1 | Page The Real Indian is the Negro aka the Blackamoor. **The oldest body found in America is that of a ‘Negroid’ names Lucy** The purpose of this writing is to provide the reader with some of the most important secret histories directly related to Black People in America that pertain directly to the subject and discussion of Reparations/Restoration. The forbidden ideal in America is what? It is never to allow Our Nation (Black People) know we are Indigenous to this Land. Yes we were and are an Indigenous Nation. This is the history we have not known. This writing is designed to be a study tool and to spark an interest in further scholarly studies on Our Indigenous past and its connection to The REPARATIONS/RESTORATION movement. The records of our past in Ancient Kufic Script was employed for the Arabic Language before the modern Arabic came into general use. This example dates from approximately 700 A.D., and occurs in Nevada,[USA] where it was mistaken for Amerindian markings of about 1000 B.C. It is actually a Religious text and reads Nabi’ Allah Muhammad – Allah’s Prophet is Muhammad – It was probably cut into the rock as part of the permanent school lessons of the Muslim settlers of the southwest. {Sample of words from Saga America by Barry Fell} {The origin of Kufic or the angular style of Arabic script is traced back to about one hundred years before the foundation of Kufah (17H / 638CE) to which town it owes its name because of its development there: Note from - S. M. Imamuddin, Arabic Writing And Arab Libraries, 1983, Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd.: London, p. 12.} The Qara called Kufic script is the earliest Qara so called Arabic script and is related to the family of Muhammad through Ali, Fatima, and Bilal. Bilal’s descendants moved through Africa to West Africa, present day Morocco and across the seas to the Americas and left these inscriptions in Nevada at a school established there. {The Arabic script [kh att ] is the one which is now known as Kufic. From it evolved all the present pens: Note from - Abi al-`Abbas Ah mad al-Qalqash andi, Kitab S ubh al-A`sh a, 1914, Volume III, Dar al-Kutub al-Kh adiwiyyah: Al-Qahirah, p. 15.}

The Indians Are the Moorish-Israelites Egyptians

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The Truth of the Real Native Americans.

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The Real Indian is the Negro aka the Blackamoor. **The oldest body found in America is that of a ‘Negroid’ names Lucy**

The purpose of this writing is to provide the reader with some of the most important

secret histories directly related to Black People in America that pertain directly to the subject and discussion of Reparations/Restoration. The forbidden ideal in America is what? It is never to allow Our Nation (Black People) know we are Indigenous to this Land. Yes we were and are an Indigenous Nation. This is the history we have not known. This writing is designed to be a study tool and to spark an interest in further scholarly studies on Our Indigenous past and its connection to The REPARATIONS/RESTORATION movement. The records of our past in

Ancient Kufic Script was employed for the Arabic Language before the modern Arabic came into general

use. This example dates from approximately 700 A.D., and occurs

in Nevada,[USA] where it was mistaken for Amerindian markings of about 1000 B.C. It is actually a

Religious text and reads Nabi’ Allah Muhammad – Allah’s

Prophet is Muhammad – It was probably cut into the rock as part of the permanent school lessons of the

Muslim settlers of the southwest. {Sample of words from Saga

America by Barry Fell} {The origin of Kufic or the angular style of Arabic script is traced back to about one hundred years before

the foundation of Kufah (17H / 638CE) to which town it owes its name because of its development

there: Note from - S. M. Imamuddin, Arabic Writing And Arab Libraries, 1983, Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd.: London, p. 12.}

The Qara called Kufic script is the earliest Qara so called Arabic script and is related to the family of Muhammad through Ali, Fatima, and Bilal. Bilal’s descendants moved through Africa to West Africa, present day Morocco and across the seas to the Americas and left these inscriptions in Nevada at a school established there. {The Arabic script [khatt] is the one which is now known as Kufic. From it evolved all the present pens: Note from - Abi al-`Abbas Ahmad al-Qalqashandi, Kitab Subh al-A`sha, 1914, Volume III, Dar al-Kutub al-Khadiwiyyah: Al-Qahirah, p. 15.}

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America are ancient and very real. They are prior to any settlement of Europeans who verify this in their records.

‘‘NNeeggrrooss’’ aass tthhee OOrriiggiinnaall IInnddiiaannss PPrrooooff iinn tthhee JJeessuuiitt LLeetttteerrss

The Book ‘Africans and Native Americans’ by Jack Forbes paints a very different picture of history than what most of Us were taught about the origins of Black People in the Western Hemisphere. We were taught that Black People came from Africa as slaves that the Red Indian was the true Native American, and that White people took ‘Black’ slaves from Africa and stole the land of the Red Indians. This story is nothing but a giant fiction, a novel made up by white historians to deceive the masses about the original history and peoples of the Americas. Jack Forbes uses the letters of Jesuit Missionaries to prove that ‘Negroes’ or ‘Black Moors’ were the first Americans and in fact were the Black and olive toned people found in the Western hemisphere. Commenting from the Jesuit letters on the appearance of the Native Americans Forbes states, “For example in 1519 it was said of the Brazilians ‘non sono neneri ne blanchi ma di colore di ulivo (that is they are not black or white but of olive color) but the same writer remarked that the Brazilian canoe-men he saw were ‘so black’ that they could have been taken for sailors on the sea of styx (In Hell).”1

The author continues his comments on the appearance of Natives in North America from the Jesuit letters,

“In 1524 the Carolina coast people were said to be ‘of dark color not much unlike the Ethiopians.”2

The terms negro and indios were used interchangeably to describe the natives in the journals of early missionaries who could not have possibly been referring to Africans, “From 1549 through 1565 the letters of the Jesuit missionaries in Brazil usually addressed to colleagues in Portugal or Spain, frequently refers to the Americans as Negroes…In April of 1549 Manuel de Nobrega, the leader of the Jesuits, addressed a letter from Bahia to Simao Rodrigues in Lisbon in which he refers to the Portuguese in Brazil as living in sin because of their having ‘many negras’ and lots of children by the said ‘black’ women. Thus the Jesuit father called the American women living with Portuguese men ‘negras’, a term which according to Leite, could not have denoted people from Africa because in 1549 there were few or no African women in Bahia. Nonetheless, Nobrega uses the word indio… ‘When Africans are referred to in the Jesuit Letters they are always called negros da Guine (Blacks of Guinea) to distinguish them from negros de terra (Blacks of the land or Americans)3

1 Africans & Native Americans by Jack Forbes page 69 2 IBID 69 3 IBID 69

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“A very interesting letter is one prepared by ‘dos meninos do Colegio de Jesus da Baia, that is, by young Americans studying in the school: Diogo Topinamba, Peribira Mongeta, and Quantia. Although probably edited by a Jesuit, this may represent the first letter written by Americans in a European Language from Brazil. In it they refer to an American leader, ’el Grillo’, as a negro and to other natives as negroes. We find for example ‘El Grillo, who is a negro very well known and feared among them’ and that el Grillo ‘es negro muy grave’. El Grillo was at the same time an Indi pagan and a friend of the Portuguese.”4

“In August 1552 Nobrega wrote from Bahia [South America] to Lisbon [Portugal] referring to the native peoples as negroes. In May 1554 Antonio Blazquez from Porto Seguro wrote to the Jesuits of Coimbra that:

Yo estoy en este Puerto Segro, y la vida que hago y en lo que me ocupo es esto: enseno la doctrina a los negros y negras. That is he was preaching to the Americans, called negros. He also referred to the negros and los mamalucos des la tierra as pupils. The editor notes that by negros and negras he meant Indios e Indias.”5

The history as recorded by their own white hands bears witness that the Black People are the Indigenous and first Americans, American stemming from the intercourse of Vespucci and Columbus with Indigenous Blacks in Central America [Amaru]. The use above of ‘mamalucos’ to describe the negros which stems back to the Qara- Algonquian-Arabic word’ Mamluk’, also shows the Indigenous Moorish presence in the Americas. This history spanned from the first encounters of the Europeans with Our Ancestors to the Establishment of the United States of America and the Revolutionary War period.

4 IBID page 70 5 IBID page 70

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The Language of the Indians aka Negroes –Algonquian and Arabic are essentially the same language which goes back to medu

neter [Hieroglyphics

The Dutch artist Jan Verelst painted these paintings of the so-called Mohawk chiefs who visited London in 1710. The paintings were housed in ‘Kensington Palace’. Kensington which is an area in Philadelphia named after this palace held the original name Shackamaxon [Shaykh-

Amexem (Am-Akh-Sum) meaning ‘the Black Spiritual Priests of God’] & [Sachem-Akh-Sum]. The original name of the Mohawks is Kanian-ka, which resembles Canaan

[Israel/Phoenicians].The Center picture is the Chief of the Creek Confederacy Tomochichi and members of his Nation in England 1736 having intercourse with James Oglethorpe, then

proprietor of the colony of Georgia.

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Nanticoke Moors L’nu People

• L’nu L’nape = Nanticoke Moors • The Chief Tribe of the Wabanaki Confederation of Moors was the Delaware of




• The first detailed description of the Delawares is in a letter from William Penn to

the Committee of the Free Society of Traders in 1683.

He wrote: ''For their Persons, they are generally tall, streight, well-built, and of singular Proportion; they tread strong and clever, and mostly walk with a lofty

Chin: Of Complexion, Black, but by design, as the Gypsies in England: They grease themselves with Bears-fat clarified, and using no defence against Sun or

Weather, their skins must be swarthy

• Source: William Penn to the Committee of the Free Society of Traders in 1683

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Chief Tamanun The BlackaMoor Chief of Turtle Island

Shaykamaxum – Philadelphia

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Sons of St. Tammany aka Sons of Liberty Worship– A Moorish Chief

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• The Three Branch System was ‘COPIED’ from the Moors so called

Delaware/Lenapi/Nanticoke Moors of America

• Anami – Executive – Chief Enforcers • Munasi – Judicial - Interpreters

• Analakhtagu – Legislative – 50 Women – Oral Law Traditions

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In 1803 the historical Lewis & Clark ‘Expedition’ was prepared by the

United States allegedly for the purpose of exploring the unknown territory from the

western edge of the colonies to the Pacific. The true intention was to spy on the Indigenous Black People who were in America prior to the European invasion and colonization. Captain Merriweather Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark of the United States Army used a Black Man named York, who was also the son of Yusef Bin Ali, along with a Native woman named Ceesonnenee {Sacagawea – found on the millennial edition of the Dollar with her son Jean Baptiste Charbonneau} to be their interpreters as they gathered intelligence. In the Book Return of the Ancient Ones, Empress Tiara Verdiacee Washitaw reports, “Lewis and Clark Documented everything in sight, the weather, the plants, the rocks, the minerals found, the people by tribe, by habits, by color, by war-like activities and it was documented a bushy-headed tribe who did not like the redman or the whiteman, the Black bushy-headed Washitaws. Now please explain why history did not make Us aware of this important fact? It was because they went to spy on the Washitaws, a people that the good old United States had signed to be their protectorates over their rights, their land, and their property.”6

John Sibley reports in the Lewis and Clark Documents,

6 Return of the Ancient Ones by Empress Tiara Verdiacee Washitaw-Goston El Bey page 200

Chief Black Hawk was chief of the Sauk (Sakh). His birth date is not known. The name Black Hawk is

reminiscent of the Black Hawk or falcon of Kemetic tradition representing ‘Horus/Heru the resurrected son of Osiris, the ‘anointed one’. Black Hawk was born Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kiah Mashiach is the Hebrew word for Messiah—literally means the "anointed as we can

see this is a part of his name. His last public appearance was ironically July 4, 1837, a special day

in ancient Moorish-Israelite [Egyptian] culture in respect to astronomical science. His attire in this

painting is very ‘Moorish’ in tradition. Black Hawk was a terror for the whites in the 1800’s and is a part of a

legacy of Black People who have been written off under ‘Red Indian History’ and disassociated from

Black People as their lineal ancestors of which they are. The resemblance to the Honorable Elijah

Muhammad is strikingly similar

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“Choctaw – There are rambling hunting parties of them to be met with all over Louisiana. They are at war with the Caldougies and liked by neither the Red nor the White People. April 5th 18057

After the Lewis and Clark spy mission the United States brought 59 European families into the Louisiana Territory under the guard of the United States Army.8

The Military poisoned the water supply with the intent of murdering off the original indigenous black population. They brought their school curriculums as they enslaved and murdered the Black populations making claims that they (The indigenous peoples) were fugitives from justice under Constitutional Law and were European property from Africa. However the people did not consider themselves by nationality or status as Africans until after this was breeded into them. The Indigenous people in African did not originally call themselves Africans. They were of Ta Mry and were Muurs. This word ‘African’ is a word of the white colonizer. There is evidence of this deceptive activity to falsify our status that is undeniable. It was a part of a plan to wipe out our Indigenous history in America. The names like Tunica and Washitaw were turned into Turner and Washington.

WARS With The Moors

• 1752 – So Called French and Indian Wars were wars between the Moors [Black Knight Templar Families and Aboriginal Moors vs. British Colonists and Great Britain

• In 1776 The Sons of St. Tammany allied with the Moors to fight against the British Colonists and Great Britain

7 {IBID} Return of the Ancient Ones pg 200 8 IBID page 108-110

To the right is Mahaska another Chief with an Aramaic/Hebrew name. Mahaska means the one with

man horns as the painting shows and it represented his chiefdom. He and his father were recorded to have been

in 18 battles with the United States and never lost one. He and his father were allies of Black Hawk or Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kiah. He traveled with his father to Washington

D.C. in 1824 to meet with President John Quincy Adams. The Secretary of state was Henry Clay. These two,

Adams and Clay, were later ordered by Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Hisham to release Abraham ibn Sori, The ‘Prince of the Slaves’ in 1828. Abraham had been touring all over the West speaking with these chiefs about the Laws that were being used to free Him under the Moorish status. In

the 1840’s the government made many treaties with Native Americans and land deals in Oklahoma, Louisiana,

and Kansas. John Quitman and Eliza Tunica the father and mother of Noble Drew Ali among many other family

members were apart of these transactions and interactions.

Page 12: The Indians Are the Moorish-Israelites Egyptians

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• Some of the British Colonists infiltrated the Moors and Sons of Liberty aka Sons of St. Tammany in order to overthrow the Moors. They were People like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Andrew Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin Moors Titled Negroes by United States

• STATEMENTS FROM GENERAL THOMAS JESSUP • “This, you may be assured, is a Negro, not an Indian war, and if it be not speedily put

down, the south will feel the effects of it on their slave population before the end of the next season."

• - Major General Jesup, June, 1837, in American State Papers, Military Affairs, cited in Kenneth W. Porter, The Negro on the American Frontier [New York, 1971] 251, 281

• “"If the war be carried on it must necessarily be one of extermination. We have, at no former period of our history, had to contend with so formidable an enemy. No Seminole proves false to his country, nor has a single instance ever occurred of a first rate warrior having surrendered."

• IBID • “Throughout my operations I have found the “Negroes” the most active and

determined warriors; and during the conferences with the “Indian” chiefs I ascertained they exercised an almost controlling influence over them….The “Negroes” rule the ‘Indians’ Many of the Original Black inhabitants began to flee from the Western territory and

many inhabitants sought refuge in Florida and some went further west to California and mingled with other unaffected indigenous populations. In 1816 a U.S. Colonel named Duncan Clinch lead an army into Florida to destroy what was called, ‘The Black Fort’, or Fort Negro. Colonel Duncan Clinch led an army of Red-Creek mercenaries and a U.S. army Unit into Florida to destroy Fort Negro. In a Book called, The Black West’, by William Katz, Katz reports, “The explosion killed almost all of its Black and Red Warriors and two-hundred women and children… The few warriors were led back to the United States and Slavery. In his initial orders General Jackson had asked that they not only destroy the fort but, ‘return the stolen Negroes and Property to their Original owners.9

But the question remains, did these aboriginals see themselves as slaves, foreigners, or property of the Europeans, as Africans, Negroes, or colored peoples. No! In Colonel Duncan Clinch’s report of the Battle at Fort Negro, the 1st U.S. invasion of Florida the information provides facts to the contrary. Colonel Clinch’s report reads,

9 The Black West by William Katz page 18

Page 13: The Indians Are the Moorish-Israelites Egyptians

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Fort Negro 1816 “In the evening a deputation of chiefs went into the Fort and demanded its surrender, but they were abused and treated with the utmost contempt. The Black Chief heaped much abuse on the Americans, & said he had been left in command of the fort by the British Government and that He would sink any American vessels that should attempt to pass it, and would blow up the Fort if He could not defend it. The chief also informed me that the Negroes had a Red Flag, and the English Jack was flying over it.10

The question that must be answered is, were these people former Slaves? What was their purpose for flying the two Flags they were flying? Slaves do not have Flags. A Flag represents a Nation. What Nation(s) did they represent? There were canons in use at Fort Negro. It is a well known fact in history that the canon was developed by the Moors in North Africa and Spain. “The Moors had not only made the fire stick, as mentioned above, but even canon forged from wrought iron.11

The Two Flags represented Great Britain and the Indigenous Moorish Empire. They

represented a Nation of Indigenous Moors This is the same Islamic Empire in the east that Abu Bakari, brother of Mansa Musa, was under when He brought 400 ships to America in 1311 A.D. Is it this flag that the ‘Chief’ was Flying at the Black Fort in Florida in 1816? Was there a continuous Moorish connection from 1311 with arrival of Moors from the East that is documented in Africa and America until 1816? The documented dates for the presence of contemporary eastern Moors go as far back as 700 A.D. as we have shown with the inscriptions found from an ancient Nevada school bearing the name of Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah. In the Book entitled, ‘The Holy Koran Circle Seven’, prepared by Noble Drew Ali, Ali asks the question, 10 Report of Colonel Clinch of the destruction of Fort Negro, on the Appalachiola, July 29th 1816 (Washington War Records Office, National Archives) 11 Golden Age of the Moors edited by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima page 20

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“What kind of Flag is Moorish? Is it a Red Flag with a five-pointed green star in the center?”12

The Star was added by the Colonizing French Authority to the Moorish [Sharrieffian]

Flag in Morocco on November 17th 1915 after France’s colonial occupation began 13. Before this period it was a completely red flag. It represented the Muslims/Moors of the Maghrib (West Africa & The Americas) who were traveling back and forth from ‘Africa’ to America who were established as Indigenous to both lands.14Many of the Maroons who were amongst the Natives we call ‘Seminoles’ were Muslims /Moors who had an ancient presence in America. The ‘Chief’ of this fort called Fort Negro was a man of Mande descent. The Mande were/are West African Muslims. ‘Mande’ groups founded the medieval empires of Ghana and Mali. They include the Bambara, Dyula, Malinke, Mande, Dogon and Sinke15


The Chief at Fort Negro during the invasion of Colonel Clinch was named ‘Abraham’. His birth name was ‘Sounoffee Tustenuggee’ which meant ‘Suwannee Warrior’ and has been associated with the Suwannnee river in Florida. The Moorish Mande Arabic word ‘Sounoffe’ means ‘Powerful Spirit’ and Tustenuggee means ‘warrior’. This Chief who had an Moorish heritage like most of the Maroons in Florida was not a former slave. His descendancy went back to Indigenous Peoples. Abraham served as interpreter for the Seminoles and as Legal Counsel for

12 Holy Koran Circle Seven page LIV. The star was added by the French in 1915 after their colonial occupation began. Before this period it was completely red. 13 Sacred Drift; Essays on the Margins of Islam pg 19 Peter Lamborn Wilson 14 Maghrib is Arabic from the Arabic root gharaba meaning, West which included West Africa and the Americas. 15 Tribes of the Niger River, http://schools.4j.lane.edu/spencerbutte/StudentProjects/Rivers/tribe.html

The Moorish Flag. As presented by Noble Drew Ali. There is an unverified story that George Washington

took down the Original Moorish Islamic Flag in America and Locked it in a safe at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. It was allegedly apart of his efforts to destroy any knowledge of Islam amongst

Black People in the budding American Nation. Allegedly it was not retrieved until Noble Drew Ali was given the Flag by high degree Shriners in the 1920’s. The Moorish Flag was actually dismantled in1816 from Fort Negro by Colonel Duncan Clinch

and General Andrew Jackson.

Page 15: The Indians Are the Moorish-Israelites Egyptians

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Himha Micco (John Jumper) and Holata Micco (Chief Billy Bowlegs). Himha Micco was the Seminole Chief. His brother Holata Micco was also a Chief. Abraham served as a representative on their trip to Washington D.C. to negotiate a Treaty with the United States Government in 1832.

So what is the connection to the Americans in modern time and history and the efforts of

our greatest teachers to reacquaint us with this marvelous and most useful history. As witnessed through his activity, Noble Drew Ali had to be very aware of these histories and began to implement repair on our people by repairing the root of our people through a knowledge of self as he knew it at the time. This great work continued in the Nation of Islam.

In an interview placed in the Muhammad Speaks Newspaper on March 23rd 1973 Brother Fletcher Majied, a member of the Nation of Islam during the 1930’s, serves as a witness that these ancient histories were taught openly in the early 20th Century by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He speaks of this same Red Flag from a lecture he heard from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the early 1930’s which will serve as further proof that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was well aware of the secret relationship that Islam has with the establishment of the American Government and the Pre-history of the American Government, “Brother Fletcher Majied said He came to the Odd Fellows Hall at 33rd & State for the first time in the fall of 1933. ‘The Messenger told us about this whiteman (John Hawkins) and how he brought our forefathers here. He said that John Hawkins anchored his ship down on the Nile River, he was flying OUR FLAG, he was sailing the banks of the Nile River where our people were

Sounoffe Tustenuggee also known as Abraham was a ‘maroon’ or a Moo amongst the

Seminoles. He was their Chief Legal Counsel and interpreter. It was He who was at Fort

Negro in 1816 Flying the Moorish Flag of the Islamic Empires .This is the Famous Cherry Tree that was chopped down. Abraham soon moved West to Oklahoma and Chief Hilota

Micco and Chief Himha Micco disappeared in the everglades. This was the start of the Pins

secret society and other secret societies amongst the Creek and Cherokee (saragi). These are the societies that later developed into the Ancient

Egyptian Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and the Moorish Science Temple of


Page 16: The Indians Are the Moorish-Israelites Egyptians

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doing TRADE. Our Flag was flying, Our Flag was Red, Freedom, Justice, and Equality. When He got out to sea they lowered Our Flag.16

The Moors dominated trade in this period. Trade was dominated by the Moors from the West and North Coast of Africa to the Gulf of Mexico before the Inquisition of the Spanish and slow deterioration of the Moorish and Islamic influence. Even in the 1700’s the riyal was the unit of currency used in Mexico which is the present standard currency of Saudi Arabia. This trade became fully interrupted when the United States developed an independent Marine Corps and Navy in the 1800s. They fought wars against the Moors (Barbary Wars) and eventually won out in these confrontations. They later fought wars against our people in Mexico [Amexem]. The hymn of the Marines declares that they have fought "from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli," referring to exploits by the United States Marine Corps in the Mexican War and in campaigns against ‘the Barbary ‘pirates’ of North Africa’. Those Barbary pirates and some of the so-called Mexicans were the Moors. The Black Maroons (Moors) from Florida who had set up communities in Mexico in the mid 1800’s. The canon was also found amongst the so-called Mexicans, which was a signature weapon of the Moors and Maroons of Florida at places like Peliklakaha, a city built by Maroons/ Moors in Florida, and Fort Negro, where the Black Moorish Chief Sounoffe Tustenuggee (Abraham) was captured by Colonel Duncan Clinch.

With about 2,000 men, Gen. William J. Worth captured the road between Monterrey

and Saltillo and by noon was storming Federation Hill. Six companies of Texas Rangers charged up the hill, seized the enemy artillery, and turned the ‘cannon’ on retreating Mexican forces.17

The Indigenous Blacks in Mexico went under many names like mestizo, cholos, negroes, and even Indian. The term Marines comes from Mare, which in Latin implies a navigator of the waters and also means ‘black’. So the Marines took the name of the people they were conquering, the Maurs (Moors), a signature move of the grafted peoples.

The history of the interaction of the Moors with the white English is extensive. Our purpose in bringing this information to surface here is the subject of Reparations and generally the highlighting of International Laws that are of extreme importance. Our Ancestors had made many International treaties with the English for the protection of their Citizenry and trade regulations. The Moors of the Eastern part of the Islamic Empire whose capitol was seated in the Western portion of Africa {Maghrib} had made two treaties with Queen Elizabeth I of England as early as 1578. Islam had a major impact on Great Britain from 1558 until 1685. This is documented by researcher Nabil Matar in his book ‘Islam in Britain’. This explains why John Hawkins would have been trading amongst Our People flying the Flag of the Moors/Muslims, the Red Flag of the Ancient Moorish Nation, the Nation of Islam. These original black people are our ancestors. There were international agreements between these nations. This Flag indeed represented an independent Nation and a Lineage that spans back to the 18th Dynasty of Egypt called often ‘Bana Israaeel’, The Offspring of Israeel, the Family of Amraan (Quran Surah 3 Amraan) and beyond. The Moors were international in their commerce and many of the

16 Muhammad Speaks March 23rd 1973 Interview Fletcher Majied 17 The Mexican War by Lonestar http://www.lnstar.com/mall/texasinfo/mexicow.htm

Page 17: The Indians Are the Moorish-Israelites Egyptians

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members of this nation had settled in America. As we have noted, Abu Bakari the elder Brother of Mansa Musa took 400 ships to America in the early 1300’s18


The Atlantic ocean was not a barrier for our people. We were and are Indigenous to both landmasses. It was the Black Indigenous Populations of Moors in the West that suffered a death Blow from colonizing Europeans. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, while Spanish, Dutch, French, British, and Portuguese Christians were conquering indigenous populations across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Islamic Military power pushed the Ottomans and their North African Satellites (the regencies of Tunisia, Tripoli [Libya] and Algeria) along with the “Empire” of Morocco beyond the Mediterranean and as far as the walls of Vienna and into the English Channels19

. This is the detailed history that has not been known by most and is at the root of the rise of Europeans in the Western Hemisphere. Islam was on the rise in the east in Europe and as the colonizers left for ‘Freedom of Religion’, the freedom that they wanted was freedom from the oppression of Christianity. They found this in the west through interaction with the Ancient Moorish Empire in America. Their expansion into the west [Europeans] has buried the knowledge of the Ancient Indigenous Moorish Empire in America.

Of course history proves that some of our people were brought over as slaves,

however most of them were not. We have also never considered as a people that most of the prisoners of war (slaves) were taken from geographical areas of the Moorish Empire and the action of enslaving Moors/Muslims by the white Americans and British was and is a violation of International Law and Treaties. Sylviane Diouf in his book “Servants of Allah” points out that nearly 60% of the captured peoples during what we call slavery were Muslims. Most of Us have not taken in this knowledge and perspective on the history of slavery. This is in part due to the 18 They Came Before Columbus by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima page 26 19 Islam in Britain by Nabil Matar pages 1-2

This map shows the oceanography and general

oceanic currents of the Atlantic. Our Ancestors, the Indigenous Black Peoples of the Americas and the East were Aware of

these currents and used them in trade and travel across the

Atlantic from the Americas, to Africa and Europe.

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defeatist curriculums that have been given to us by whites and even by some black scholars. There is much proof of the settling of Black People from Egypt and other empires in America prior to European colonization. These so-called Egyptians like Moses (Pharaoh Akhenaton) are considered to be Moors/Muslims by nature and according to the Book of Divine Contract of the Moorish Nation (Qur’aan) and the Treaties (Marrakash 1786,1836) specify the Qur’aan as the law of adjudication between Moors/Muslims and white Americans [See Treaty of Marrakash – Appendix] .There were also Moors from the era of Muhammad (7th Century) and beyond in America prior to colonization. A decree issued in 1539 by Charles V, King of Spain, forbade the grandsons of Muslims burned at the stake to migrate to the West Indies. This decree was ratified in 1543, and an order for the expulsion of all Muslims from overseas Spanish territories [Mexico & North & South America] was subsequently published20 . Why? Why would the Christian King of Spain and the Pope in Rome want all Muslims expelled from all Spanish colonies overseas? Hernan Cortes, a Spanish criminal who invaded Mexico in 1519, who had an inborn genius for treachery and was unbelievably cruel and brutal, boasted to this same King Charles V of Spain that he had massacred unarmed women and children in order to impose his will upon the natives21. These natives were the indigenous blacks who had settled this area, and the same war tactics of the Europeans during the later wars in North America (1800’s) with the Indigenous Black populations were used and orchestrated here. These White Christian Crusaders were kidnappers, kidnapping small children and breeding them. Thousands of ‘Red Peoples’ were used to make war against the Original Indigenous Black Peoples of the land. This tactic of separation was used in the early developments of government in America and resulted in many of these Red Peoples being chosen as new ‘Native Leaders’ over tribes and given Land and ‘Reservations’ in the back door treaty deals. Thousands of rebellious ‘Red’ natives supported Cortes22

Jules Cauvet a French author of ‘Les Berberes en Amerique [The Berbers in America]’ published in 1930 cites that the ethnic names of 46 of 77 examined names of inland and coastal African Berber Communities match American Tribes



. Why are there such close associations between so-called African Native Tribes and Ancient American Native tribes in Language and in culture as well as physical appearance and genotype. Author of ‘They Came Before Columbus’, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, states in reference to Cauvets findings,

“These many identities in names are not simply the result of one migration of Arabs or Africans to America, nor in fact to a one-way traffic of people and culture to the American continent.”24

It is evident that the whites who colonized America had a plan that they codified into the Laws of the Constitution, under the fugitive from justice clauses and the Migration and Importation clauses of the Constitution25

20 Muslims in America before Columbus by Yousef Mroueh

to allow the international crime of enslaving a people who they had international agreements not to enslave in violation of international treaties enforcing involuntary servitude and attempts of genocide on a people and Nation who inhabited

21 Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids, Chapter 1 - ‘Return of the Gods’ page 3 22 IBID page 5 23 Les Berberes en Amerique by Gaston Edouard Jules Cauvet, They came Before Columbus page 252, Sertima 24 They Came Before Columbus by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima page 253 25 Article I section 9 Clause 1, Article 4 Section 2 Clause 2

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America and Africa prior to the unlawful invasions of white Europeans. Our people had a nationality and land that is recorded on official record and in historical documents on both continents. Franklin Enslaves all United States Citizens to Debt

• Benjamin Franklin entered into a Treaty in 1782 with King George the III and His exchequer Banks that the United States and the 13 Chartered Corporate States would be Held Responsible for the First payment being due November 17th 1787. This was the sole purpose for the creating of the Constitution and the new government and set in operation a function in the government where the Congress can Borrow money on behalf of the United States Federal Government (Article I Section 8 Clause 2) and its subject corporations (States) and subject citizens, then set Up and Incorporate a Bank to give those FOREIGN Creditors interest in the Labor of the People. This is where we are at now, in Bondage. Article I of that Treaty States,

• “It is agreed and certified that the sums advanced by His Majesty to the Congress of the United States, under the title of a loan, in the years 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781, and the present, 1782, amount to the sum of eighteen million of livres, money of France, according to the following twenty-one receipts of the above mentioned underwritten Minister of Congress, given in virtue of his full powers, to wit:

• Amounting in the whole to 18 millions, viz ------------------ 18,000,000 • By which receipts the said Minister has promised, in the name of Congress, and in behalf

of the thirteen United States, to cause to be paid and reimbursed to the royal treasury of His Majesty, on the 1st of January 1788, at the House of His grand Banker at Paris, the said sum of eighteen millions, money of France, with interest at 5 percent, per annum.

• Article VI of this Treaty made in 1782 gives a picture of why the government changed when it changed from the Anti-Federalists [Sons of Liberty] under the Articles of Confederation to the Federalists under the Constitution.

• Constitution a Debt document for United States Citizens not for Aboriginal National of the Republic

• ARTCILE VI supremacy clause • “All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this

Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.

• ‘This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

• Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States”.

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George Washington Chops Down The Cherry Tree Judiciary Act of 1789 1st United States bank 1791 – Debt System

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Washington Changes the Government – The Fake Republic

• City of New York, December 1, 1789 • • Since the Date of the Letter which the late Congress, By their President, Addressed

to your Imperial Majesty, The United States Of America have thought Proper to Change their Government and Institute a New One, agreeable to the Constitution, of Which I have the Honor, herewith to enclose a copy. The time necessarily employed in the Arduous task, and the disarrangements occasioned by so great though peaceable a revolution, WILL APOLOGIZE, and ACCOUNT for YOUR MAJESTY’S not having received those REGULARLY ADVISED marks of attention from the United States which the friendship and Magnanimity of your conduct Toward them Afforded Reason TO EXPECT.

• The United States, Having Unanimously appointed me to Supreme Executive Authority in this Nation, YOUR MAJESTY’S letter of August 17, 1788, which by reason of Dissolution of the LATE-GOVERNMENT, remained unanswered, has been delivered to me. I have also received the letters, which YOUR IMPERIAL MAJESTY has been so kind as to write, in favor of the United States, to the BASHAWS of Tunis of Tunis and Tripoli, and I present to you the sincere acknowledgements and thanks of the United States for this important mark of Your friendship for them.

• We greatly Regret the Hostile Disposition of those regencies toward this nation, who have never injured them, is not to be removed, on terms of our power to COMPLY with, within our Territories there are not mines, wither of gold or silver, and this young Nation just recovering from the waste and desolation of a long war, Have not as yet, had time to acquire riches by agriculture and commerce, but our soil is bountiful, and our people industrious, and We have reason to flatter ourselves that we shall become USEFUL to our friends.

• The encouragement, which YOUR MAJESTY has been pleased, generously to our commerce with your dominions, the punctuality with which you have caused the Treaty with Us to be observed, and the just and generous measures taken in the case of Captain Proctor, make a deep impression on the United States and Confirm their respect and ATTACHMENT to YOUR MAJESTY.

• It gives Me great Pleasure to have the Opportunity of assuring your majesty that, while I remain at the head of this Nation, I shall not cease to promote every measure that may conduce to the friendship and Harmony which so happily subsist between your Empire and them, and shall esteem myself happy in every occasion of convincing YOUR MAJESTY of the high sense(which in common with the whole Nation) I entertain the Magnanimity, Wisdom and benevolence of YOUR Benevolence

• May THE ALMIGHTY bless YOUR IMPERIAL MAJESTY, our Great and Magnanimous friend, with his constant GUIDANCE and PROTECTION.

Tributary Duties of the United States to Moorish Empire

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• United States Paid $20,000 for the Treaty of Marrakash • The Seal of the Emperor was placed on the Treaty originally written in Arabic

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The Moors of the West who were misnamed Indians and Negroes were also receiving tributary payment from King George the III and his Colonies. And when they [Whites] did not pay their citizens were held captive. In the Book the Life of Charles Thomson the history of the Black Lenabi [Nanticoke Moorish Shaykum [Sachem] Tedyuschung is discussed, the tributary payment of the whites and Tedyuschungs choosing of Charles Thomson to act as Secretary in respect to interactions between the Moors [misnamed Indians and Negroes] and the white British subjects. Here are the records from the Book the Life of Charles Thomson.

The Treaty of Marrakash of 1786 made between Khalif Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, Islamic Leader of Moorish Empire (maghrib) and

the United states of America. This first page contains the Seal and

introductory articles of the Treaty made in June of 1786 and later translated in 1787. The Arabic original & English translation

protects all Muslims/ Moors from enslavement. Most of the [56-57 % - according to Sylviane Diouf

‘s book –“Servants of Allah”] Blacks captured in the slave trade

were citizens of Islamic Nations/Moorish Nations that recognized the Khalif of the

Moorish Empire. The enslavement of these

Moors/Muslims was a violation of National & International law.

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Oldest hieroglyphic of the name Moors Temple of Luxor Ta Murray [So Called Egypt-Kamit]

Source: Dr. Muata Ashby

All Life Came from the Black Waters of Nu –called Space or The Neutron Soup or the

NETERU or NETCHERU which is where NEGRO is derived from etymologically.

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The word that we commonly use niggas also comes from an ancient glyph Negus, or

Negust/Nigus is the hieroglyphic for the Black People of Africa. We were the first ones to call ourselves by these names and we understood their Cosmic biochemical meaning.

Here is the Glyph. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that all of the Original Indigenous

People are Muslim by Nature not by Religion26. Prophet Noble Drew Ali was the first to teach this to our People after we had experienced slavery. The word Muslim is derived from the Arabic/ Hebraic ‘maa’ or ‘mau’, which stems from the Egyptian/Sumerian ‘Mou’,27

26 The word Nature has the consonantal root NTR. NTR or Neter was the Ancient Egyptian word for GOD. Language never lied. It was the language teacher (The Devil).

which meant ‘waters’. The root stem ‘Slm’ implies ‘peace’. So Mu-Salaam means a being who is derived from ‘al ‘maa’ and ‘is a being of peace’. The waters that we are derived from are twofold spiritually and scientifically. The first is dealing with the placenta and our origin from the waters of the womb of our mothers, the woman. The second aspect deals with a verse of

27 The Works of Josephus: Antiquities of the Jews Book 2 Chapter 9 Section 6

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spiritual science from the Qur’aan in Surah 21 Al Anbiyaa (The Prophets) verse 30. It is most often translated as, Do not those who disbelieve see that we created from ‘water’(al maa) every living thing. Surah 2 Al Baqarah (The Splitting) verses 21 & 22 O Nations serve your Nourisher and Sustainer, The One who created you and those from before you that you may guard against evil 22 – Who made the Earth a resting place and constructed the heavens, and Reveals Revelation from the heavens, then brings forth from it fruits in order to Sustain you, so do not set up rivals to Allah, while you know. THE MESSIANIC MENTAL BAPTISM OF THE Blackamoor INITIATE INTO UNIVERSAL SIRIUS MYSTERIES

Isis (Sirius- Spiritual Law) and Nephthys (Sirius C- Commerce/ Lineage) were said to be weeping for the death of Osiris (Sirius B- Execution of Law). As is so often the case

with Masonic symbolism, the secrets of baptism are involved with Ancient Egyptian iconography and hieroglyphics. In this image the Gods are portrayed as weeping, as they

are throwing drops of sacred water. The Egyptian hieroglyphic ‘MST’ which looks

like the three-fold fall of water actually means ‘dew’ and portrays drops of water

falling from heaven. The same hieroglyphic also means ‘INSTRUCTION’ or

“TEACHING”. The 19th Century Masonic Scholar John Simmons believed that the

sound values of Egyptian hieroglyphics were more closely linked with the Hebrew

Language than with the Coptic, as was widely believed. When examining the

hieroglyphic ‘MST’ he pointed out that the Hebrew ‘IRE’ means to throw drips of water,

to sprinkle, and to teach or instruct. Ire is related to the eye in English and Latin and it

is the Eye of Horus that is seen over the Pyramid representing the Great Architect. He further pointed out that this hieroglyphic is

linked with Egyptian baptism, with the notion of shedding celestial due on the head

of the neophyte - that is with initiation. In support of his argument, he examined a plate,

which showed an Egyptian initiation scene where the Gods Horus and Thoth pour

sacred waters on the head of the Neophyte. The one initiated in this way, by water and

fire, was called in Hebrew ‘MSCHE’ meaning something like ‘begotten’ also

‘Saved’ or ‘BORN AGAIN’ a word relevant to the new state of the neophyte who has

been initiated. According to Simmons, the Egyptian hieroglyphic equivalent of this

‘MSCHE’ or Moses incorporated the image for dew, baptism, or celestial tears. It was

the anointing of a Master.

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Those who have been translators of the original Qara language of the Blackamoors now called [ Arabic] of the Qur’aan need a knowledge of clear untampered history in respect to Prophet Muhammad and His Indigenous Black Moorish-Israelite ancestry and lineage to the 18th Dynasty’s Family of Amraan (Amarna) as well as a better grasp of the original meaning of the authors of the language of the verses of the Qur’aan in order to get the full spiritual science and truth out of these verses and others. The element Water (H20) is definitely the substance that is the basis for some molecular organically living things, however before the combination of a hydrogen atom and an oxygen atom, there was life force, power, and motion operating in this universe. ‘Al Maa’ in this verse is referring to what we call today ‘ether’ which is a form of the primeval water (plasma) or dark matter of space. It was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that taught his students that the first atom of the universe was created from space in His Theology of Time Lecture series. In ancient Egypt {Ta Moor-ai-Misra}, it (space – The primeval waters) was called the waters of ‘Nun’ by the Amarna Dynasty. So by the Spiritual and scientific makeup of the universe we are Muslim/Moor. Our Nature is Islam (Peace) according to the anatomical and physiological make up of our being and this body of Law ‘Qur’aan’ states that this is our nature, meaning the law that we are born into existence on and the laws that sustain and maintain our life force. We are by Nationality and Lineage Muslims/Moors. No Arab scholar will ever explain Islam like this to Black People or their own people because they too have been deceived by their own scholarship. Some are a part of the rich bloodsuckers of the poor, the class called the 10%, teachers of a Mystery God. They are aligned in this Satanic conspiracy to deprive Us of our full and complete freedom. Surah Al Rums (The Romans) 30:30 HQ – So set your person for the upright faith, the nature and origination of Allah in which He has originated the nature of the People. There is no altering Allah’s creation. That is the faith of the Resurrected Ones but most people do not know.” This verse states that Allah’s (God’s) nature is Islam and our persons [Self] should be directed towards that nature. The last time we ruled as a people we lived by this spiritual science and culture. Since our demise our enemy has done everything possible to keep Us out of the true knowledge of the true history of the last time we, Black People, ruled the planet and the knowledge of what governing body of law we used in our societal rule. This was just over 500-200 years ago and Islam and the untampered Qur’aan were the basis of our government. Today we are split up into parties, sects, and tribes, organizations, and nations at variance with one another, which is a sign that we are still slaves that have been mastered by [Set – The Separator] the Satanic elite. The colonized religion we have been taught, which in essence is the falsification of the most important histories, has filtered over into our ‘political movements’, family life, and every other domain of our existence. In order to heal this situation we must destroy these false historical and religious concepts. We must deal with the ‘most important historical events’ and peoples that have shaped and constructed our present realities. These histories are given in the Bible & Qur’aan, which is why the (Bible & Qur’aan) are so attractive to the populace of the earth, who seek the truth. We must study the teachers from the Source of Power [The People] who have given the most profound and freedom activating truths. Anything else is another loop in deception. If our primary goal is total freedom we need the Truth of Allah [God = Self].

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NNoobbllee DDrreeww AAllii

Black People in general have not learned the most applicable truths of their greatest

leaders, which means that most of Us have missed Our Nation’s greatest Blessings. How many of Us have never known the man pictured above, Noble Drew Ali? Do you know why? It is the same reason why historically Black Colleges will never to teach Independent City Planning, Military/Warfare, and Independent Law for Black People. A great part of Noble Drew Ali’s mission deals with Law and Government. The works of Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish-Americans of the Moorish Science Temple of America and the work of reintroducing Black people to our historical Indigenous Islamic legacy; bringing the idea of nationalizing Us as a nation under a new Status and Citizenship, beginning the process of informing us to our domicile [Indigenous] Islamic history here in the Americas [Amexem] and throughout the World was and is a profound work that is directly related to the subject of ‘Reparations/Restoration’. This gives us much to discuss in regards to Islam’s true connection to United States & International Government, Religion, and the general and specific histories that will play an important role in the next few years of the most event altering period in History. The public school curriculums and even the Black History month fanfare of the United States educational system do not teach of Noble Drew Ali and the great work associated with the ‘Moorish’ history in America. Why? Is it in any way connected to the present ‘War on Terror’? Let’s see if the Black man practicing the high spiritual science of Islam is a threat to the corrupt governmental establishment in the United States. In His Holy Koran Circle 7 Ali stated His sole purpose,

“The Moorish Science Temple Of America Deriving Its Power and Authority from the

Great Koran of Mohammed To Propagate the Faith and extend the learning and Truth of the Great Prophet of Ali in America. To appoint and Consecrate Missionaries of the Prophet and to establish the faith of Mohammed In America.28

This man plays a very important role in history. He is the first teacher of the Original Faith, God’s Faith [Religion], that old time religion, submission to the will of Allah (God),

28 Holy Koran Circle Seven

Noble Drew Ali

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which is called by many names, however in Arabic we say ‘Islam’. He brought this truth back to the True House of Israel, the descendants of the Family of Amraan (Abraham). This is who We (Black People in America) are referred to as in the 3rd Surah of the Qur’aan. It is my contention that Noble Drew Ali and his family, along with the mass amounts of our people, are key links of study in regards to Our Divine Lineage from the 18th Dynasty of Egypt (Moorish-Israel). He was a descendant of a man named Yusef Bin Ali, a Black Man from Morocco who was a Moorish-Muslim National, who lived in America. Yusef Bin Ali and His son York were instrumental in activity with Lewis and Clark and the expansion of white peoples’ knowledge of the Western frontier in America during the 1800’s. Noble Drew Ali’s father and mother also play a very important role in respect to this subject of American jurisprudence, land, and our ancient Indigenous history. This is covered in Chapter X.

The members of the 18th Dynasty are hidden under the so-called Major Prophets of the Bible and Qur’aan and this lineage is the Nation descended from Amraan29 or from this time period called the New Kingdom in Egypt that gives rise to the Olmecs [Amex-um] civilization in America. The Olmec /Mayan/Aztec civilizations are given credit for all of the scientific, astronomical, agricultural, architectural/engineering pyramid and mound building advancement that took place in Ancient America. The natives of the land of Mexico, Central America, and the Yucatan, specifically the Quiche (Kush/Kish30

) people of Mayaland say that their ancestors were Israelites. In history they were the 18th Dynasty Amarna Nation that left Ta Moor-ai [Egypt/Africa] and fled to the ‘Middle East’ and ‘America’. The Quiche, who are a native tribe in Mexico report this origin to priests in ‘Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids’ by Peter Tompkins,

“These then were the three Nations of Quiches, and they came from where the sun rises31, descendants of Israel, of the same language and the same customs.”32

29 (Bible) Numbers 26:59 30 Kush means Black and is used in the Bible Song Of Solomon 1:5. Strong’s Bible Concordance defines Kush as ‘Black’. 31 The Middle East was called the Levant, which means from where the Sun rises. 32 Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids by Peter Tompkins page 78

Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque, Mexico.

Houses the only Egyptian style burial tomb in the Western Hemisphere,

said by some researchers to be the tomb of Pacal Votan. Researcher Ali Muhammad attributes

the tomb to the Lost Burial of Moses (Pharaoh Akhnaton) the Leader of

the Moorish-Israelites

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Yes it is true, Moses [Tahit Mose] was in America and that Moses, who historically is

Pharaoh Akhnaton, left a statue of Himself in San Martin Pajapan in an extinct volcano that was the cite of an ancient priesthood established by the Moors (Egyptians).He also left the only Egyptian Style Burial Tomb and mummy in North America in Palenque, Mexico in the Temple

Noble Drew Ali’s Incorporation document citing His purpose to establish the Faith of Islam in America drawing His

authority from ‘The Great Koran of Muhammad’. Ali states further that his purpose was to consecrate missionaries

in order to carry out this work. The ability to establish a religious

organization based on and drawing its authority from the Koran (Qur’an) was

according to the Treaties established between the Moors and the United States Government. Noble Drew Ali was a great threat to the operation of America due to

His uncovering this ancient and secret information. His work propelled the arch deceivers to have to completely reorder

the framework of the laws and economics of government in America and

throughout the world in the 1930’s.

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of Inscriptions. The hieroglyphics show the Egyptian Ennead 33

It was this work that was the initiation of the beginning of a great work that is culminating into a nation for Us today. The impending Stock Market Crash of 1929, the setup of Social Security, suspending of the Gold Clause in 1933 and other major events during the early part of the 20th Century were the events that have shaped how the laws in this country and the world functions today. These events are directly related to the effect of the works initiated by Noble Drew Ali and others. There is much more content to discuss in regards to the content of what Noble Drew Ali advocated that is of importance and we will discuss these topics in the body of this first Volume.

on the walls of the Temple and even show the hieroglyphics of Votan as having the same attributed physical handicap as noted Pharaoh Akhnaton possessed. This handicap was a part of an Ancient Egyptian belief and was attributed to Horus or Harpocrates and is seen in the Hieroglyphics of Pacal in the West and Akhnaton in the East. It was symbolic of the position Pacal or Akhnaton held in the ‘Osiris (Messianic) Traditions’. The purpose for these voyages was to find the Lost Civilizations of their Ancestors, who resided in what historically they called Ta Neteru or Yaru, The Land of the Gods, commonly called Atlantis. Noble Drew Ali as the initiator of the motion of recovering this great legacy of ancient history sought to nationalize the so-called Negro’s and Blacks under the banner of our ancient Nation of Peace (Islam).

EE.. TTHHEE WWIISSDDOOMM OOFF GGOODD -- TThhee MMaasstteerrss,, FFaarrdd MMuuhhaammmmaadd

&& EElliijjaahh MMuuhhaammmmaadd A lot has been said but little understood of the man in this picture. One of the names he used was Master Fard Muhammad. He is the teacher of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the founder of the Nation of Islam. Personal research has proven that he knew Noble Drew Ali well, which is important to this discussion on Law, Masonry, Government, Moorish-Israel, and Reparations. He moved secretly throughout America for 20 years before he started the open aspects of His work, according to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He went under many aliases during that

time. Noble Drew Ali is witnessed as having a man teaching him named ‘David Ford’. This is

33 The Ennead, which is based on the Ancient Shabaka Stone, is an order of 8 Neters [Lesser Gods] the 9th being the Supreme, called Atum-Re who created four pairs of Servant Gods numbering eight from himself. See pages 75, 102, & 143 ‘Stolen Legacy’ George G. M. James

Page 35: The Indians Are the Moorish-Israelites Egyptians

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cited in the ‘Moorish Literature Pamphlet’ of the Moorish Science Temple of America. This man is presented in the literature as teaching Drew Ali on the Ancient architecture of the Moors and its Egyptian Origin34

In October of 1928 this same David Ford is pictured at a convention of the Moorish Science Temple of America. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated in an interview with Buzz Anderson in 1971 that He was never taught what the ‘D’ stood for in the name of his teacher, W.D. Fard. This was one of the names that Master W. Fard Muhammad went by. It is this same man ‘David Ford’[W.D. Fard] that is witnessed in the 1929 Moorish Science Annual National Convention as saying ‘He would bring America to its knees’ for the death of Noble Drew Ali and the attacks made on the Moorish-Americans by local police in 1929

. This same David Ford according to historical witnesses was requested by Noble Drew Ali to sit over the Moorish Science Temple of America, as a helping guide to

maintain order while Noble Drew Ali was dealing with law enforcement issues in respect to the death of Claude Greene, a former member of the Temple.


. One month later the stock market crashed and many of the former Moors and Masons saw this man as a ‘Prophet’ and followed Him to Detroit where the Nation of Islam was born. In the beginning stages of the movement he was known as ‘Prophet W.D. Fard’.

34 Moorish Literature Pamphlet: The Industrious Acts of the Moslems page 17 by Prophet Noble Drew Ali 35 Interviews with Anderson El of Baltimore done by Karl Evanzz and cited in ‘The Messenger’

Master Fard Muhammad under the alias David Ford pictured in the upper left hand corner. There are many Masons shown in this picture. The development of the MSTA saw the influence of many high degree Black

Shriners, Masons, and Secret Societies particularly the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, started by Noble Ali Rofelt Pasha and John George Jones in 1893. These secret societies

played a major role in the events during the late 20’s and 30’s in governmental changes in America that have great importance to the events happening presently in respect to the subject of Reparations and the “New

World Order”.

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Again, according to many researchers’ accounts this man was a very mysterious man. He

came teaching truths in religion that had never been heard before by Black People in America. The Books Message to the Black Man of America and Our Saviour Has Arrived by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gives the best depiction of his coming and purpose. Our point here for the subject of Reparations is that the impact of the motion started by this man is the cause of events like the Million Man March. He prophesied that Islam would become the dominant religion in America at a time when many of our people were not even reading Qur’aan[s] publicly. It (Islam) was looked at as a pagan and heathen religion not associated with the Original Black people of America and the world in any way. Seventy (70) years from his physical presence his word is found true, especially amongst Black youth in America. Islam has impacted Black Youth tremendously. It is in this respect that I feel we need a further analysis of what he taught and why, how it has impacted America and Black People and what can be drawn from it for our benefit on this all important subject of REPARATIONS and Nation Building.

The early years of the Nation of Islam saw the continuance of similar nationalizing processes that the Moorish Science Temple of America had initiated making members officially not subject 14th amendment subject citizens of the United States but members/citizens of the Nation of Islam under the status of Moslem/Muslim.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was well aware of these Secret Religious and Islamic Laws of discussion and their connection to American jurisprudence as well. His work and mission to prepare us spiritually as a Nation according to the Law of Allah displayed His sincere desire for Us not to follow in the footsteps of the Nation that was taking itself on a course of destruction, the United States of America.

In an article from the Muhammad Speaks newspaper dated April 11th 1969 entitled, “Clarification of Actions taken by Messenger Muhammad Against Muhammad Ali’s Action’, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad states in reference to these identity passes, ” THE GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA has known this Law of Allah

(God) for many years. The Law is to take the identity card away from you. This is written on the identity card in red letters. MR. CASSIUS CLAY did not have one of these cards. It is good that He did not have one. Nevertheless, we carry the principle into practice.”

One of the 25,000 Identification Cards given out by Master Fard Muhammad in Detroit and Chicago from 1930 to 1934

for Registered Moslems.

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What was the Lawful Authority to take such actions in Law based on? What knowledge

did these individuals have about the United States of America’s foundational documents and the Treaties attached to the Constitution and the Lawful and legal consequences? In truth what are the practical benefits of this information? All of these people of discussion were either high degree initiates into the secret societies of the planet or supremely aware of the actions of these ‘elitist groups’ with ability to guide the poor into a position of power and self-reliance. Master Fard Muhammad taught His student the Honorable Elijah Muhammad about these secret societies and stated that at the highest and most secret was a circle of black people. He (Master Fard Muhammad) stated that His father was a part of this most secret circle and that this circle of spiritual scientists had been the primary influence in His (Master Fard Muhammad’s) preparation to initiate the wisdom that would save our people from their miserable condition in America. It is these high initiates that have worked hidden away from the sight of the public according to a Plan and their marks and hints of activity are everywhere for Us to see and examine.

F. JULY THE 4th INDEPENDENCE DAY? A Cosmic Event, The Day of Kheper

July 4th the significant

date given as the founding of the Nation of Islam by Master Fard Muhammad, in ancient history is the astronomical day

Khepera Dung Beetle in Disc (Sirius) over the head of the Pharaoh

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of ‘Kheper36

’ the hieroglyphic symbol of the dung beetle holding the solar disc. The Beetle was the sign for Cancer before the Crab. The Astronomical and Astrological sign of Cancer is from approximately June 21st to July 21st.

That Solar disc held by the dung beetle is not representing the Sun but the ‘Star Sirius’. It is on July 3-5 that Sirius is Aligned directly with the Sun and Earth. It is in the center of its 70 day period of disappearance from the heavens. This was a special spiritual time period in the Ancient Moorish Nation (Egypt [Ta Moor-ai]). This astronomical positioning of the planets, Sun and this star at the center of the universe is a time of special Spiritual Force that affects all events on Earth. Is it coincidental that America was founded on this date July 4th 1776? Is it coincidental that Master Fard Muhammad announced the Independence of Us as a Nation on July 4th 1930? Was He aware of the ancient science of life that deals with the ‘Sirius Mysteries’ that was reestablished by the Family of Amraan, the 18th Dynasty of Egypt [Moorish-Israel], the world’s first monotheistic culture of the present age of history? What does a knowledge of the physical motions and geometry of the universe have to do with Our concept of God [Self] and its accuracy or inaccuracy? Our subject is Reparations and in order to repair we must discuss the knowledge of Self [God] and go to its root on all levels. How can we identify the Source of all Universal Motion [Force]?

This significance of Sirius and ancient traditions surrounding government plays an important role in the establishment of the government of the United States of America and in our own establishment of our Government that is materializing, The New Kingdom. The only reason that the people who rule unjustly have been able to rule unjustly is that they were dealing with a superior wisdom or supreme deception. It is the initiation of wisdom from the abovementioned

36 Khepera is a very ancient neter. He is associated with creation and is usually called "Khepera Kheper-Tchesef," which means, "Khepera the Self-produced." He is represented by a scarab beetle which is usually shown above his head. Sometimes the beetle is used in lieu of a human head. Although it has been suggested that the worship of Khepera predates the worship of Ra, Khepera is considered a form of Ra. It is said that Ra came into being under the form of Khepera.

Khepera is called the father of the gods. He represents transformation from a state of inertness into a state of active life. When the body is dead prayers are recited over it so that the soul within could burst forth into a new realm of life. This resurrection is symbolized by Khepera.

The scarab beetle may have become a symbol of resurrection and transformation because it starts out in life as an egg layed in a ball of dung. When the egg hatches the scarab is at first a larva and then a nymph. Finally the adult scarab emerges from his ball of dung fully winged. Joseph J. Adams http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/pds/khepera.htm

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teachers, and that which has been divinely given to Us, that will completely plummet the foundation of the present world as we know it. From a Book called ‘Know Your America: A Suggested Course in Americanism’ prepared and distributed by the ‘American Legion’, the context and meaning of the establishment and design of the ‘American Flag’ is given. It states, “Question 1. By what authority was our first National Flag established? Answer - Authorized by Continental Congress Question 2. Quote the exact Language of the Original Flag Law. Answer - Resolved. That the Flag of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate Red and White; that the Union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a New Constellation”37


What is the significance of 13 and the ‘New Constellation? The truth of that statement rests in the Secrets of Masonry as an ancient secret science and the secret knowledge in Religion and of Israel (God’s Nation) and its relation to the Indigenous Black man and woman of America. This has everything to do with our true nationality, lineage, and National Heritage [Our identity]. The Declaration of Independence was also signed on July 4th in the year 1776, not by all the delegates38

of the colonies but by two specific men, John Hancock and Charles Thomson. These two men play pivotal roles in American Government, one playing a major role in Religion specifically. The activity of their actions of signing the document are recorded in a famous material on Masonry and the building of the structure and government of America called The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital ,

“On that day (July 4th), Congress agreed the wording of the declaration, and it was signed by the president of Congress, John Hancock, who was a Mason and the Secretary of Congress, Charles Thomson39

David Ovason goes on to say in The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital, “The Mason who first signed the Declaration of Independence would have been aware of the particular significance of July 4th, as a cosmic event.”40

Those Masons were John Hancock & Charles Thomson. Where and from whom did they gain this knowledge. Thomson was also the translator of the Septuagint Bible from the Original Greek Version into English. It was the first translation of the Septuagint ever done into the English language in America. The Septuagint Bible was the first Bible [Old Testament] ever recorded in 285 B.C. in Egypt under Ptolemy Philadelphius. There were no versions of the Bible compiled in Book form in any language before this time. The oldest Hebrew versions date from the findings of the Dead Sea Scrolls which date back to 150 B.C. through the 1st Century A.D.

37 Know Your America, Suggested Course in Americanism by The American Legion 38 The Declaration of Independence was not signed by all of the delegates of the states until August 2nd 1776. 39 The Secret Architecture of Our Nations Capitol by David Ovason page 149 40 IBID page 142

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The other standard versions are from the Hebrew Massoretic Text41

from the 9th Century A.D, that’s right 900’s A.D. The importance of the Septuagint Bible is that the Council who recorded the History of Israel were recording the Oral traditions they had learned from the True Black Moorish Israelites in Babylon. Afterwards, white Jews under the direction of Ptolemy and other Roman rulers who came later studied the lost history of the 18th Dynasty that had been nearly washed away by the ‘Biblical and Quran (ic)’ ‘Pharaoh’ (Rameses I) and His son Seti I during the 19th Dynasty of Egypt. This lost history of the 18th Dynasty (Moorish-Israel) was used by these white People (so-called Jews) to graft themselves in as the Israel and Major Prophets of the Bible. These Prophets were really major figures of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt like Akhnaton (Moses/Solomon) and Yuya (Thutmose III/David - Abraham).

A Stelae from the Records of the seventh year of the rule of Amenhotep II (Saul) and his military commander Thutmose III (Yuya/Abraham/David) in Memphis show that there were 3600 Apiru (Strangers/Foreigners) of the captured peoples42. David (Thutmose III/Abraham/Yuya) and Solomon (Akhnaton) are recorded in the Bible as dealing with these same strangers and keeping a census record of them. There are 360043

Our point here is that Charles Thomson, Secretary of Congress, by and through his work with this translation, His work in working with others in establishing the design for the Flag and the seals bearing the Pyramid, the Eye of Heru, the eagle, and the significant ‘13’ was very aware of these traditions, their Egyptian Origins and their connection to the astronomical significance of Sirius. How? Where did he get this information from and why was it so important and instrumental in the founding of a Nation that has become the most powerful nation on Earth? Will we find the secret influence of the members or descendants of the Egyptian 18th Dynasty Family of Amraan (Moorish-Israel) in the halls on the Continental Congress in the establishment of America? If so how would the influence of the Black People of this lineage in the setup of the affairs of the establishment of the American government make Us view everything that is operating around Us in respect to Government and even the past itself as it relates to the ‘slavery’ period? What about our concepts of slavery? What we will find is that Wars between our ancestors and white people took place after we helped them learn our sciences of government building - administratively and physically. Are we willing to take a closer look?

of the strangers recorded in 2nd Chronicles 13-17th verses, or Apiru (Habiru) which became the word Hebrew.

“Prior to the adoption of the design for the seal in 1782, the two mottoes had been changed by Thomson. In fact, it was Thomson, who had been a Latin instructor prior to being the headmaster of the Congress, who came up with not the one, nor the two, but the three mottos which grace the Great Seal of the United States. When the two designs were passed by Congress on June 20th 1782 it was recognized that the motto ‘ NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM’ signified as Thomson wrote, ’the beginning of the New American Aera’.44

41 Stranger in the Valley of Kings pg.31 Ahmed Osman 42 Aspects of Egyptian Foreign Policy in the 18th Dynasty in Western Asia and Nubia by James Hoffmeier page 6 43 David’s encounter with the strangers, or Apiru’s is recorded in 1st Chronicles 22nd Chapter, and Solomon’s recording of the strangers occurs in 2nd Chronicles 2nd Chapter 17th verse 44 Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capitol page 228 Ovason

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The seal of the Pyramid though was never cut. “By Law it should have been cut and used in 1782 alongside the obverse. A later Act of Congress (September 15th 1789) CONTINUED THE LEGAL NEED TO CUT THE REVERSE (Pyramid) but this did not happen. When the obverse was recut in 1841, the reverse (Pyramid) was ignored and in 1883 it was decided to abandon all attempts to cut it. In the following year, an act (July 7th, 1884) was passed to make the dies of both the obverse and the reverse. Once again in spite of an act of Congress, the reverse (Pyramid) was not cut”45

So why was it not cut. It is for the same reason that the word democracy46 is used by the Government although it never shows itself in the document that is the supreme law of the land, the Constitution. The word Republic 47

A note here of interest is that Charles Thomson served as the Secretary for the so-called ‘Lenni LeNape’ Indigenous Americans. His service in this group is a key connection of the Continental Congress to the history of Masonry and Our Own hidden Indigenous Moorish heritage and history that is veiled in this LeNape or Iroquoian History. Remember white people have changed the names of many things to create confusion. In 1756, Thomson was the secretary for the LeNape (Delaware Indians – Moors/Nubi-ans), at a great council held, at Easton; and that Nation adopted him as a son, according to an ancient custom

is found in the Constitution; however, the Government created under the Constitution has a Dual Contractual Nature, based on the Supremacy Clause represented by the Dual Seals and specifically two Treaties that Lay the base for understanding the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. It represents the two Nations in America one being the Ancient Indigenous Moorish Nation the other being the United States of America.


45 IBID page 439

. The word ‘LeNape’ is derived from ‘Le’, which we will find is related to Akhnaton (Pacal Votan) specifically to His ancestral line and Nape or Nab, which is interestingly of Egyptian origin ‘NB’ ‘meaning Lord’. In Arabic ‘Nabi’ means ‘Prophet or Messenger of the Word of God’. The ancient Language of the Family of Amraan (Moorish-Israelites) often called ‘Maya’ gave

46 Democracy is from the Latin demon cracie and the Greek Demos Kratis, which translates to the rule (cracie) of the devil (Demon) 47 Article IV Section IV of the Constitution states, ‘The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion…’ 48 Source: Lossing, Benson J. Eminent Americans: Comprising Brief Biographies of Leading Statesmen, Patriots, Orators and others, Men and Women, Who Have Made American History. New York: John B. Alden, 1883.

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the name ’Naab’ to bodies of water, waterlilies, turtles, and water in general49

. Water lilies were of extreme importance in Egyptian Religious traditions. The ‘Le’ in Lenape has ancient origins. The conventional meaning given is that it means ‘Original People’, as the Lenape were considered the ‘Grandfather’ group amongst the Indigenous Peoples of America. The true origin of ‘le’ (used in this frame of reference in Lenape denoting its connection to Mexico) is derived from glyph forms found on the Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque, Mexico, the secret burial tomb of Akhnaton (Moses, Solomon). This inscription is described in The Sculpture of Palenque: Volume II as,

“The ‘le’ motif, the leaf like element with three circles50

This Linguistic and Cultural connection of the ‘Lenape’ to Ancient Mexico is the link that establishes our peoples’ first return to ‘Turtle Island’ (The Americas) and the line of time from the building of the pyramids in the Americas to the establishment of the American government based on the ancient Laws of the Ancient Moorish-Israelite Nation. This is all subsequent to the condition of becoming slaves of the foreign whitemen and women from Europe.

at the end, hangs below the left armpit. The ‘le’ is a lineage symbol of ancestors, and designates that the person wearing it on his clothing or paraphernalia, has legitimate ancestral relationship to a royal person.”

The ‘LeNape’ are recorded as the owners of Philadelphia and allegedly sold a section to William Penn in 1682. Statues of the Turtle are still found on Penn’s Landing. The area of the Le Nape was called Shackamaxon, which is similar to Shaikh-Amex-em [Am-Akh-Sum], Sachem-Axum [Akh-Sum]. Penn compares the Language of the so-called LeNape to the Hebrews, Their language is lofty, yet narrow, but like the Hebrew; in signification full, like short-hand in writing; one word serveth in the place of three, and the rest are supplied by the understanding of the hearer51

The records and journals of the Continental Congress prove that something very significant was going on with Indigenous Americans and the forming government of the United States in regards to its formation. I repeat, the hidden Indigenous history of the Black Man and Woman in America is intricately tied to this subject. It is a key component to the Reparations/Restoration discussion in respect to Land Rights and Status, which are two integral and critical aspects of discussion as we move towards an Independent Nation.

According to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad there is no way we can understand America properly in the context and circumstances that are pervading today without seeing Her in relationship to the cyclical prophetic writings of scriptural history, that present us with models and paradigms of former nations and peoples that fell from their position of rule. We are given examples of what was the cause of their fall. The Nations written of principally in the Bible and Qur’aan and generally in history serve as prototypes and examples of what occurred to individuals, families, communities, and nations when these entities/nations disobeyed Divine and Absolute Law, the Law of Allah (God). A quote from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on History..

49 The Sculpture of Palenque: Volume II by Merle Green Robertson page53 50 The three circles are reminiscent of the Aten triad (trinity) of the Amarna Family(18th Dynasty) depicting the three Stars of Sirius, the Physical Center of the Universe 51 The Diversity of Native America: The Middle Colonies by William Penn

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First: History is all our studies, the most attractive, and best qualified to reward our research, As it develops the springs and motives of human actions, and displays the consequence of circumstances which operates most powerfully on the destines of the human being.

Second: It stands true that we the Lost Found NATION of ISLAM, in the wilderness of North America, have not applied ourselves to the study of History, but rather to folly. Having a lots of the bread of idleness, and when an effort was made to the above affect of History study, it was to our detriment by not knowing what History that was more valuable, to aid us in the knowledge of our own NATION.

THE WISE MAN, is the one who have made a careful study of the PAST events of ANCIENT and MODERN HISTORY. The KNOWLEDGE of the FUTURE is JUDGED by the KNOWLEDGE of the PAST. There are MEN born with a gift of PROPHECY. While some are trained into the KNOWLEDGE by intense studies of the PAST EVENTS OF HISTORY.


First: By a thorough KNOWLEDGE of its FOUNDER'S Principle of Belief in one God, the Originator of the Universe, and everything there in. The Creator and Recreator, not from Translators, but from the Founder of the Original Language and Dialect, the Spoke and Wrote.

Second: By the Principles of ACTION in which the FOUNDER and His followers carried into Practice.

Third: To search out any defect or falsity of Divine Being, or Plurality of Gods52


52 Written and Sent to All Students in the Ministry of Islam in the Wilderness of North America By Elijah Muhammad, Servant of Allah Dated 4-2-36 & 1-18-63