The features and advantages of motion capture technology

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motion capture is a technology used to record human motion and movement.


The features and advantages of motion capture technology

Mocap or motion capture is a technology used to record human motion and movement. The captured data of actual human motion is used for doing the animation of digital games, movies, animated shows, television ads and virtual environments. Mocap is basically used in sports, medical, entertainment and military. This technology is named for delivering short turnaround times and flexibility in capturing data. It saves up to 80% of the time of post-processing in order to release smooth and clear data with real-time visualization. The technology basically features attached inertial sensors with the body in the form of a special type of suit. Advantages of motion capture system The best part of this system is that this can be used in both indoors and outdoors which gives you freedom to move because of no use of camera. This is very easy to use with less setting of time. This displays the on-screen visualization in the real time. 1. Improved flexibility. 2. Limitless volume capture. 3. Smooth and clean motion capture. 4. Faster turnaround time. 5. Performs visualization of motion capture in the real time. 6. Saves post-processing time of up to 80%. 7. Easy setup within shorter time. 8. User-friendly and fast. 9. Easy to wear under clothes. 10. Have readymade pipelines for various popular motion editors like Autodesk Maya, MotionBuilder, 3DS Max and SoftImage LightWave. Features of the software 1. Real time playback, visualization and editing of mocap data. 2. Record the data of motion capture easily. 3. Advanced models of human body capable to provide the output of about 23 segments of body. 4. Capable to export the data of various file formats of motion capture like BVH and FBX. 5. Interactive interface of editing.

6. Seamless integration of plug-in with various tools including Autodesk MotionBuilder. 7. Remote control with time synchronization. Tips to conduct motion capture session successfully Since special markers and cumbersome jackets are not required for the application, the marker-less motion capture technology evolves with spontaneous beauty. However, this doesnt mean that you dont have to make a little bit planning for that. You have to be organized well in order to conduct the task of motion capture. In order to prevent a lot of anxiety, you have to be organized with these 5 most essential tips to have successful session of motion capture. 1. Prepare the list of all shots: Motion capture is quite much similar to direction of live action. You have to prepare the list of all shots you want to capture. The list should be well-organized that actor can understand it easily. For instance, in case two actors need to do shot at the same time, the list should be organized next with one another. You can use props or any other special settings if the time of any shot is same. This is quite convenient to prepare a shot list. 2. A single place is enough to capture all information: All you need to have a particular place to do all these actions in the real time. Most of the items are related to the recording information of the same shot. In this way, MS Excel or another same worksheet can do well with it. For each important data, plan a single worksheet with labeled columns. Record general information like date and project name in the top of the list so that you can get started with having the motion capture tracking. 3. Manage the names of the files of motion capture: Here you need some key things that can merge critical data but it should not be too long and tedious. Basically, the names should be capable to indicate the scene, action, character and take the proper numbers. This can save a lot of time. 4. Keep all the characters ready: It can be less or more critical depending upon what is performing by you. In this way, you might be in a condition that is not yet finalized of a character. In this way, you can see the status of motion capture by using some advanced tools like Motion Capture in order to understand that the working of the tool. This would be much better if you see the look of the character before.

5. Explain what your plan and then review: A strong communication is most important in this stage when you are working as a director. If you have a strong plan regarding working with the full session of motion capture, you should tell the entire plan to the team and get their reviews regarding your plan. Communication is the key thing when teamwork comes in consideration. Plan with the whole team and get the review with the complete and managed shot list. If anyone has idea about making it more efficient which is better than yours, then address it accordingly in your plan. When the session gets started, you have no time to plan and you have to drive the process according to the list of all shots. After the completion of session, get the reviews of the results from the team and cross check everything that you need. When it comes to the future of motion capture, they are going marker-less with having advanced machines and equipments. The need of cumbersome jackets and suits will properly be avoided. Today, motion capture technology is directly being used by the developers, animators and the educational experts with having the critical effort in the field of modern technology. In this way, Motion Builder and Open Stage 2 play a great role in completing the task of motion capture of the human objects. Both of these tools are very frequent and helpful to capture the data and allow the game developers and animators to do their task on it accordingly. Conclusion Today, the motion capture technology becomes more advanced and is using in various fields including medical, entertainment and military. With having advanced tools of Autodesk and Open Stage 2, all the tasks of motion captures become user-oriented and simple to understand.


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