The Savannah morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) (Savannah, GA ... "I'mgoing*toshow you something now IfI

The Savannah morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) (Savannah, GA ... "I'mgoing*toshow you something now IfI

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Text of The Savannah morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) (Savannah, GA ... "I'mgoing*toshow you something now...

  • BREVET RANK. By W. W. Jacob*.

    .r of ' .'l iny Cargoen"

    Copyright. 19M. by W. W. Jacob*, -rew of the Elisabeth Hopkln* rat

    r deck in the gloaming, ailing Illy at i * dusky .Nape* ot the barge* aa (hey ,ir ,pp*a l!*nlly down on the tide, or vto-

    i y dlt to y *d. and to the astonishment c' his file mla p*-ed Into n soft magnetic j *> umber from which he •nv rg 'c me *arf a crown an* I think It would ed In hi* pockets ami pro- u *g om* greasy coins |talseat.

    "I'm going* to show you something nowIf I cun. said Zimg.Ul, wiping h„ hrow.but I don't know how It'll corn* ott, be-cause I'm only a beginner at this sore ofthing and I've never tried this before Ifyou don't mtrd cap'n I'm going to tellhim he is Cap'n Bradd. and that you are the mate.

    "C.o ahead." said the delighted Bradd With a few rapid psecee he roused themate from his torpor and llxed him withhie glittering eyes.

    ' You are Cap'n Braid, master o' thisship." he said slowly, Kv, ay.” said the mate earnestly."And that's your mote George.' saidZliigall. pointing to the deeply Interested

    Bradd. "As- , ay." said the mase again with asigh. "Take command then," mtd Zinjcetl

    leaving him withs satisfied air and seat- ing himself on the locker.

    The mate eat up and looked shout him, with nn air of quiet authority.

    "George." he raid, turning suddenly to the skipper with a very passable Imita- tion of his voice. •Hlr," said the skipper, with a playfulglance at Zingall. "A friend o' mine named Cap'n Zlnrsll

    is coming ahoard to-night." mid the matsslowly. "Ge- a Hltle whisky for, outo' my stateroom.** "Ay. ay, sir," said the deeply amusedBradd. "Juet a little In the bottom of the bottle

    ’lll do." continued the male, - '.lon't put more In. for he drinks like a ttsh."

    "I never said such a thing, cap'n.” said Bradd In an agitat-d wh.sper. "I never thought o' auch a thing,"

    "No. I knew you wouldn't.'" said gall. who was staring hard at a nearly v.npty whisky bottle on the table.

    "And dop't leav* your baccy |>ouch ly- ing about, George," continued the mate it n thrilling whisper

    The skipper gave a faint mirthless llt- lle laugh and looked at Mm uneasily.

    "If ever th*re was a *|H>ngcr for bac- cy, Cb-orge. It’s him," waLJ the mate In a nhn,. "Well, see wftal Ive done •

    he saM The fact la 1 waa charged tub

    t, , electricity When I came aboard an.l II all now. 11- left me wea<

    and until my will weura off him he a cap- iaU> o thla ship. .. ..• And what about me’ aald Bradd.

    •you're the mate." said Zlngall. 'and mind for your odn sake, vm, act ui-on it If you don't cro*a him I haven'i any .jooht It'U be ah right, but If you do hell very likely murder you u. • .. of frency end- ha wouldu t be responsi- ble. wood eight.'*


    CURE " hen Prof Muny ii *> hia Rhtuma*

    tt*m Cura will curt* rheumatism that** Isn’t any fue**wrk at>out It tl>*r# l#n t any fain# Ptatffnrnt ahmit It. Il !mi>ly 1 iur

    . I* cures morn quickly thn

    aspect. Ir cures without leaving any 111 effect# li In a splendid etomach and nm* tonic, a> wrll as a oo#lt*v* cur* fo** rhi'umttlMD

    A I thf* Munyon retnrdle# are Just a# re- liable Any riruggUt 2fn %lal The Quid# to Health it* frw. so l# medical advice. If you write to Hrottdaay and Wlh street. New York

    ’ You're not golnjrT” said Bradd clutch- ing him by the sleeve

    “I am,*' nald ZUikull "He sterna to have took a violent dislike to me. am! if I e*ay here It’ll only make him worwe.”

    llu rin lurhtly up on rt-vk and. nvoM- In* an ugly rush on the part of th* mate who had been listening, sprang on ? the 1-nltli r ami hastily .shore

    The skipper, worn and scared looked up a* the boffii# skipper came below.

    "I'm suit), to Ik*!, tleorge,*’ said the nrrnti . staring at him '*l feel a hit heavy. (Jlvt* me a rail jtan afore high water *’

    Where an* you gotn' to #iecp?*' de* manded the skipper

    **i#oln’ to #leep?" said the mate; “why In my stateroom, to l*e #ure."

    He o>k the empty bottle from the table, and. opening the door of the staterooin. olowd it In the face of its frenxled owner and turned the key in tie lock. Then he leaned ov* r the berth, and cramming the pilow asalnst his mouth gnv way to his feellrgA until ht w *# nearly suffat*l

    Any Idea that the r might have had of thr h*-illmr effects of alecp wen* rudely dlr|.elled when the mat* c.imt* on deck nex* ir.ornltig and found that they

    "Bather you've been drinking or else your nsd's a little bltoff You go down and turn in "

    hml lak.n the schooner out without amus- ing him. Ills debistou se-mr,l to he stronger than ever. and. pushing the skip- per from the wheel, he took It himself and him a short and sharp lecture on the virtue* of obedience.

    "I know you’re a good sort. George Hmlth." he said leniently; "noiiody could wi*h for n better, but while I'm master of this here ship it don't become you to take things upon j ourself In the way you do.

    "Big you don't understand," ,acid the “fill l to conquer hi* temper. •'Now look me In the eye. George "

    •'Who ar- you < ailing Uorge?" said th* mite sharply.

    ■'Well, look me In the eye then,” said the *kip| r. wnlvlng the point

    "I’ll look at you In a way you won't like In u minute," sold the mate i louely.

    "1 want to explain the posMlon of af- fairs to you.” said the skipper. "Do you remember t’.ipt. Z ing ill whot wns aboard last nigh:?"

    "I.lttle dirty looking mn whal kept staring at me." demanded th* mate.

    "Well. I don't know about 'ls being dir- ty." sold the skipper, "but that's the mm. Do you know what he did to you. Geo—"

    "Kh.” said the mote shandy. "He iri smerlsc-1 you," said the skipper

    ha*tlly. "Now keep qulle culm. You say you're Benjamin Bradd, master o' this vessel, don’t you?" "I do,” -uld Hls mate. "Let me hear

    anybody soy ns I ain't." "Yesterday." said the skipper, plurklng

    up courage end speaking very slowly and Impressively, “you were O.orge Hmtth. the male, but my friend, f'apt. Zlngall. mesmerised you and made you think you were me."

    ”1 see what It l-." said the mate, se- verely. "You've been drinking, you've been up to my whisky."

    •Tall the crew up and ask 'em, then," said Brad 1

    ■TVill 'em up yourself, you lunatic," siM the male, loudly enough for the m* to hear. “If anybody dares to play the fool with me 1 won't leave a whole bone In hi- body, that's all.''

    Tll obedience to th* summon* of Capt. Bradd the crew came up end being re- qu.-ted by him to tell the mat* that he we* the m c and that he warn at pres nt laboring under a delusion, stool silently nudging each other and uneasily eyeing the male.

    ' Well." said the latter at length, "why don't you speak and tell George he's gone oil his 'end a bit?”

    "It ain't nothing to do with us, sir." said Bill, very resia-.'t.ully.

    "But. damn It nil. man." said the mate, t iking a mighty grip of his collar, "you know I'm the c.ip'n, don't you?"

    "O* cour-e, I do. sir," said BUI. "There you are, George," said the mate,

    relcn-tng him and turning 10 the frantic lit ad-1. "you hear that Now. look here, you llten to me Either you’v* been drinking or else your eul's gone a little bit off You go down and turn In. and. If you don't give me any more of your non- sense. I'll overlook II for this once."

    lie order.d the crew forward sgaln, and. being dei Iron* of leaving some perma- nent mark of Ills command on the ship, had the galley fresh painted In red and blue and a lot of old stores, which he had vainly condemned when mate, thrown ovrrluard. The skipper stood by helpless- ly while U was done, end then went be- low of his own accord, and turned In, as being the only way to retain his sani- ty, or, at *ey rate, the clearness of h*d which he felt to be Indispensable at this Juncture.

    Time Inrteal of restoring the mate to hi- senses, only appeared to confirm him In his folly, and the skipper, after an- other attempt to convince him. let things drift, resolving to h*ve him put under te-

    Th- v r- a •-< ITi l- rf in in. early af- ternoon, hut before they entered the har- bor ih*' mate, a* though he had had some uW!" Intuition chitjthi-. would i* file command, called the crew to him and reed them a hpir utile homily upon their behovkir when"they should land. He warned them of public houses and other

    Diagram for curving and braMim ring*.

    wook’s houtokcepli-g while you've got It out."

    11l fore tin- mate could prev. nt her eh* had tak.ll the two pounds aid pul It In h*r pocket, lie looked at h. r placid ten, In amiiz.tni'iil. but she met Ids gaze ca m- |y and drummed on the table with her thimble.

    ■'No. no. I want this money myself.' said tlie mate at last. He ptit Ids hands to hi* head and began to prepare for the gland transforma!lon scene. 'My bon't you see h*’ the cap'n now "

    It wea a* clear as noonday, and the agitation of tha k'ptohed the Idea of th,- js-w.-r of the med- ical faculty being likely to .-u e com - plication* with the owner*. *n