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  • The Official Newsletter of the Barony of Calafia

    May 2017 Anno Societatis 52May 2017 Anno Societatis 52

  • I racconti del Viandante: il cibo del pellegrino


    13 Altavia Anniversary (Altavia)

    25-29 Potrero War


    10-11 Collegium

    24 Gyldenholt Anniversary


    8 Lyondemere Anniversary

    15 Coronation (Gyldenholt)

    16 Queens Champion (Gyldenholt)


    From the Baron & Baroness----------------3

    Newcomers Corner---------------------------4


    Baronial Herald---------------------------------5

    Ask Eilidh-----------------------------------------6


    Guild-ed Lily ------------------------------------8

    Recipe of the Month------------------------10


    Tanwayour Anniversary-----------------12

    Baronial Practices----------------------------13

    Baronial Guilds-------------------------------14

    Baronial Council Minutes------------------17

    Cantons & Colleges--------------------------20

    Baronial Regnum-----------------------------21

    April Calendar---------------------------------22

    Cover: The Iron brigade prepares for the upcoming Potrero War, Under Siege. Photo credits: Duchess Kara the TwinPage 2: Detail from Siege of a city. Painted miniature from a luxury copy of a print of Ogier le Danois, ed. Antoine Vrard, Paris 14961499, held at BibliotecaNazionale, Turin, XV-V-183, fol. diii v. Photo page 5: Comic Con photos from previous demos curtesy of Duchess KaraPhotos page 8-9: Photos curtesy of Master David and mlady LisaAll other photos: curtesy of Dover Pictoral Archive

  • your favorite spots. Parking, porter, and constable are always in need of extra hands. Volunteering can be a great way to get to meet new people and learn new things, so we encourage everyone to try

    out something different this year you may just find out that you

    love it!

    With gratitude and in service to Calafia,

    Guy Rand and Muirrenn


    Greetings, Calafia!Potrero War is nearly upon us! It's hard to

    believe it's almost here already. We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to the diligent and courageous war staff who have been putting in countless hours to prepare for theevent. While running a war is a very rewarding experience, it can also be tiring, confusing, and stressful, so we thank each andevery one of you for tak-ing the timeout of your busy lives to make this piece of SCA magic happen.Master David, Mistress Ellyn, and THL Sabyna - thank you in particular for your leadership in this endeavor.

    We know Potrero has gotten more challenging in the last few years with additional restrictions and increased costs, so we thank everyone for finding ways to overcome the challenges and continue making this awesome event something to remember each and every year. We would like to remind everyone to familiarize yourselves with the site rules prior to heading out for the event to make sure your war goes as smoothly as possible. The rules have been shortened and streamlined this year, so if you have any questions about any of the changes, please feel free to contact the event stewards, seneschal, or the two of us and we will be happy to discuss things with you.

    As our event date gets closer, we find we are still in need of volunteers at all positions throughout the event. Please take a few moments to sign up on ivolunteer for

  • I racconti del Viandante: il cibo del pellegrino

    From the Chatelaines OfficeNewcomers, lend me your ears! If youve got

    questions about the SCA, the Office of the Chatelaine is here to answer them. Inter-ested in a particular skill or art, and not sure where to start? Want to know more about the different kinds of martial arts practiced in the SCA but not sure who to ask? Looking for Information on our various Guild meet-ings? Need loaner garb for an upcoming event? We can help!If you have questions, we have answers. Send an email to, or join us at the Newcomers Pavilion at our next event.


    Looking for a way to learn more about the SCA and the Barony of Calafia? Baronial Household meetings are for everyone, whether youre an SCA

    Newcomer, visitor, or transplant. Thesemeetings are not in garb/costume, and are

    the perfect place to meet othermembers of the Barony.Baronial Household meetings are held

    the first Wednesday of the month from7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the Allied Gardens

    Recreation Center, 5155 GreenbrierAvenue, San Diego CA 92120.

    For more information, please feel free to contact me at

    Yours in service,

    Lady Isolde de Fetherestan

    I dont want a funeral, with people moping about and crying. You all have a big party at Potrero. Yeah, that would be good. Master Robert Carpentarius.

    Mr. Robert Hand (Dec 1936 - Oct 2016) will be remembered at a life celebration to be held Friday evening at sunset at the Rolling Thunder encampment at May War 2017. Please bring your chairs, beverage and a dessert to share. As he was a member of the Order of Courtesy we will be having tokens of yellow ribbons and roses. All are welcome.

    Contact THLady Agatha of Tintagel for more information.

  • Congratulations to all the Heraldry registrations from submissions from last November!

    Brian of Garfield. Name.

    Bruce MacDonald. Name and device. Per pale sable and vert, on a chief argent a wolf courant to sinister sable.

    Eibhlin an Ucaire. Badge. (Fieldless) A sword inverted between and sustained in all feet by two dragons respectant, the dexter sable, the sinister gules.

    Joshua of Calafia. Device. Vert, a wolf rampant Or and a bordure embattled argent.

    Michael de Connacht. Name and device. Argent, a chevron between three escallops inverted sable, a bordure per fess gules and sable.

    Sigarr bassi. Name.

    Wilim Stokesay. Name and device. Or, on a chevron cotised between three ravens sable two plates.Again Congratulations to All!In Service,



    San Diego Comic Convention InternationalThe Iron Brigade is sponsoring a heavy weapons combat demo at San Diego Comic Con International.Dates: July 20th to July 23th, 9am to 7pm every day.

    Place: San Diego Convention Center111 West Harbor DriveSan Diego, CA 92101Directions: Take your favorite freeway to freeway 163. Go south on 163 till it turns into 10th Ave. Turn right onto Market Street. Turn left onto Front Street, then left onto West Harbor Drive, ends at San Diego Convention Center.Contact person: Duchess Kara the Twin

  • September 2015Catherine McClelland[She gave permission to share the story]

    So I pull into the parking lot at Midland Vale fight practice, and a little girl and her brother are watching the bouts from the sidelines.

    I get out of the car, still in a skirt and high heels. The girl heaves a heavy sigh and looks over at me and says, "I wish I could fight, but I can't, because I'm a girl."

    I say, "Why can't girls fight? I'm going to go fight right now."

    She gives me a patronizing look.

    "Girls can't fight because they're weaklings," her brother pipes up.

    So I start putting on my armor, and their eyes go wide. Greaves, cuisses, brigandine, spaulders, gorget, and they're both drinking it all in until the brother finally can't help but ask, "Are you REALLY going to fight with the men?"

    I said I was, and the girl suddenly blurts out, "Girls can do ANYTHING."


  • And she tells me that her name is Pura and she's 9 years old but she's a princess and not a REGULAR princess, but the Princess of Fight! She loves to fight and she's not afraid to stand up for herself. She's writing a book that's 101 pages long, and it's about a princess who slays a dragon with a golden sword. She's going to fight just like that princess, and kill all kinds of monsters, and save people at the last minute.

    "And," she says, almost out of breath from her speech, "I'm so glad I met you, because you prove that girls can do anything." By this time, I'm armored head to toe and have my helm on and sword in hand, and her brother doesn't say a word in protest. I can see on his face that he really wants to ask for one of my practice swords, but I hand it to Pura first and tell her the rules (Don't swing it at your brother, or your bike, or my car.)

    I'm just about to head in for my first bout, so she offers me my sword back. "Maybe next time you visit, I could help you with your armor. Or you could teach me."

    She looks around and then leans in to whisper:

    "If you ever have to fight to the death, you count me in."

    Welcome to the East, little one. You'll do just fine.

    [James Edgarson] You're a hero. See here's the thing, you never know, (and I can honestly and truly say this from firsthand experience), you just never know what events you are putting into motion. You just changed her life.


  • The mind is not a vessel to be filled,but a fire to be kindled.

    -- Plutarch

    Do you remember that moment in the SCAwhen you found your passion? Whether it was the first

    time you picked up a sword or wrote your first poem or wove your first cord everyone has that moment. Now is your chance to share that passion with the next generation of the SCA and provide the spark for their flame.

    The SCAs Youth and Family Achievement program (YAFA) is looking for mentors!

    The mission for the YAFA program is to encourage active participation by families with chil-dren and teens in the study of a variety of medieval subjects and activities, sharing their experiences and accomplishments with ot