The Elements of Customer Experience The Stages of Customer-Experience Hierarchy Broad Goals in Designing Desirable Customer Experience Chapter 4: Customer.

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  • Chapter 4: Customer ExperienceThe Elements of Customer ExperienceThe Stages of Customer-Experience HierarchyBroad Goals in Designing Desirable Customer Experience

  • Seven Key Elements of Customer Experience1.







    A certain level of functionality must exist in order for a site to work; basic standards and expectations must be metRelates to the individuals unique perception of the encounter with the firmMore than just the economic transaction - the entire customer encounter experience includes both process and output measures of the shopping experienceIncludes a customers response to multiple variables, from the tactical layout of the store/site to high-level interpretations of the meaning of the brandTo the extent that it is relevant, assessment of the customer experience needs to incorporate all five sensesCognitive responses are thoughtful and evaluative in nature; emotional responses tend to capture moods, attitudes and feelings of the customerPrevious, separate experiences can affect a consumers reaction to various stimuli during a shopping experienceThe Objective ElementThe Perception ElementThe Encounter ElementThe Reactions-to-Stimuli ElementThe Sensory ElementThe Cognitive and Emotional ElementThe Relative Element

  • Chapter 4: Customer ExperienceThe Elements of Customer ExperienceThe Stages of Customer Experience HierarchyBroad Goals in Designing Desirable Customer Experience

  • Exhibit 4.1: Stages of Customer Experience

    If a Firm Gets This Right

    This Is What the Customer Experiences

    Stage One: Functionality

    Design and information architecture

    Deep understanding of customer behavior

    Platform independence

    Efficient transactions

    Site is easy to use

    Quick downloads

    Intuitive navigation

    Site reliability

    Stage Two: Intimacy

    Warehousing and mining

    Tailoring of pages and offerings

    Overlay human interaction

    Integrated data

    Consistent performance over time

    Constant innovation and upgrading (incremental or significant)


    Increasing trust

    Repeated experiences of exceptional value

    A sense of being in the know

    Consistent experiences

    Significant benefits relative to other offerings

    Stage Three: Evangelism

    Supports evangelists

    Acknowledgment of evangelists

    Desire to make messages to the market

    Community benefits

  • Stage one: Experiencing Functionality- The site works well

    - Usability and Ease of Navigation- Speed Reliability Security Media Accessibility

  • Stage Two Experiencing Intimacy They can understand me

    - Customization- Communication- Consistency- Trustworthiness- Exceptional value- Shift from Consumption to Leisure Activity

  • Stage Three : Experiencing Evangelism I love to Share the Story

    - Taking the Word to the Market- Active Community Membership- The Company Cares About My Opinions- Defender of the Experience

  • Exhibit 4.2: Stages of Customer Experience Over Time

  • Exhibit 4.3: Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Experience

  • Chapter 4: Customer ExperienceThe Elements of Customer ExperienceThe Stages of Customer Experience HierarchyBroad Goals in Designing Desirable Customer ExperienceEBays Customer ExperienceConclusion

  • Broad Goals for Creating a Desirable Customer Experience1.






    Create a Rich Description of the Target CustomerDevelop Use-Case Scenarios for Each Target SegmentEffectively Integrate the Online and Offline ExperienceArticulate Clear Stages of Desired ExperienceEffectively Assess Relative Levels of HierarchyHighly Leverage the Evangelists

  • Exhibit 4.5: Stages of Customer Experience for

    Generic Desired Customer Experience

    What Delivers


    Site is usable

    Easy navigation

    Quick download

    Speedy site


    Content organized around user needs

    Easy-to-find gear and activity information

    Multiple views of products and services

    Website that rates high on efficiency and fulfillment

    No crashes and limited downtime


    High trust

    Consistent experience

    Quick, effective communication

    High personalization

    Exceptional value

    Consistent with brand message

    Authoritative content and information

    Kiosks in store link to online channel

    Easy access to customer service, including live online help

    E-mail newsletter

    Member discounts and rebates

    Product returns to store or by mail

    Adventure travel service


    Takes word to the market

    Defends the experience

    Membership advantages

    E-mail option for sharing information

    Community message boards

    In-store and local events


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