The Lord’ s Prayer How does it fit into our lives?

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  • The Lord s PrayerHow does it fit into our lives?

  • Why is it called the Lords Prayer?-Jesus gave to us -it is also called the Our Father, after the opening words.

  • What is the Lords Prayer importance?-Its a summary of all that we need to live the Christian life.-It is also taught that is a summary of the entire Gospel.

  • What the Lords Prayer shouldnt be-It should not be repeated mechanically, because it asks God for all you really need.

  • The Structure of the Lords Prayer-The Lords Prayer begins with an address: Our Father who art in heaven.-Then 7 petitions follow-These petitions teach us what we really need to live holy, happy, moral lives.

  • The Address -The address helps us to place ourselves in the presence of God and in the proper frame of mind.

  • First 3 Petitions-are theological, which means they are oriented toward God, to help draw us closer to God and his glory.

  • Last 4 Petitions-oriented to human need-They teach us to ask for what we truly need, not just for ourselves but for the whole human family.-By studying each of these elements of the Lords Prayer, we can learn a lot about ourselves and about God.

  • Our-Has several meanings in the Lords prayer.-It is a profession of the Trinity.-It acknowledges that we pray with the whole Church-We are apart of a community

  • Father-Father is more than earthly image we might have.-Jesus helps us understand God.-Jesus is God.

  • Who Art in Heaven-Heaven has to do with being in Gods love.-These words are an expression of our desire to be in union with God.-We have a desire for God to dwell in our hearts and help us to love as he loves.-This also refers to our eternal destiny.

  • Hallowed Be Thy Name-This first petition reminds us of the power of Gods name and of our responsibility to treat it with care.-We need to recognize Gods name as holy and to treat God in a holy way.-When you pray hallowed be thy name, reflect on how your life is holy.

  • Thy Kingdom Come-The petition thy kingdom come primarily refers to this final coming of the Reign if God through Christs return.-For us we are saying that we are committing ourselves to Jesus mission here on earth.

  • Thy Will Be Done on Earth as It Is in Heaven-Gods will is that we love everyone, even our enemies, with a love that includes serving, forgiving, and sometimes suffering, without receiving love in return.

  • Give Us This Day-This petition emphasizes our radical dependence on God.-Every day we must acknowledge our need for Gods bounty.-Material things can get in the way of recognizing our daily dependence on God.

  • Our Daily Bread-This petition is not just asking for bread but also for all the essential things we need to sustain our lives.-We need to share our gifts and talents to help each other.-This petition also ask us to share and call for spiritual nourishment as well

  • And Forgive Us Our Trespasses-We confess our sins and our need for Gods mercy.

  • As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us-Forgive all those who hurt you.-Only when we forgive others and confess our own sins are our hearts softened and opened to Gods grace.

  • Lead Us Not Into Temptation-In this petition we ask God not to allow us to take the road that leads to sin.-With the Holy Spirits help we can avoid temptation

  • But Deliver Us From Evil-strengthen Us(church) from the pull of evil until the second coming of Christ.


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