The importance of mobile responsive website

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<p> 1. The Importance of a Mobile Responsive Website o 40% of website traffic is now coming from mobile devices and this figure is continuously increasing o Next time you are out and about, youre guaranteed to see people on Social Media or browsing the internet on their mobile devices. This shows why it is essential that your website is mobile responsive o Being mobile responsive means that the website is able to adapt and respond to any size screen and resolution. Users do not want to have to zoom in and scroll around in order to find what they are looking for 2. Making Your Site Mobile Responsive o There are two different ways to go about creating a mobile website: creating two completely separate sites, or combining the two and optimising your desktop site so that it will automatically convert to a mobile site o The second option is becoming more popular, particularly amongst Search Engines. This is because, when carrying out their searches, they only have to scan one version of your website, as only one exists o You may think that two websites isnt much different than having one, but if every company had two versions of their websites, that would be double the amount of websites and coding to scan 3. Mobile Sites &amp; SEO o Having a single website that is mobile responsive also means that you only have to maintain that one website, halving your workload o This is also applicable to SEO campaigns. Why bother doing two when you can just do one? o Any amendments that are made on your desktop site will automatically change and be updated on your mobile site, therefore saving you a lot of time and hassle 4. Increasing Sales o It is also important to note that if you have an easy to use mobile site, you are more likely to have an increase of sales o This is simply because you have an easy to use mobile site, that will not frustrate users and send them elsewhere o The amount of people who now shop online for convenience is incredible, so combining this with a great mobile site will give you a much greater chance of getting more sales 5. Have a look at how Urban Media Salisbury can help you with your Mobile Responsive Web Design: Get in touch with the Urban Media Salisbury Team: 01494 538 441 </p>