The Ideal Asylum Centre -How to do it the RIGHT way!

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The Ideal Asylum Centre

The Ideal Asylum CentreHow to do it the RIGHT way!

SIZE MATTERS!The ideal centre has between 100 and 500 inhabitants

Location, location, location!Variety in the location of centres is important to accommodate different groups of asylum seekers.Locations should not be dictated solely by economy. Old army bases may be cheap, but tanks and planes are really scary!

Special needs for asylum seekers?Yes!There are special groups that need special attention.Different standards for groups such as UMAs, handicapped, trafficked women, etc.

Target Group PolicyEvery centre works with a specific target group eg. UMA, trafficked women, etc. but NOT with that group alone.Diversity prevents institutionalization

PrivacyPrivacy must be ensuredMore privacy = less conflictTo the extent possible, asylum seekers should be guaranteed private sleeping quarters.

FacilitiesMedical centreLegal aidLeisure roomComputer and internet accessDaycare

Security mattersStaff should be capable of handling conflicts.

Violent conflict is a matter for the police

Considerations regarding ethnicity/religionMixing nationalities can lessen conflictDealing with other ethnic/religious minorities is a core democracy principle

OrganisationsOrganizations concerned with health/day care and legal advice could have facilities on the centre.On flexibilityRedundancy Every centre should be able to boost its capacity in case of influxDe-centralized accomodation as a means of decreasing pressure on the centralized system.SustainabilityOpen policy and a clearly defined strategy is crucial

Inconsistency and inclarity = greater expenses

Monopoly can be costly and dangerous!


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