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The Exodus Experience Project - Company Overview

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A Company Overview of The Exodus Experience Project An Arts & Entertainment Start-up Company

Text of The Exodus Experience Project - Company Overview

  • 1331 Pembrook Street, Uniondale, New York 11553

    [email protected]

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    An Exodus


    Project, Inc.

    Company Overview



    The Blanket


  • 1331 Pembrook Street, Uniondale, New York 11553

    [email protected]


    The Exodus History & Mission


    The Exodus Experience production projects &

    The 2010 Agenda of The Exodus Experience Project


    The Blanket Stage Debut Press Release &

    After Debut Letter of Gratitude to Supporters


    The Exodus Experience Project Brocure &

    TEEP Flyer Fall 2010


    The Exodus Experience Project Partnership Program


    Welcome Letter to TEEP Partners/Sponsors

    Partnership/participating Rewards &

    Partnership/Participant Application


    Marketing Letter to Prospective Partners/Sponsors

  • 1331 Pembrook Street, Uniondale, New York 11553

    [email protected]

    The Exodus History

    TEEP or The Exodus Experience Project is the result of the vision, and lifelong dedication of;

    Robert Lee Johnson a passionate advocate for truth, who has worked in the Performing Arts

    field for more than 17 years. Robert discovered his God-given passion for performing arts in

    the late 80s, writing plays for the local church. As a Drama Director he was given an avenue for

    his own creativity, and a forum to address the social issues of our day. His accolades include;

    work with Hofstra Universitys NOAH program co-writing of the stage play, No Compromise

    in 2001 and 2002. He has also used his gifts in support of such noteworthy individuals as;

    Congresswoman, Carol McCarthy,

    Former Mayor, James Garner,

    Former Trustee, Hezekiah Brown,

    Assemblywoman; Dorothy Goosby,

    retired Judge, Cynthia Diaz-Wilson

    just to name a few.

    The Exodus Mission

    Exodus Experience Project Inc. is a performing arts production company that is focused

    on becoming an incubator for the development of young and aspiring talent. We want

    to engage not just the talents but the drive, the energy, and the determination of all kinds

    of ambitious artists not only in the Hempstead, New York area, but across the nation and

    ultimately throughout the world.

    Exodus Project aims to cultivate a movement that plants the motivation of all kinds of artists

    and performers, to speak through their talents and engage all those who

    care to, in a dialogue by way of their dance, their song, and their words guiding audiences

    through entertainment that has an other-worldly excitement that will hold them transfixed

    on every moment of the performances.

    Exodus Experience Project is an entertainment experience like none audiences will ever

    experience. Exodus Experience Project is a moving performance experience that will

    acquaint your ears with new voices, and overwhelm your eyes with new visions and open

    heart with new conviction that there is no entertainment experience like Exodus Experience

    Project Inc.

  • 1331 Pembrook Street, Uniondale, New York 11553

    [email protected]

    Production Plans of The Exodus Experience


    The Exodus Experience Project is planning a range of exciting inspiration production project and enterprises both as upcoming events and long range entertainment and recreational functions in and around the Hempstead, New York area. Included in the agenda of events and enterprises that TEEP will be planning are the following; Drama

    The Debut Production of The Blanket Stage Drama Fall 2010


    Gospel Mime Extravaganza Spring 2011


    Poetic Laundry Wearing the Armor of The Word Spring 2011

    Hip Hop

    Spoken In the Spirit

    A Gospel Experience in Spoken Word Summer 2011


    Serenity Fine Dining Heaven on Earth Dining Experiences Fall 2012

    The Exodus Experience Project is planning all of the above and even more as we navigate our move from a striving start up to a thriving entertainment and performance arts production company and community enterprise. Our dedicated and hard working team of professionals are committed to being a force to be reckoned with in the local, national and global entertainment industries. By engaging the eloquent words, the graceful moves, the harmonious voices of the artists that make up the Exodus Experience Project, we will elevate what live drama and performance is and what it can become as we weave our unique brand of artistry through our productions.

  • 1331 Pembrook Street, Uniondale, New York 11553

    [email protected]

    The Exodus Projects 2010

    The Blanket Stage Drama

    The Blanket is under development now. It is has been casted and the group of talented singers, dancers and actors are particpating in ongoing rehersals with a finalized script twice a week. The cast members for the play are a wonderful group of artists and performers who hale from right here in Hempstead, New York. The cast members are talented,diverse and gifted performers comitted to the expression of their gifts. These artist and performers want to breathe new life into the performing arts in this community setting it on fire with their joy and their passion for the gifts that God has placed in their hearts.

    Poetic Laundry - The Scribes Sending Vibes

    Clothed in the Armor of The Words Poetic Laundry is The Exodus Experience Projects way to bring poetry, inspiration, spoken word in the vain of phophetic admonishion to the simple act of clothing the body. Each new Chapter of Poetic Laundry will present its wearers with new words of wisdom and new motivational verses. Poetic Laundry is clothing as armor and serves notice to the world that the status quo is being ushered out and a new dynamic will transform our generations. Poetic Laundry is textile that touts the truth, duds that dabble in dialogue, rags that ranggle with our reality, Poetic Laundry is threads of thoughts that dress the physique and dare the heart and the minds of men to soar beyond their seasons, to banish their reasons, to breakthrough their boundaries, to finess their freedoms, to vision their victories, to gleen new glories.

  • 1331 Pembrook Street, Uniondale, New York 11553

    [email protected]

    Press Release

    Contact: Robert Johnson

    Phone: (516) 710-4490






    Experience Project; Robert Lee Johnson in conjunction with several corporate sponsors is poised to make

    an official entre onto the New York Theatrical scene with the debut of the production; The Blanket.

    This riveting stage production was written and by the founder of The Exodus Experience Project; Robert

    Lee Johnson. Robert has invested nearly thirty years of his life, in his love of the performing arts. He has

    also devotion his art to; his love of people and an unstoppable faith in Jesus Christ. The Blanket is his

    debut stage production filled with passion and heartbreak as well as the encouragement of a fall from

    grace that is transformed by the unquenchable wellspring of redemption through the mercy of God.

    Robert feels privileged that many corporate sponsors are sowing seeds into the creativity, the dreams, and

    the destiny of The Exodus Experience Project. The Blanket is a dynamic theatrical performance that will

    move its audiences to the very core of their beings.

    For Company Inquiries contact Exodus Experience Project

    Uniondale NY 11553

    or call (516) 710-4409 also email at [email protected]

    1331 Pembrook Street Uniondale, New York 11553 [email protected]

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    mailto:[email protected]
  • 1331 Pembrook Street, Uniondale, New York 11553

    [email protected]

    (After Debut -Thank You)

    Prospective Investor/Sponsor Company Name Address City, State, Zipcode

    Please receive our warmest Thank You,

    The Exodus Experience Project now has just completed its first theatrical production. Thats

    right! The Blanket has seen its debut and with the support and participation of everyone

    involved it was the awesome night of entertainment that we worked and promised it would be.

    The long list of professionals, artists and performers, technical support teams, back stage

    personnel, vendors, volunteers and visionaries who added their expertise are too many to name.