The Everglades Subtropical Wilderness. Where are the Everglades? Located on the Southern coast of Florida,USA.

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  • The Everglades Subtropical Wilderness

  • Where are the Everglades?Located on the Southern coast of Florida,USA

  • Weather/ClimateSummers are hot and humid with the humidity reaching 90%Afternoon thunderstorms are very common making the rainfall per year about 60 inchesJune- November are the hurricane months

  • What do the Everglades look like?Landforms: MarshesSwampsOverflowing rivers

  • Waterways of the EvergladesThe Everglades are rivers that flow together forming large marshes and swamps.

  • What grows there?Swamps and Marshes are filled with:Cypress treesSawgrassOrchidsMangroves

  • Animals of the EvergladesOver 350 bird species and many mammals located in the everglades. AlligatorsFlorida PantherWhooping CraneGreat Blue Heron

  • Environmental IssuesThere is a worry of industrialization cutting into the natural beauty of the Everglades.People are cutting down the trees and draining some of the canals to build cities and towns.

  • History and CultureGladesmen were men who built their lives and lived off the resources in the Everglades in the 1940s.The Everglades was a site for military operations during the cold war. They drained the canals and set up the Nike Missile HM-69

  • Preservation EffortsErnest Coe was the man who urged Congress to declare the Everglades a National Park In 1934, due to his hard work, the Everglades in Florida was declared a National Park





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