The Role of Social Work in Reintegration Kathleen Ray, PhD, MSW, LCSW Rita Torres, MSW, LCSW Social Workers, NJ WRIISC.

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<p>Reintegration</p> <p>The Role of Social Work in Reintegration Kathleen Ray, PhD, MSW, LCSWRita Torres, MSW, LCSWSocial Workers, NJ WRIISC1Goals of TalkIdentify determinants affecting reintegrationDistinguish the social work process of assessmentRecognize the role of social work on the WRIISC team Implement social work expertise within the PACT Team setting</p> <p>2ReintegrationTransition from combat deployment and return to community lifeActive military service to civilian roles and activitiesCommon pathway, but different for everyoneSuccess depends on a multitude of individual and environmental factors</p> <p>3Determinants of Reintegration4Determinants of ReintegrationBody FunctionPainMental HealthSleep</p> <p>5Determinants of ReintegrationBody StructureObesityPhysical Injuries/limitations</p> <p>6Determinants of ReintegrationEnvironmental Factors7Determinants of ReintegrationPersonal FactorsSelf-efficacyAlcohol/drug useLife philosophy</p> <p>8Determinants of ReintegrationActivityActivities of Daily LivingADLsiADLsPhysical Activities9Social WorkTrained in identifying determinants of reintegrationUses ecosystems framework to understand relationships, vocation, living circumstances on bio-psycho social concerns Targets areas need to strengthen for optimization of medical/psychological well being.Tailors discharge plan</p> <p>10Ecosystems PerspectiveFramework of practiceConcepts from ecology and general systems theoryInteraction and adaptation between people and their environments</p> <p>11Implications for ChangeSocial Workers and clients join forces against problematic fit of client and environment rather than judge clients to be deficientChange in one part of system will change other partsFocus on strengths12WRIISC (War Related Illness and Injury Study Center)What is the WRIISC?Clinical EvaluationResearchEducation</p> <p>1314The Tasks of Social Work at WRIISC15Tasks (contd.)16Treatment PlanGeneralSpecificGoal as close as possible to providing a seamless transition between Veterans military lifestyle and re-integration to civilian life. 17What Helps Make the Social Worker More Effective on a TeamPart of the teamInclusion from the beginningAccess to both Veteran and family to develop effective supports for treatment implementationRecommendations must be practical and feasible</p> <p>18</p> <p>How PACT can Utilize Social Work Services **</p> <p>Gather information not necessarily provided during a physical examOffer guidance for realistic recommendationsIdentify barriers to access careProvide supports to maximize Veteran ability to implement WRIISC recommendationsEmpower Veteran to direct own health careEducate Veteran on navigating system and advocate for Veteran as neededFollow up on recommendations</p> <p>19</p>


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