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  • Inside this issue:

    Contact Deanna Hauglum with your comments at

    (253) 838-0432 or at reception-

    [email protected]

     Club Manager..........2

     Catering Manager...2

     Golf Pro...................3

     New Members........3

     Social Committee.…4

     Green Committee….5

     Fitness Center & Food Service Hours.5

     Wine Committee….6

     Ladies Division & Ladies Invitiational.7

     March Events…..….8

    March 2017 Lots to discuss…

    I’ll start with an update on our efforts to build our membership. As of this writing, I am pleased to

    report that 13 new Proprietary Members have already joined our Club since Janu- ary 1st, including two new Junior Proprie- tary Members. We are off to a great start toward meeting our initial membership goals ahead of any major marketing initi- atives. Welcome to our new members and thanks to those who invited them to join!

    Closest to home, we have had ongoing discussions with the Twin Lakes Home- owners Association on how we can better work together for the benefit of the Twin Lakes Community. The HOA is looking for enhanced family-oriented recreational opportunities for all of the residents; and, by offering these oppor- tunities, our Club is looking to build its membership. Three significant events are already in the works – our traditional Pancake Breakfast, scheduled for May 20th, will be augmented by a special fun event for the kids hosted by our Assis- tant Professionals, Nate Smith and Josh Scothorne. This will be followed by an Open House and Golf Camp for HOA resi- dents, tentatively scheduled for Sunday, June 25th. Ahead of these events, we will be conducting a special Social Member-

    ship promotion for HOA residents only, to broadly introduce the Club to those residents who are not already TLG&CC members.

    As Spring approaches, our Club events calendar will be getting into high gear. The Golf Committee & the Pro Shop Staff have planned a fantastic schedule of golf tournaments; and, the Social Committee will kick-off its outstanding calendar of events with a Comedy/Magic Show on Saturday evening, April 1st. Speaking of major events, thanks to those who have volunteered to serve on our 50th Anni- versary Task Force to plan how we will commemorate this huge milestone!

    Finally, I would like to thank the many members who participated in our 2017 Member Survey. Your feedback is very important and will help the Board of Trustees set future priorities. The results will be compiled and carefully reviewed this month; and, a summary will be pre- pared & provided to all members by April 15th.

    Best Regards & Happy Spring!

    Phil Matonti, 2017 President

    The President’s Message / Phil Matonti

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • Page 2 / The Sandblaster

    From Our Club Manager / Dave Hobson

    What a great start to the 2017 season. If you

    have notice a lot of new faces around the club,

    that would be because of the 9 new Proprietary

    members, 4 members that upgraded to Propri-

    etary status and 1 new social member. As I’m

    writing this article three more new proprietary

    members have turned in the application. I want

    to personally thank all the members that are

    bringing in their friends to join, the member

    incentive program is working!

    We have some events upcoming like the wine

    tasting on the 14th, the meet & greet new

    members on the 16th and the social magic show

    on the 1st of April. Along with a new breakfast

    menu, a new Thursday family night menu and

    steak night will be returning on Wednesday

    night, the 8th of March.

    We got a lot of feedback from the survey, but

    we could use a little more so that will be going

    back out. Please take the time to fill it out, your

    voice is important and your ideas help move

    this club forward.

    We will be starting two new programs starting

    April 1st:

    Business of the month – During the month drop

    of your business card into the container on the

    bar. The last day of the month we will draw out

    a card and that business will become the

    “Business of the Month.” It will be featured in

    the sandblaster and email blast through the

    following month.

    Facebook Contest – the individual that checks

    in, shares and likes the most post during the

    month will win a $25.00 gift certificate and will

    be featured in the sandblaster.

    Dave Hobson, General Manager

    From your Catering & Events Manager / Jeanne Walker

    “In like a lion, out like a lamb” and suddenly we are looking at March! There are many things to look forward to this month: Sunday March 12th Daylight Savings Time begins (Spring Forward!), Friday March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, and Monday March 20th is the official first day of Spring!

    Ducks Unlimited will be here on Saturday March 18th for their annual dinner auction. They are expecting 200 people so parking will be very limited that evening.

    Are there wedding bells in your future? We will have a booth at the Tacoma Wedding Show on Saturday March 25th and Sunday March 26th. Come see us there! The rest of the month will be filled with regular group lunch & dinner meetings, and several social

    events including a birthday and a retirement party.

    February was a busy month and also includ- ed the Mayor speaking at the February 1st FW Chamber Luncheon, the Club’s annual Valentine’s Dinner event, a large wedding on February 25th, and the Ladies Kick-Off Dinner on February 28th.

    We are currently booking events in 2018 so if you have something special coming up let’s get a date on hold!

    Don’t forget! We welcome bookings for weddings, anniversary celebrations, retire- ment parties, high school reunions, memori- al services and many other types of events. I’m happy to help you plan your next special event. Please contact me at ext 110 or [email protected]

    Jeanne Walker, Catering & Events Manager

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Page 3 / The Sandblaster

    From Our Golf Pro / Kris Runge

    March is here and that means it’s time to start posting those scores again, so you can pad those handicaps for this year’s tournaments. Bunch of sandbaggers!!! Another sign the golf season is here. The days are getting longer and daylights savings time begins on March 12th this year, so there will be plenty of day- light after work to squeeze in a quick 9 holes. The sunshine is coming!!!!

    March also means it’s time for the Men’s Ec- lectic tournament. This is a four week event. Each week you need to play one round. Be- fore the round you need to declare your in- tentions to a staff member inside the pro shop that this will be one of your tournament rounds. At the end of your round turn your scorecard into the pro shop. At the end of the four weeks we will use the best score for each hole to calculate your final score. Depending on the number of participants we will pay out gross and net prizes by division. Entry fee for this event is $40.

    Pro Am draw night will be held on March 15th. There will be a 5:30 pm shotgun that night which will be a two man scramble. Sign-up sheet is available in the pro shop. The teams will be decided by a blind draw so sign-up early. Those who participate in the shotgun will be given a higher priority for the draw. We have lots of really good courses available, so come on out and join the fun. We do have a couple of events prior to the draw night so if you would like to play in any of the earlier events let someone inside the pro shop know so we can contact you to check your availabil-

    ity for the dates.

    The “Masters at Twin Lakes” will be held the weekend of April 8th & 9th this year. Start watching the golf events on TV so you can see who is getting their game in shape for Augus- ta. This is a very popular event in which we auction off the tour players that make the cut in the Masters on Friday the 7th. To participate you need to purchase a tour player as your partner. You will then play Saturday and Sun- day at Twin Lakes and we will combine your net score with your tour player’s score from Saturday and Sunday at Augusta for your competition score. You can play your round anytime on Saturday and Sunday as long as you play with another member who is also competing in the competition. We will also be having a par 3 event on Wednesday evening starting at 5:30 pm where we convert all the holes on the front nine into par 3’s. Similar to the par 3 event they have at Augusta to kick off the Masters.

    I’m sure everyone is aware that we are having a big membership drive that has already yield- ed some new members. Let’s introduce our- selves to them and invite them out for a round of golf. Let’s make this a Great year for Twin Lakes. Now, let’s get that sunshine back out from the loooong winter and play some golf.

    Kris Runge, Head Golf Pro

    Like us on Fa-


    Twin lakes

    Golf and

    Country Club

    Please Welcome our New Members this Month!

    Jeff Wetz – Individual Prop.

    Gene Perry – Individual Prop.

    Eugene Manning – Individual Prop.

    David Hirselj – I

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