The Lightning Legacy: Chapter Eight

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    Chapter Eight
    For Good

2. Welcome back, dear readers! This be chapter eight of the Lightning Legacy. After this, were following the B-kids to college. This will be a better pre-college chapter than last generation. *winces* And yeah, I put this chapter up on boolprop at one in the morning. It was a much better alternative than trying to sleep with a cold. So lets see what the Lightnings are up to.
3. If I dont look, its not happening, if I dont look its not happening, if I dont---
Oh, Chandler!
Oh, Annabeth!
Kids, get a room!
It is rather disturbing, isnt it? Caleb remarked.
Oh, please, like you two neverooh, Chandler!
We never showed such public displays of affection.
4. Liars.
Hey, this is from when we were just married. You werent even born yet!
Although I do believe you were pregnant with her at the time.
Shut up, youre not helping.
5. The elders eventually ended up just leaving the room, but heres some Chandler/Annabeth spam just because I love them so much. Lets go see what Bellatrix is up to.
6. It would appear that Bellatrix is repairing the shower that Buzz broke with her. Zero mechanical points. Yeah. I ran out of things for A-gen to do in college, so Im trying not to have the B-kids have of their skills maxed before they get there. Anyways, hows it going,Bella?
I dont know what Buzz did to this thing. And dont call me Bella! *clang clang*
Im no expert at fixing things, but Im pretty sure banging the screwdriver on the spout wont uh
7. Meep! Im leaving.
And this is where Bellatrixs one nice point shines through.
8. Oh, I get it now!
Frankly, Belle, I dont know why youre asking me for help on your homework. I was never good in school.
Granddaddy said the same thing. Aww, I got that problem wrong.
How funny.
9. Her daughters words brought Annabeth back to a time many years ago, when she was about Belles age. It was after shed received her third D. Desperate, shed given up her vow to keep her grade a secret and ran to her dad. Hed comforted her and helped her with struggle through the school work until she was able to do it on her own.
Thinking about that moment when she was in her fathers arms, she remembered how the robbery last week had really shaken Belle up. Her grandpa had been the one there to comfort her and let her know that everything was alright. Annabeth smiled. Her father was a special man, and a family sim through and through.
10. Grandpa look, Grandpa look! Im the top of my class!
Caleb cheered and whooped along with his granddaughter. Good for you! Youre doing better than I ever did in school.
11. Aaah! No! Death, go away!
Liberty, dont go into the light! Stay away! Stay away from the light!
Im not a fly, Anna. Ill see you on the flipside!
Aaah!! My poor founder!!!
12. Liberty was a great founder, even if she did complain a lot in the beginning. A Knowledge sim who achieved two lifetime wants. She was a good wife, mother and grandmother. She picked a great guy to marry and I will always love her for putting red hair into the genetic tangle so early on, plus her lightning blue CC eyes.
Liberty Lightning, you will indeed be missed.
13. My wife died!!
Aww, poor Caleb. Im sorry! I told her not to go into the light! But she didnt listen!
Now I want to die.
Hey, hey, no suicidal thoughts. Your time will come soon enough.
I have nothing to live for!
Um, you have a house with 4 grandkids, you daughter and her spouse behind you, plus something else I think will make you feel loads better.
14. A do-!
Ahh! Batman! Not you, too! You havent even gone to college yet! I havent even put up the heir poll!!.... Wait, why is Death not coming.?
15. Oh, I see! Youre teaching Bubbles to play dead! Bad Batman! You probably gave Tiffany a heart attack. But anyways, thats right, I finally have Pets! I bought it in the happy little bundle with Family Fun and Mansion and Garden Stuff. Now all I need is AL. Anyways. Meet Bubbles, named after nothing in particular. Shes going to start the line of Legacy dogs. Yes, dogs. I know like everyone does cats in their legacies, but I will be different and do dogs! Plus, I hate cats and love dogs. Its a win-win situation.
16. We havent seen anything of Buzz this chapter but I adore him. Hey Buzz, whatcha doing?
The smustle.
Isnt that what you doing last time we saw you?Your point?
Oh, boy, folks, weve got a smustlefantic on our hands. Cant wait to release him in college. :)
17. Hi, Belle, what are you doing?
Singing. Grandpa likes it when I sing.
What song?
I havent decided yet. How about this one: Little town, its a quiet village. Every day, like the one before. Little
Stop, stop that one cant work. This is a Legacy house. Every day is certainly not like the one before.
18. I really dont understand pets. There are two perfectly good bowls of food, both dogs are in hunger failure, and they go for the same one and Bubbles refuses to try the other bowl. By the way, thats Otis. We adopted him. Hes going to breed with Bubbles.
19. You can give me thought bubbles and whine all you want Otis, its your own fault youre hungry. Theres food downstairs. And I thought my dog was dumb. At least he knows where the food is.
20. Soon enough, there were puppies in the house! I dont know which one Bellatrix is holding, but Bubbles had two puppies, which I named Fidelity and Fabian.
21. But with birth came death. Dang it! I suppose theres no point in trying to convince you to keep him here, my friend?
22. Caleb was the co-founder of the Lightning Legacy. A family sim, and a great dad, who accomplished 3 lifetime wishes. He added recessive genes (blonde hair) to the gene pool as well. He was completely faithful to Liberty and never so much as looked at another woman.
Caleb was a great sim, I really am going to miss him.
23. The weekend marked the last two days before Bellatrix and Batman went off to college. Saturday was spent with the whole family joining in a game of Marco Polo in the swimming pool. Batman here seems alarmed to see that Bellatrix has just cannon-balled into the pool.
24. Aaah, never mind!
Oh, come on Buzz, have some fun! Belle, who recently grew up, yelled to him from across the pool.
No way, no way, the diving boards too high!
25. Then try jumping in from the side like this, Belle said, tucking in her knees and jumping off the side.
Buzz laughed delightedly as he jumped in the pool. This is way better than the diving board! he exclaimed
26. While Bellatrix made Grilled Cheese for lunch (her secondary aspiration is Grilled Cheese), Belle decided to take a mammoth shower.
Why, helllloooo, there.
Shut up, Floyd. Shes a potential heir. You have to leave her alone.
Who was that?
No, the other voice.
27. That was me, baby. Your one and only.
I told you to shut up.
Wait, the MAMMOTH is talking to me?
Yes. Im telling him to leave you alone.
If I didnt know I was in a Legacy before.
Are you questioning the sanity of legacy writers, Belle?
28. After many threatenings from Anna of bringing a whip the next time she came to the legacy house, Belle got away from Floyd and got to her grilled cheese. All of her siblings had already finished and wandered off, but Belle had something to ask her parents. Mum? Dad? I was wondering if we could get the whole family in the game room tonight.
29. I dont see why not, Annabeth answered. But can we ask why?
Oh, I just want to do something for you all she trailed off, returning to her grilled cheese.
30. Belle spend the rest of the day getting ready in the skilling room, refusing to let anyone in. Playing a melody on the piano, she sang softly, perfectly, hitting every note, and when she reached the end, wiping a tear away, whispering, Grandpa, I really miss you.
31. Belle put on a smile as she picked up the microphone, looking around at her family. Um, she started. Thanks for coming. Ugh, that sounds weird. But anyways, this is a song Grandpa taught me before he died, and I thought youd all like to hear it. She pushed play on the console in front of her. The music started out soft, with just some violin and some woodwind instruments. Then Belle took a breath and began to sing:
32. Ive heard it said
That people come into our lives
For a reason.
Bringing something we must learn.
And we are lead to those who help us most to grow if we let them.
And we help in return.
Well, I dont know if I believe thats true
But I know Im who I am today,
Because I knew you
Like a comet pulled from orbit, as it passes a sun.
As she sang, she remembered the first time shed sung this song for Grandpa..
Like a stream that meets a boulder, halfway through the wood
Who can say if Ive been changed for the better, but because I knew you
I have been changed for good.
It well may be that we will never meet again, in this lifetime, so let me say before we part, so much of me is made of what I learned from you. Youll be with me, like a handprint on my heart.
33. And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have rewritten mine
By being my friend
Like a ship blown from its mooring by a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a sky bird in a distant wood.
Who can say if Ive been changed for the better, but
Because I knew you
-Because I knew you,
I have been changed for g