Einstein (1951)Arthur Sasse

  • Portrait of Winston Churchill (1941)Yousuf Karsh

  • Gandhi (1946)Margaret Bourke-White

  • Hitler in Paris (1940)Heinrich Hoffman Collection

  • Segregated Water Fountains (1950)Elliott Erwitt

  • Little Rock desegregation (1957)Will Counts

  • War Underfoot (2003)Carolyn Cole

  • Kent State (1970)John Paul Filo

  • Muhammad Ali versus Sonny Liston (1965)Donald L. Robinson, Bettmann/CORBIS

  • Hooded Iraqi prisoner comforting a child (2003)Jean-Marc Bouju

  • The plight of Kosovo refugees (1999)Carol Guzy

  • Oklahoma City Bombing (1995)Charles Porter

  • Corpsman in anguish (1967)Catherine Leroy

  • U.S. Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima (1945)Joe Rosenthal

  • US Soldiers Carrying Wounded Comrade(1945)US National Archives

  • Stopping Time (1964)Harold Edgerton

  • Le Baiser de lHotel de Ville, Paris (1950)Robert Doisneau

  • The Soul of a Horse [Mare with Foal] (1963)Peter Thomann

  • German Arab Head and ShoulderSaher

  • Ansel AdamsTransamericana Pyramid BuildingPaula Conselo-Findicoglo

  • Petpo X yKAvraham Koloyarski33Volga Borytsch

    Lines of MusicNorbert DabkowskiFragments

  • The Seventh Grade Photo Essay Project Powerpoint

    Mark Hildreth SanLee Middle School 2009