The Newsletter of the Barony of the Rhydderich ture, but the Barony’s 40th Birthday. They asked all

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Text of The Newsletter of the Barony of the Rhydderich ture, but the Barony’s 40th Birthday. They...

  • The Newsletter of the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael January—February 2019 Issue

  • The Ice Dragon


    In This Issue!

    Who are we?

    The Society for Creative

    Anachronism (SCA) is an

    international non-profit vol-

    unteer educational organiza-

    tion. The SCA is devoted to

    the research and re-creation

    of pre-seventeenth century

    skills, arts, combat, culture,

    and employing knowledge of

    history to enrich the lives of participants through

    events, demonstrations, and other educational presen-

    tations and activities. The SCA's "Known World"

    consists of 20 kingdoms and over 30,000 members

    around the globe.

    In the SCA, a Kingdom is a

    large regional chapter of the

    parent organization, SCA,

    Inc. Each Kingdom is ruled

    by a King and Queen. There

    are 20 SCA Kingdoms world-

    wide. The Kingdom of AE-

    thelmearc was founded in 1997. AEthelmearc encom-

    passes all of West Virginia, most of Pennsylvania,

    and Central and Western New York.

    The Barony of the

    Rhydderich Hael is the local

    group of the SCA in the

    Kingdom of AEthelmearc

    and covers the areas in and

    around Buffalo, NY. We look

    forward to meeting you!

    The Canton of Beau Fleuve is

    located within the borders of

    The Barony of the

    Rhydderich Hael and is locat-

    ed in the Niagara Falls and

    surrounding regions.

    * Cover Photo—Lady Thalia Papillon is ready

    for winter!

    3 The Baron and Baroness

    3 From the Chronicler


    Court Reports - Baronial Investiture/40th An-

    niversary (Photos by Lord Mikus)


    SCA Largess Ideas - Baroness Juliana Rosalia

    Dolce di Siena, OP (Photos and pictured

    work by Lady Thalia Papillon)

    7 Practices and meetings


    Officer & Contact information UPDATED

    February 2019!

    10 Meeting minutes

    13 Meeting minutes

    17 Important Links!

  • The Ice Dragon


    The Baron and Baroness

    Greetings to the Barony! Words cannot express how won- derful it was to see so many faces old and new who came to Investiture. Getting to see all of your faces from the thrones is an honor and privilege and we hope to serve you well. Thank you again to all of the staff for all of your hard work to pull off a successful, fun-filled event. And thank you to Their Excellencies Magnus and Miriel for all of your hard work. We hope that you enjoy your retirement. We are also heartened to have seen so many join us for the future Ice Dragon planning meeting held by Lord Rhys. The festival is an important part of the work we do for the Barony and the Kingdom at large. We look forward to the process of making the best of this event for years to come, and the participation of all who lend a hand. Padraig and Juliana

    From the Chronicler

    Hello Haelies! Welcome to another issue of “The Ice Dragon”! This issue is packed with a large backlog of Baronial meeting minutes, court reports, and updated information on Baronial officers. If you are a Ba- ronial officer or run a practice/meeting, please check your information and see if it is correct. Send any corrections to me and I will make changes in the next issue. I am still seeking a second deputy to learn the job, and my goal is to have that person take over for me when my term ends early next year. If you are interested in learning more about this position, please contact me and we can discuss the requirements and skills that are needed. I am willing to train interested people in the SCA policy side of the job as well in the publication process. The only hard requirement is you will need a computer, access to the internet, and a software program that can handle desktop publishing. Finally, a bit of fun news. Recently the results of the Master William Blackfox Awards for A.S. 52 were announced. The William Blackfox awards recognize excellence in the work of Chroniclers and newsletter contrib- utors in the Society. I am proud to announce the Ice Dragon was named the winner of “Best Special Issue” for The Ice Dragon-Baronial Elec- tion Edition (2018). The Ice Dragon was also nominated for (but did not win) “Best Layout and Design”. I am certainly honored to win this category for a second time, but when it comes to making a special edi- tion newsletter it is the contributors not the Chronicler who make this newsletter possible. We all share in this honor. Thank you! Magnus

    Events “at a glance”

    Seven Deadly Sins/Investiture Barony of Delftwood, February 9

    Three Ravens

    Barony of Thescorre, February 23

    Kingdom Arts & Science (Ealdormere) Barony of Rising Waters, March 16

    Spring Coronation in Kings Crossing

    BMDL, April 5-7

  • The Ice Dragon


    Court Reports

    Baronial Investiture/40th

    Anniversary, Rhydderich

    Hael - Magnus and Miriel.

    An account of the final court of

    Magnus and Miriel, Baron and

    Baroness of the Barony of the

    Rhydderich Hael in the Kingdom

    of AEthelmearc, held at the Baro-

    nial Investiture/40th Anniversary , the 1st day of December

    in the 53rd year of the Society (2018 in the Common

    year) in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael. Reported by

    THLady Zofia Kowalewska, Ice Dragon Pursuivant.

    Their Excellencies welcomed all to share in the day and

    thanked them for joining them in their final court.

    Some old business needed to be attended . Although not pre-

    sent, it was their Excellencies’ wish to induct THLady

    Brigette de Sainte Mere-Église into the Order of the

    Golden Bee in absentia to recognize her for her talent on the

    hammered dulcimer, her scribal works and her bardic

    works. Scroll by Baroness Rosamund von Glinde and

    THLord Padraig O’Brandubh.

    THL Cynwulf Rendell and THL Eleanore Godwin asked

    for a brief moment of their Excellencies’ time. Gifted to

    their Excellencies was a little “retirement land and home”.

    They also asked to induct new Hounds into the pack. Gaston,

    Josephine, Astride and Dark Oak were welcomed and

    asked to wear the Hound’s badge.

    Baron Magnus asked THL Cynwulf Rendell and THL

    Eleanore Godwin to remain. Because of these two, our Ar-

    chery community is now 39 strong and growing. Baron Mag-

    nus gathered the broken arrows of the Hael Hounds and turn

    then into favors and presented the Hael Hounds the favors.

    Their Excellencies next wished

    to thank a few individuals. In

    the Words of Baron Magnus

    “The story originates with our

    good friend THL Wolfgang

    Starcke. At one of our many

    events, when the time came to

    set up the Baronial thrones we

    discovered that some of the

    wooden pegs had gone missing.

    Wolfgang made his way into the

    woods and collected sticks that

    he broke into pieces and used as pegs so the thrones could be

    assembled. To me this simple act of service exemplified what

    service means in the Society. How small acts of service sup-

    port everything that we do and stand for. As I prepared to

    step down I discovered that several of these small sticks re-

    mained in the thrones bags. It was then I decided that these

    should be made into relics to honor Wolfgang and the service

    he gave.”

    Those honored by Her Excellency Miriel:

     Lord Joe the Silent, Mistress Geirny Thoryrimsdot-

    tir, THL Zofia Kowalewska.

    Those honored by His Excellency Magnus:

     The Dow Family (Lord Chebe, Lady Natsu, & Lady

    Kaido), Lady Thalia Papillon, Baron Rhiannon


    Lord Fearghus mac Eoin was then asked to come forward

    and ask to hold the Champions ready for the Incoming Excel-


    Minamoto Roku-i Sakurako and Lady Natsu

    (represented by Lord Chebe) were called for th to receive

    their severance pay for all the work done. Each were

    thanked and presented with a 5lb bag of rice which should

    help sustain their families for some time. Those who served

    (Continued on page 5)

  • The Ice Dragon


    their Excellencies were released.

    Being no further business, the final court of Magus and

    Miriel was closed.

    Baronial Investiture/40th Anniversary,

    Rhydderich Hael - Padraig and Juliana.

    An account of the court of Padraig and Juliana, Baron and

    Baroness of the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael in the King-

    dom of AEthelmearc, held at the Baronial Investiture/40th

    Anniversary , the 1st day of December in the 53rd year of

    the Society (2018 in the Common year) in the Barony of the

    Rhydderich Hael. Reported by THLady Zofia Kowalewska,

    Ice Dragon Pursuivant with the assistance of Noble Rhys

    Penbras ap Dafydd

    Morning Court:

    Their Excellencies wished to see Lord Chebe and Lady

    Simonetta and THLord Cynwulf Rendell and installed

    them as Captain of the Guards (Sheriff) and Head Retain-

    er and the Hounds as guards.

    Then, the Senechal, Exchequer, Knight Marshall and