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The Local Weekly March 26, 2015


<ul><li><p>Sunshine Coast, British Columbia Thursday, March 26, 2015</p><p>Girls Night Out Page 10</p><p>freeWeeklyCommunity neWspaper</p><p>This Week:MeMber of</p><p>Rental Scam RebuffedPage 3Gibsons OCP Controversy Page 4 &amp; 6hand Gun stolen Pages 7Weston Writes Back Page 15</p><p>Sear</p><p>s_ 0</p><p>3262</p><p>015_</p><p>6X2.</p><p>5_PR</p><p>OO</p><p>F</p><p>Sechelt 5501 Inlet Ave. 604-885-5141 Open: Mon -Fri 9:30am-5:30pmSat 9:30am-5 pm Sun 11am-4pmCatalogue desk is closed on SundayYour Hometown Store in Sechelt</p><p>save $1850 TOTaL**** 279997$7778/mo FOR 36 MOnTHS</p><p>BESTSeLLeRSE L I T E</p><p>KenMORe SIMpLe CARe STAInLeSS STeeL </p><p>KITCHen pACKAGeWhen you buy all 3 of these Kenmore </p><p>Simple Care Kitchen appliances. Consists of fridge #72408, range #65333 </p><p>and dishwasher #15273. Sep. reg. cost 4649.97</p><p>WEBCODE:W-2265333</p><p>36 WIDE</p><p>WEBCODE:W-4672408</p><p>Simple Care is a stainless steel surface that is coated to minimize fingerprints and smudges! Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth and fingerprints and smudges will be removed.</p><p>WEBCODE:W-2215273</p><p>SAVe $350 219999</p><p> ReG 2549.99</p><p>$6112/mo FOR 36 MOnTHS</p><p>Yard tractorBriggs &amp; Stratton Platinum V-twin engine. Hydrostatic automatic transmission. Electric blade engagement.</p><p>*** Includes an additional $200 savings when you purchase all 3 items.</p><p>22HP46 </p><p>DECK6 </p><p>RADIUSTURN RIGHT</p><p>March 27 TO apriL 1sTsee store for details</p><p>Dream home sold</p><p>the sale of the mansion above langdale for $6.6 million is believed to be a record for a single family home on the sunshine Coast. this single family home has 12 bedrooms and just about everything you can imagine. see page 5. amanda oster photoSe</p><p>awee</p><p>ds _</p><p>0212</p><p>2015</p><p>_1X2</p><p>.5 </p><p>PRO</p><p>OF</p><p>All orgAnic &amp; locAl produce,Bulk, grocery, MeAt &amp; dAiry, </p><p>VitAMins &amp; HerBs</p><p>689 GibsOns Way </p><p> Find us on best Organic Market</p><p>nOW OPen 7 days a Week 604-886-1522</p><p>Free sAMe dAy grocery deliVerywHen you sHop online</p><p>www.seAweedsHeAltHFood.coM</p><p>BUSINESSM</p><p>AG _09252014_1X3</p><p>.5PR</p><p>OO</p><p>FGuaranteed dIStrIButIOn</p><p>delivered to all residences by Canada Post, on the BC Ferries </p><p>&amp; in all businesses.</p><p>are you getting the best results for your advertising dollars?</p><p>Take the guesswork out of it and switch to the Local. </p><p>We guarantee our distribution! </p><p>13,100 copies every Thursday rain or shine.</p></li><li><p>2 The Local - Thursday, March 26, 2015</p><p>Studio</p><p>Retoucher</p><p>Proofreader</p><p>Print Mgr.</p><p>Art Director</p><p>Copywriter</p><p>Creative Dir.</p><p>Acct. Mgmt.</p><p>Client</p><p>BY DATEAPPROVALS</p><p>CHRYSLER CANADAMARCH 2015 DAA ROC RETAIL NEWSPDAC_15_1034NONE100%1 = 110 X 15NONE</p><p>3-12-2015 3:37 PMPREPRESS</p><p> LASER%Typesetting: Optic Nerve</p><p>This advertisement prepared by PUBLICIS</p><p>Art Director:Copywriter:Print Mgr:</p><p>Client Serv:Colour:Fonts:</p><p>H. DEFREITAS/S. TURNBULL/N. TOCITUNONEC. RUDY/A. KEELERT. HURST/A. MCEACHERN4CSENTICOSANSDT, HELVETICA NEUE, ITC ZAPF DINGBATS, FRUTIGER LT STD, SENTICOSANSDTCONDENSED, BLOCKHEAD</p><p>100%</p><p>Client:Project:Docket:</p><p>Client Code:Built At:Scale:V.O.:</p><p>Safety:</p><p>Date:Artist:</p><p>Output At:</p><p>Trim:Bleed:</p><p>100%</p><p>10 X 15NONE</p><p> CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, BLACK</p><p>Drive Love ititDrive Love ititSALES EVENT</p><p>Wis</p><p>e cu</p><p>stom</p><p>ers </p><p>read</p><p> the </p><p>fine </p><p>prin</p><p>t: *,</p><p> , </p><p>, T</p><p>he D</p><p>rive </p><p>It Lo</p><p>ve It</p><p> Sal</p><p>es E</p><p>vent</p><p> offe</p><p>rs a</p><p>re li</p><p>mite</p><p>d tim</p><p>e of</p><p>fers</p><p> whi</p><p>ch a</p><p>pply </p><p>to re</p><p>tail </p><p>deliv</p><p>erie</p><p>s of</p><p> sel</p><p>ecte</p><p>d ne</p><p>w a</p><p>nd u</p><p>nuse</p><p>d m</p><p>odel</p><p>s pu</p><p>rcha</p><p>sed </p><p>from</p><p> par</p><p>ticip</p><p>atin</p><p>g de</p><p>aler</p><p>s on</p><p> or a</p><p>fter M</p><p>arch</p><p> 3, 2</p><p>015.</p><p> Offe</p><p>rs s</p><p>ubje</p><p>ct to</p><p> cha</p><p>nge </p><p>and </p><p>may</p><p> be </p><p>exte</p><p>nded</p><p> with</p><p>out n</p><p>otic</p><p>e. A</p><p>ll pr</p><p>icin</p><p>g in</p><p>clud</p><p>es fr</p><p>eigh</p><p>t ($1</p><p>,695</p><p>) and</p><p> exc</p><p>lude</p><p>s </p><p>licen</p><p>ce, i</p><p>nsur</p><p>ance</p><p>, reg</p><p>istra</p><p>tion,</p><p> any</p><p> dea</p><p>ler a</p><p>dmin</p><p>istra</p><p>tion </p><p>fees</p><p>, oth</p><p>er d</p><p>eale</p><p>r cha</p><p>rges</p><p> and</p><p> oth</p><p>er a</p><p>pplic</p><p>able</p><p> fees</p><p> and</p><p> taxe</p><p>s. D</p><p>eale</p><p>r ord</p><p>er/tr</p><p>ade </p><p>may</p><p> be </p><p>nece</p><p>ssar</p><p>y. D</p><p>eale</p><p>r may</p><p> sel</p><p>l for</p><p> less</p><p>. *Co</p><p>nsum</p><p>er C</p><p>ash </p><p>Disc</p><p>ount</p><p>s ar</p><p>e of</p><p>fere</p><p>d on</p><p> sel</p><p>ect n</p><p>ew 2</p><p>015 </p><p>vehi</p><p>cles</p><p> and</p><p> are</p><p> ded</p><p>ucte</p><p>d fro</p><p>m th</p><p>e ne</p><p>gotia</p><p>ted </p><p>pric</p><p>e be</p><p>fore</p><p> taxe</p><p>s. 3</p><p>.49%</p><p> pur</p><p>chas</p><p>e fin</p><p>anci</p><p>ng fo</p><p>r up </p><p>to 9</p><p>6 </p><p>mon</p><p>ths </p><p>avai</p><p>labl</p><p>e on</p><p> the </p><p>new</p><p> 201</p><p>5 Je</p><p>ep C</p><p>hero</p><p>kee </p><p>FWD</p><p>/201</p><p>5 Je</p><p>ep G</p><p>rand</p><p> Che</p><p>roke</p><p>e La</p><p>redo</p><p> thro</p><p>ugh </p><p>RBC,</p><p> Sco</p><p>tiaba</p><p>nk a</p><p>nd T</p><p>D Au</p><p>to F</p><p>inan</p><p>ce. E</p><p>xam</p><p>ples</p><p>: 201</p><p>5 Je</p><p>ep C</p><p>hero</p><p>kee </p><p>Spor</p><p>t FW</p><p>D/2</p><p>015 </p><p>Jeep</p><p> Gra</p><p>nd C</p><p>hero</p><p>kee </p><p>Lare</p><p>do w</p><p>ith a</p><p> Pur</p><p>chas</p><p>e Pr</p><p>ice </p><p>of $</p><p>24,9</p><p>98/$</p><p>39,9</p><p>98 fi</p><p>nanc</p><p>ed a</p><p>t 3.4</p><p>9% o</p><p>ver 9</p><p>6 m</p><p>onth</p><p>s w</p><p>ith $</p><p>0 do</p><p>wn </p><p>paym</p><p>ent e</p><p>qual</p><p>s 41</p><p>6 w</p><p>eekl</p><p>y pa</p><p>ymen</p><p>ts o</p><p>f </p><p>$69/</p><p>$110</p><p> with</p><p> a c</p><p>ost o</p><p>f bor</p><p>row</p><p>ing </p><p>of $</p><p>3,66</p><p>0/$5</p><p>,857</p><p> and</p><p> a to</p><p>tal o</p><p>blig</p><p>atio</p><p>n of</p><p> $28</p><p>,658</p><p>/$45</p><p>,855</p><p>. St</p><p>artin</p><p>g fro</p><p>m p</p><p>rices</p><p> for v</p><p>ehic</p><p>les </p><p>show</p><p>n in</p><p>clud</p><p>e Co</p><p>nsum</p><p>er C</p><p>ash </p><p>Disc</p><p>ount</p><p>s an</p><p>d do</p><p> not</p><p> incl</p><p>ude </p><p>upgr</p><p>ades</p><p> (e.g</p><p>. pai</p><p>nt). </p><p>Upgr</p><p>ades</p><p> ava</p><p>ilabl</p><p>e fo</p><p>r add</p><p>ition</p><p>al c</p><p>ost. S</p><p>ub-p</p><p>rime </p><p>finan</p><p>cing</p><p> ava</p><p>ilabl</p><p>e on</p><p> app</p><p>rove</p><p>d cr</p><p>edit.</p><p> Fin</p><p>anci</p><p>ng e</p><p>xam</p><p>ple:</p><p> 201</p><p>5 Je</p><p>ep C</p><p>hero</p><p>kee </p><p>Spor</p><p>t </p><p>with</p><p> a P</p><p>urch</p><p>ase </p><p>Pric</p><p>e of</p><p> $24</p><p>,998</p><p> fina</p><p>nced</p><p> at 4</p><p>.99%</p><p> ove</p><p>r 60 </p><p>mon</p><p>ths,</p><p> equ</p><p>als </p><p>260 </p><p>wee</p><p>kly </p><p>paym</p><p>ents</p><p> of $</p><p>109 </p><p>for a</p><p> tota</p><p>l obl</p><p>igat</p><p>ion </p><p>of $</p><p>28,2</p><p>57. S</p><p>ome </p><p>cond</p><p>ition</p><p>s ap</p><p>ply.</p><p> Dow</p><p>n pa</p><p>ymen</p><p>t is </p><p>requ</p><p>ired.</p><p> See</p><p> you</p><p>r dea</p><p>ler f</p><p>or c</p><p>ompl</p><p>ete </p><p>deta</p><p>ils. </p><p>Base</p><p>d on</p><p> IHS </p><p>Auto</p><p>mot</p><p>ive: P</p><p>olk </p><p>Cana</p><p>dian</p><p> New</p><p> Veh</p><p>icle</p><p> Reg</p><p>istra</p><p>tion </p><p>data</p><p> for 2</p><p>014 </p><p>Cale</p><p>ndar</p><p> Yea</p><p>r for</p><p> all </p><p>Reta</p><p>il ve</p><p>hicl</p><p>es </p><p>sold</p><p> in th</p><p>e pr</p><p>ovin</p><p>ce o</p><p>f Brit</p><p>ish </p><p>Colu</p><p>mbi</p><p>a. B</p><p>ased</p><p> on </p><p>2014</p><p> War</p><p>ds </p><p>Smal</p><p>l Spo</p><p>rt Ut</p><p>ility </p><p>segm</p><p>enta</p><p>tion.</p><p> Je</p><p>ep G</p><p>rand</p><p> Che</p><p>roke</p><p>e ha</p><p>s re</p><p>ceiv</p><p>ed m</p><p>ore </p><p>awar</p><p>ds o</p><p>ver i</p><p>ts li</p><p>fetim</p><p>e th</p><p>an a</p><p>ny o</p><p>ther</p><p> SUV</p><p>. TMTh</p><p>e Si</p><p>riusX</p><p>M lo</p><p>go is</p><p> a re</p><p>gist</p><p>ered</p><p> trad</p><p>emar</p><p>k of</p><p> Siri</p><p>usXM</p><p> Sat</p><p>ellit</p><p>e Ra</p><p>dio </p><p>Inc.</p><p> Je</p><p>ep is</p><p> a re</p><p>gist</p><p>ered</p><p> trad</p><p>emar</p><p>k of</p><p> FCA</p><p> US </p><p>LLC </p><p>used</p><p> und</p><p>er li</p><p>cenc</p><p>e by</p><p> Chr</p><p>ysle</p><p>r Can</p><p>ada </p><p>Inc.</p><p>PRODUCTION NOTES</p><p>IMAGES ARE HIGH RES.</p><p>DECK R2</p><p>REVs</p><p>0 1PDF</p><p>AD NUMBER:</p><p>DBC_151034_EB_JEEP_DILI</p><p>DRIVE IT LOVE IT</p><p>REGION: PACIFIC</p><p>Title:</p><p>DUE DATE: MAR 18 LOW The Local Weekly</p><p></p><p>REBUILDING YOUR CREDIT? 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The ad writer claimed he would be out of the country on business for an extended period and gave a local ad-dress as his house for rent. The resident exchanged sev-eral emails with the land-lord and was asked to send a deposit prior to receiving the house keys by courier. It turns out that the scammer used photos and an address </p><p>Police ReportRoyal CanadianMounted Police</p><p>from an actual house for sale on the Multiple Listing Ser-vice to create the rental ad. The prospective renter dili-gently attended the house be-fore sending any money, and was told by the home owner that the house was in fact not for rent. To learn more about this, and other common con-sumer scams, visit the Better Business Bureau at External link, opens in a new or the Ca-nadian Anti-Fraud Centre at External link, opens in a new On March 23, a coast resident reported receiving a call from a male purport-ing to be a Canada Revenue Agency employee. The caller </p><p>told the resident that she had committed tax fraud and unless she gave him her per-sonal information and paid an amount owing, she would be arrested immediately. For-tunately, the resident recog-nized this as a common type of fraud and ended the call without providing any infor-mation.Between March 14 and </p><p>16, a thief stole a five foot tall statue of Jesus from a garden in the 800 block of Gower Point Road, Gibsons. Anyone with any information about this theft is asked to contact RCMP, reference file 15-1610.</p><p>Rave</p><p>nsC</p><p>ry_0</p><p>3262</p><p>015_</p><p>3X3.5_PROOF</p><p>no</p><p>w p</p><p>lay</p><p>ing</p><p>Ravens CRy TheaTReSechelt 604-885-4597 </p><p>NOW WITH AMAZING 7.1 SOUND!</p><p>THE SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTELFri-Thurs (Mar 27-Apr 2) 7:30pm</p><p>Plus Sat/Tues/Wed/Thurs (Mar 28/30/Apr 1 &amp; 2) 2pm</p><p>A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE(London Theatre via HD Satellite)</p><p>Sun (Mar 29) 2pm Arthur Millers tragic masterpiece</p><p>G123min</p></li><li><p>4 The Local - Thursday, March 26, 2015Editorial Opinion</p><p>Letters to the Editor Opinions</p><p>Volume 13Issue 13</p><p>Editorial offensive(Re editorial Democracy </p><p>isnt always pretty, the Local, March 19)When a newspaper pro-vides an editorial on a con-tentious public issue, I would expect to read an insightful and respectful account of an exchange on both sides. Instead, your commentary about last weeks council vote on amendments to the OCP and resulting public feedback adopted a sniping, sarcastic and patronizing tone that is wholly unnecessary, not to mention offensive.Since I was unable to stay for the duration of last weeks council meeting, I was not present to hear the com-ments that you so thoroughly condemned. Yes, Democracy isnt always pretty, as your editorial headline stated. Yet, you proceeded to condemn the very aspects of democ-racy (free speech, rights to express an opinion, etc) that separate a community and country from a dictatorship or fascism. You even threw in a thoughtless and indelicate comparison to Nazi Germany.Free speech, often ex-ercised by those who feel strongly about a subject and might indeed, have facts wrong, is a foundational part of a true democracy. Yet, your editorial seems to question the validity of even allowing citizens in public to voice dis-sent. I agree that almost any-one, including the writer of your editorial, could express themselves with greater consideration and thought-fulness than they do in most situations. Such is the nature of human interaction. People are people.The issue is not whether opinions expressed represent a handful of people, a whole community, or just one per-son. It is the inherent right for any citizen to voice them, in whatever flawed form they appear, that makes the ulti-mate difference. Lets have healthy, respectful debate and honour the right of oth-ers to disagree. We could all benefit by reading Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.Heather Conn, Roberts Creek</p><p>Hard questions askedAs someone who attended the March 10 public hearing re Gibsons OCP, I disagree with the slant of your recent editorial. The writer com-plains that the subject of the George Hotel oddly over-shadowed the hearing. This proposal is hardly unrelated to the proposed OCP changes that take out wording that would specify height and protect views. There is noth-ing odd, therefore, in the subject overshadowing the event!As to Mayor and council having to sit more or less silently while people said their piece, they didnt have to leave questions unan-sweredit is customary for staff to answer questions in such a situation but staff, too, were silent. Very few speak-ers were scolding or made allegations, though hard questions were asked. More than just a few were civil and to the point.The issue was not just about individuals views of the harbour--it was about the threat that the general pub-lics (including tourists and other visitors) views could be obstructed by tall build-ings housing wealthy condo owners, many of whom might be here only seasonally. The Sechelt waterfront has al-ready been walled off. In White Rock a large building was allowed on the water-front--despite public protest and council forbidding it--due to vague wording in that mu-nicipalitys OCP. Thats why were asking that the two sen-tences removed by staff, that would have protected our waterfront from over-height buildings, be restored, and that a note that would have allowed exceptions (thus ren-dering any height limitations meaningless) be removed. If councilors and staff were be-ing accused of dropping key passages its because they did!Anne Miles, Gibsons</p><p>Tipping point politicsBC Ferries Commissioner Gordon Macatee announced on March 18 that BC Ferry fares will increase 1.9% per </p><p>year, each April from 2016 to 2020. While this represents some future relief from the 4% increases of the last four years, it is of limited solace.In the fall of 2011 Commis-sioner Macatee conducted public consultations on BC Ferries in communities up and down BCs coasts. In Jan-uary 2012 he reported that ferry fares had reached the tipping point and were im-posing hardships on coastal communities and passengers and were causing a decline in ridership.The provincial government responded by directing ad-ditional fare increases each April 1 of 4% in 2012, 4.1% in 2013, 4.05% in 2014 and on April Fools Day 2015 we get an additional 3.9%: a compounded fare increase of 17%, after we passed the tip-ping point!Transportation Minister Todd Stones response to Gordon Macatees March 18 announcement was to say Fares cannot continue to increase as they have. Were not just approaching a tip-ping point, were at the tip-ping point.The timing of Macatees and Stones tipping point as-sertions cannot both be cor-rect, separated by three years and 17% higher fares since Macatees original 2012 tip-ping point observation.Minister Stone recently announced the BC On The Move plan is to spend some $2.5 billion on transportation infrastructure over the next three years, $1.8 billion, or 72% of which is for roads.In 2008, then radio talk show host Christy Clark, criticized then Transporta-tion Minister Kevin Falcon saying: Our transportation minister seems to have an insatiable appetite for fund-ing highways if they require blacktop, he seems perfectly at peace providing free fer-ries on inland lakes in BC, but he doesnt seem to have the same affection for our mari-time highway on the coast.It seems some things never change.Jef Keighley, Halfmoon Bay BC Ferry Coalition</p><p>A valuable medicinal plant</p><p>(Re cannabis caf, the Local, March 19I admire Weeds owner Robin Kehlers perseverance in trying to get a business li-cense. He is correct in saying that theres misconception and a lot of naivete about what this plant [cannabis] of-fers.I personally have no desire to get stoned - although any-one wishing to do so should have that right. Its legal to smoke tobacco and yet we all know the plant is a killer. The marijuana plant, on the other hand, has many health benefits. The fresh leaves c...</p></li></ul>