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The Pink Cloud | Milan – EXPO 2015 | Science & Technology: Food for mind, Energy for the future.

The Pink Cloud | Milan – EXPO 2015 | Science & Technology: Food for mind, Energy for the future

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Text of The Pink Cloud | Milan – EXPO 2015 | Science & Technology: Food for mind, Energy for the future

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  • The Pink Cloud | Milan EXPO 2015 | Science & Technology: Food for mind, Energy for the future.
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  • The Pink Cloud Milan | EXPO 2015 Contents The initiative : Girls in STEM ! 2015 Edition : Themes Goals Overall Program Trainings for Digital Skills Partners & Supporters
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  • The Pink Cloud Milan | EXPO 2015 The Initiative: Girls in STEM ! The scope of the project is to encourage young women to undertake STEM studies and aspire to professional careers in order to create a society based on Equal Opportunities, where men and women will be equally present on the management of public and private organizations and will participate in equal measure to the growth and progress of our country. The Pink Cloud is a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative developed by Microsoft with the support of Public and Private Organization aiming at close the gender gap in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The Pink Cloud 2015, after the success of Florence 2013 and Rome 2014, will be held in Milan, which this year will be at the center of the world thanks to EXPO.
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  • The Pink Cloud Milan | EXPO 2015 2015 Edition - Themes Food and energy are the most important challenges for our planet: two resources poorly distributed in relation to the needs of the world and towards which, society institutions, businesses and citizens - is called to stand up and find a suitable solution. Science and technology (STEM) are food for mind of today's girls, who will be our women of tomorrow. These factors can significantly contribute to a faster growth of our society. Young women, technology and knowledge are in fact unexpressed potentials and theyre not capitalized in the best way possible. WOMEN TECHNOLOGYKNOWLEDGE FEED THE PLANET ENERGY FOR LIFE
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  • The Pink Cloud Milan | EXPO 2015 Goals Sensitize Public Opinion and all key influencers on the urgency to foster innovation and technology as a benefit to Economic Growth Elevate the debate on gender equality in technology and encourage girls to move towards STEM courses as an opportunity for the future Build partnerships and connections with public and private sector in order to create a unique trend of opinion Build a pipeline of women and girls with Digital Skills ready to enter the workforce Offer job opportunities to girls partners
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  • The Pink Cloud Milan | EXPO 2015 Press Conference April 23 rd A main event every month from June to October Digital Platform Overall Program Opening event 3 full days of IT Trainings Side seminars on soft skills Entertainment May 19-20-21
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  • The Pink Cloud Milan | EXPO 2015 International Press Conference Milan, April 23 The press conference will be on the International Day of Girls in STEM Main partnership with Municipality of Milan that will guest us All public partners will be involved, local and international Gold sponsors will be represented Talk show on Digital Skills as a key for youth future Relationship Event
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  • The Pink Cloud Milan | EXPO 2015 May 19May 20May 21May TBD Talks from the worldTrainings Pink Hackathon Morning Technology: food for mind (TED Style event possibly in collaboration with UN Women) International speakers Target: university students Location: TBD Pink Teens Pink Academic International Pink Trainings for specific targets Timing: 9.30 a.m.-5.30 p.m. Pink Energy Trainings and motivational meeting Timing: 9.30 a.m.-4.30 p.m. Closing Ceremony The Pink Hackathon has the aim of producing an App related to EXPO themes (sustainability, resources,food, water, energy) Afternoon Guided tour to EXPO + Special Visit to USA Pavilion American Food 2.0: United to Feed the Planet Evening Happy hour @ USA Pavilion EXPO Entertainment Activity The Pink Cloud | May overview
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  • The Pink Cloud Milan | EXPO 2015 AprilMayJuneJulySeptemberOctober MICROSOFT LED Press Conference Girls in STEM: new energy for the future Speakers: promoters and institutions Target: journalists and influencers Location: TBD Talks from the world Trainings Tour to EXPO Motivational meetings Closing Conference Pink Hackathon Event TBD To be verified the collaboration with La settimana delle donne EXPO Pink Cloud Full STEM 2 days of training in English Women mean business in partnership with Bocconi University Pink Cloud K12 Event Kodu Gaming lab Event TBD In collaboration with public and private partners PARTNER ASUS Girls & Gaming PARTNER XPARTNER Y OTHER The Pink Cloud | Summary
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  • The Pink Cloud Milan | EXPO 2015 We are engaging international public organizations that will support the project: We are collecting international students associations to spread the project and get youth from abroad We will involve private and public universities in Milan area to host activities and trainings In the past years we had the pleasure of sharing our initiatives with prominent figures at national and international level, in the fields of scientific research, technological innovation and culture. Italian institutions will be involved both locally and centrally. Ministry of Equal Opportunities and Ministry of Education will be the key stakeholders International and Italian NGOs will be part of the supporters There is a strong network of influencers who support The Pink Cloud Students Associations Worldwide known ICT companies Prominent figures Influencers International Organizations Italian and Foreign University Public and Private institutions National Institutions Partners Supporters Worldwide known ICT companies and their representatives have been involved as partners since the first edition of The Pink Cloud. Partners & supporters
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  • The Pink Cloud Milan | EXPO 2015 Thanks [email protected] [email protected]