The Holy Trinity Family Father, Son & Holy Spirit

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The Holy Trinity Family Father, Son & Holy Spirit Slide 2 JESUS MARY JOSEPH We are a Family Church Slide 3 Saint Sharbel mission Las Vegas PLEDGE OF LOVE Slide 4 We Are A Family Church Celebrating Our Family Slide 5 I am called to Believe, Belong & Become TOGETHER COMMITED TO CHRIST Slide 6 I am called to Believe, Belong & Become Masses Benediction Rosary P. Adoration Ministers Seminars Bible Studies Catechism Library Divine Mercy 3 pm Parish Council Baptism Prep CANA Marriage Prep Hospitality: Coffee & Tea Hour Cooking/Baking Pledge Club Repository Readers Altar Server Ushers Flowers Music /Choir Youth Club Family Club Finance & Fund Raising Maintenance Volunteers Visiting the Sick Elderly & Disabled St Sharbel Outreach Sound System Computer A&V Identify your Talents Commit To our Faith & Family EVERYONE IN THE MINISTRY Slide 7 FUTURE PROJECTS 2009- St Sharbel Statue 10 000 Garden & Family picnic area 200 000 Security: Parking lights 20 000 2 Entrance Gate & Fencing 35 000 ST. Sharbel Hermitage 80 000 ST. Sharbel Church & Classes & Offices 1,500,000 Total: 1,950,000 Priest House/Rectory Slide 8 Total Income & Expenditure Total Expenditure: $000 Total Expenditure: $000 Total Income: $000 Total Income: $000 (from Collections) (from Collections) Shortfall: $000 Shortfall: $000 Excludes budgeted projects: $00 000 Excludes budgeted projects: $00 000 Slide 9 Why Pledge? 1. Pledging is an act of prayer & thanksgiving to our generous Lord for what we have received and for the fortunate opportunities given to us. 2. The church is totally dependent on the financial support of YOU, our parishioners. 3. Monthly pledges will allow our church to work according to a plan and budget. Slide 10 4. Eliminates the risk of an operating shortfall. operating shortfall. 5. See the pledge as a policy like your health/life insurance, gym, etc. 6. See the pledge as an opportunity for equal gifts. 7. Creates a sense of belonging and taking ownership of our Church so that this is truly our home. 8. To help the poor and the needy of our parish and community. Slide 11 The Value of your Pledge is strictly Confidential. It is our obligation to take care of Our Home, Our Church. One person CAN make A Difference. Slide 12 To pledge $150 per month Equals $5 per day which is equivalent to: A Loaf of Bread A Loaf of Bread A Cup of Coffee A Cup of Coffee A Casino bet in the machine A Casino bet in the machine Slide 13 GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER 2 Corinthians 9:7 Slide 14 OUT OF GODS GIFTS WE MAKE GIFTS TO GOD. St. Augustine Slide 15 Make a Difference Slide 16 The 7 Commandments of the church 1. To Hear Mass on Sundays and all Holydays of Obligation 2. To Fast and Abstain on the days appointed 3. To Confess at least once a year 4. To receive the Holy Eucharist during Easter time 5. Tithing: To Contribute to the Support of the Church (Offering/gift of love) 6. Not to Marry persons who are not Catholic or related to us 7. To Learn the truths of your Faith Slide 17 WE DO THIS FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD In Honor and Thanksgiving To our Beloved Patron Saint and our Inspiration ST. Sharbel In Loving Memory of all our departed We offer our Gifts of Love Slide 18 PLEDGE OF LOVE MEMBERS BASSAM & RAYMONDA DAGHER BASHIR & LIESLE KARAM BASSEM TABET CAMILLE & MARLENE CHAMOUN ELIAS ELKHOURY IMAD & RENE MEHANNA JULIETTE HANASH KOZHAYA & MIRIAM AWAD MASSOUD & RANDA YOUNES MARWAN & NAJWA DAGHER (Best chips Distribution) MICHELLE & GEORGETTE HANACH RAFAELO & MARCELLE DAGER (Tuti, Bene, In) SALWA HONEINE TOM & HANAN CASTRO VICTOR & RITA MOUANESS WISSAM DAGHER (Rockys Philly Cheese steaks) YOUSSEF & RIMA SAIKALI *THIS LIST IS BY ALPHABATICAL ORDER PLEDGES TO BE PROCESSED BY THE 5TH OF SEPTEMBER Slide 19 MORTGAGE LIST ANTOINE ABI NADER ANTOINE ABI NADER GEORGE BOGHOS GEORGE BOGHOS Hanna Sweiss Hanna Sweiss JOSEPH ABI NADER JOSEPH ABI NADER DR. JOHN NASSAR DR. JOHN NASSAR DR. MARC ADAIMI DR. MARC ADAIMI MONA ATTALLA MONA ATTALLA NASSER GHANEM NASSER GHANEM PATRICK ZIADE PATRICK ZIADE PHILLIPPE ZIADE PHILLIPPE ZIADE PIERRE DACCACHE PIERRE DACCACHE RAED MOURI RAED MOURI (Ideal tobacco) (Ideal tobacco) *This list is the Mortgage payment commitment *This list is the Mortgage payment commitment Slide 20 LET US PRAY TOGETHER O LORD ACCEPT MY OFFERING AS A PLEDGE OF MY LOVE FOR YOU AND IN EXCHANGE FOR MY EARTHLY GIFTS GRANT ME THE GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE. AMEN Slide 21 What do you want? AB Win Lose Win Lose Lose Win Lose Win Lose Lose Lose Lose GODS PLAN Guaranteed for all of us WIN WIN Slide 22