The ECHA-term project Multilingual REACH and CLP Terminology Dieter Rummel, Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU Luxembourg EAFT - Oslo, 11 October.

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  • The ECHA-term project Multilingual REACH and CLP Terminology Dieter Rummel, Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU Luxembourg EAFT - Oslo, 11 October 2012
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  • Before we start: The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU Translation service for the decentralised agencies of the EU Working for about 55 clients Translating legal, technical, scientific texts, Community trademarks as well as lunch menus Rather small (110 translators) and young (17 years) Working with a vast network of freelancers
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  • A small central terminology unit coordinates between 3 and 9 projects per year; 1 translator per language is a terminology coordinator Translation oriented terminology; Occasionally terminology projects requested by Clients; Since 1999 involved in the IATE (Inter-Active Terminology for Europe) project for a creation of a single terminology database for the language services of the EU; Technical maintenance of the IATE is ensured by the Centre; Chair of the interinstitutional IATE Management Group. Terminology at the Centre
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  • s Tasks
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  • Background: Translations are one of the ECHAs means to support the industry 6500 pages published in 22 EU languages ( leaflets, technical guidance, web content, IT manuals, administrative documents and news items) Challenge: complex and highly technical terminology The ECHA-term project was launched with the objective to provide ECHA and its stakeholders with a reliable, coherent, up-to-date source of terminology to harmonise the use of terminology in the REACH and CLP context, to enhance clear communication and ultimately to reduce costs for the stakeholders
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  • Launch to the public 2011 April, at http://echa.cdt.europa.eu Managed for ECHA by the Translation Centre in Luxembourg (CdT) Project development Phase I 2009Phase II 2010 Creation of REACH core terminology Building the IT system Definition of requirementsExtending the content Proof-of-concept Tests by a user group
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  • Content 1000 CLP and REACH terms, phrases and definitions in 22 EU languages 9 multilingual pictograms with images 53 substances of very high concern with EC and CAS numbers 100-150 new terms are added annually
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  • Definition of a relevant corpus in the source language (usually English); Semiautomatic extraction of concepts and completion with definition, reference, context, note etc. by terminologists; Validation by 2 or 3 translators at CdT to ensure pertinence; Formal revision by English terminologist; Validation by ECHA; Multilingual phase: target equivalents and relevant information are completed CdT terminologists; Ideally target equivalents are validated by experts (ECHA); Import of data in ECHA-term; Maintenance of data following user feedback. Content creation
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  • IT system: Features Look-up of translations Look-up of definitions On-line editing Entry history Consultation - Validation User management Download of terminology (Excel, TBX) Feedback management Statistics
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  • Home page
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  • Monolingual search
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  • Bilingual search
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  • Alphabetical index
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  • Editing
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  • Entry history
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  • Consultation and validation
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  • So far, so well.... Over 800 registered users (translators and industry) ca. 300 queries per day ECHA-term user survey 2012 ECHA-term makes my work more efficient The terms in the database are relevant to me
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  • Outlook and questions Continuous extension of the glossary (next: biohazards) Does size matter? Are we ambitious enough? How can we improve usability of terminology in ECHA-term (terminology checking and highlighting of terminology in the ECHAs web site and documentation)? Do we need an ECHA-term app for mobile computing? Creation of an active user community? Thank you for your attention!
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