The Elemental Academy For all of those who wish to learn to control the art of element magic. -Jacob Crow Assistant Principal

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Text of The Elemental Academy For all of those who wish to learn to control the art of element magic. -Jacob...

  • The Elemental AcademyFor all of those who wish to learn to control the art of element magic.-Jacob CrowAssistant Principal

  • School of lightIf you want to be in the school of light you must tan constantly never burn. There WILL be a test. (If you freckle it doesnt count) This means my mom likes you and you will be allowed to stay.

    To be in my school you must bringA sward made of light (NOT A Flashlight) Shield of light Uniform (2nd on right)

  • School of NightMy school is open to anybody who wishes to study the noble art of Darkness. It focuses on books of darkness and has no specific qualifications.

    Students are required to buyA sward of DarknessA shield of DarknessA Black uniformDarkness booksNormal reading books

  • School of FireIf you are accepted to my school, Fire doesnt burn you and water puts you out. Dehydration is the best feeling in the word.I need you to buy:A burning swardA shield of FireRed uniform

  • School of WaterIf you are like me fire is UNBEARABLE and hydration is the best feeling in the world. Oceans, not JUST the beaches are the best sight in the world.My Students need to haveA water controlled swardA water shieldUniformWater everyday for class

  • School of ElectricityMy school is only for those who have been struck by lightning multiple times and felt no pain.

    My students need:An electric swardAn electric shieldUniform

  • School of PowerlessnessTo students life stinks and girls stink. I mean have you looked at the rest of the school uniforms? Theyre all for girls. I only allow Tom-Girls!Students have to have black hole swardsBlack shieldsMy uniform

  • School of AirMy School is only open to those who can appreciate the delicate art of air. Nobody that is a stupid airhead however will be allowed in.I would appreciate it if you gotA nitrogen swardAn air shieldUniform

  • School of EarthThe School of earth is for those who can enjoy the simple beauty of our planet. Unlike most of the other schools there will be no test of this for soon enough the fainthearted and untruthful shall be weeded out.You will be provided with:A swardEarths shieldThe uniform

  • School of lightThis IS a test. All you have to do is lay in your yard chair and tan for fifteen minutes. If you tan and dont burn at all then you have passed. If not, you most definitely have not passed. And if you have to use sunscreen or nothing happens then you dont get into the academy.

  • School of NightDarkness is a really noble art that few have the patients to actually study. My Father is the best at determining who is going to stick with it and who is not. You know yourselves but I only allow two tries. Those of you who want to test yourselves should take this simple test. At nine-thirty on a summer night or seven on a late fall, winter, or early spring night go out with a friend. (This works best if the moon is out) Take a colored ball and no flashlight and have your friend put the ball down. (Do not watch your friend doing this). You must find the ball. (Before morning) You may do the same with your friend.

  • School of FireIf you want to prove that you are a fire artist you must take the quiz of fire.

  • School of WaterIf you dont like standing within an inch of fire this may be the best school for you. My Mother, however, shall be the judge. You must take the school of water official quiz to see if you are accepted.

  • School of ElectricityThere is a simple test to see if you should be in my school and that is just a simple question. Do you like circuits? Do you like artificial light and computers and iPods and cell phones? And Do you like Lightning storms? Do you call them thunder storms or lightning storms?

  • School of PowerlessnessTake my quiz BOYS.

  • School of AirMy school is for those who like to breath. My test I as follows.




  • School of EarthAs I said all are accepted to my school and I turn down nobody. I will expel you if you are not following the codes but since I am not one for the rules I am sorta partial to rule breakers. If you arent right I will take you aside and explain this to you. You can leave by train or sky or land or you can stick around and try.

  • The Elemental AcademyThe next part of the academy will take place at if you click the link Disappear and scroll all the way down you will find the quizzes created by our teachers. On the homepage you will find weekly quizzes. Click the find the name of your school and take it. Then you can see if you passed the semester or not.-Jacob CrowAssistant Principal