The Dryad Repository Application Profile: Groundwork Towards a Metadata Scheme for Scientific Data

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The Dryad Repository Application Profile: Groundwork Towards a Metadata Scheme for Scientific Data DigCCurr 2009 April 2, 2009 Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Darwins 200 th anniversary. Dig.Rep.of info.+data for Evo. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>The Dryad Repository ApplicationProfile: Groundwork Towards a MetadataScheme for Scientific Data</p><p>DigCCurr 2009April 2, 2009Chapel Hill, North Carolina</p><p> Jane Greenberg, Sarah Carrier, Hollie White , University of North Carolina Ryan Scherle, NESCentDarwins 200th anniversaryDig.Rep.of info.+data for Evo.</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>OverviewDRYAD: Motivation and GoalsDryad Research and DevelopmentFunctional requirementsMetadata activities- Application profile development- HIVE Helping Interdisciplinary Engineering Digital Curation Curriculum Q&amp;A</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>DRYAD: Motivation and Goals</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>Motivation for DryadSmall science repositories (SSR)Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB) Marine Metadata Initiative (MMI)Evolutionary biology Publication processSupplementary data (Evolution, Amer. Natl)Author, deposition date, not subject species, geo. locatorData deposition (Genbank, TreeBase, Morphbank) NESCent &amp; SILS/Metadata Research CenterNC State, Univ. of New Mexico, and Yaleecology, paleontology, population genetics, physiology, systematics + genomics</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p></li><li><p>Dryads GoalsOne-stop deposition and shopping for data objects supporting published research~ 180 data objects, 40 pubs; American Naturalist, Evolution,Support the acquisition, preservation, resource discovery, and reuse of heterogeneous digital datasets Balance a need for low barriers, with higher-level data synthesisDryad TeamNESCentTodd Vision, Director of Informatics and Associate Professor, Biology, UNCHilmar Lapp, Assistant Director of Informatics Ryan Scherle, Data Repository ArchitectUNC/SILS/MRCJane Greenberg, Associate Professor, SILSBob, Losee, Professor, SILSSarah Carrier, Doctoral FellowHollie White, Doctoral FellowAmol Bapat, Masters studentProject Coordinator: Peggy Schaeffer, Coordinator/manager</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>A hierarchy of goalsSynthesis</p><p>Sharing</p><p> Discovery</p><p>Preservation</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>American Society of NaturalistsAmerican NaturalistEcological Society of AmericaEcology, Ecological Letters, Ecological Monographs, etc.European Society for Evolutionary BiologyJournal of Evolutionary Biology Society for Integrative and Comparative BiologyIntegrative and Comparative BiologySociety for Molecular Biology and EvolutionMolecular Biology and EvolutionSociety for the Study of Evolution EvolutionSociety for Systematic BiologySystematic BiologyCommercial journalsMolecular EcologyMolecular Phylogenetics and EvolutionPartner Journals</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>Dryad Research and DevelopmentFunctional requirementsApplication profile developmentVocabulary analysisInstantiation studyHIVE Helping Interdisciplinary Engineering </p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>R &amp; D: Accomplishments and ActivitiesFunctional requirementsRepository analysis (Dube, et al. JCDL, 2007)Workshops: Stakeholders (Dec. 06), SSR (May 07)Resource discovery and useData interoperabilityAutomatic and semi-automatic metadata generationLinking of publications and underlying datasetsData/metadata quality controlData security</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p></li><li><p>Functional requirements</p><p>ProjectGoals/prioritiesGBIFKNBNSDLICPSRMMIHeterogeneous digital datasetsLong-term data stewardshipTools and incentives to researchersMinimize technical expertise and time requiredIntellectual property rightsDatasets coupled w/published research</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>Metadata developmentMetadata architecture / Application profile, ver. 1.0Interoperable with other schemes, why reinvent the wheel?Dublin Core basedSupports Dryad functionalitiesBasic data/metadata storage Simple retrieval and submission system</p><p>Modular scheme: Journal citationData objects</p><p>(Carrier, et al., 2007)Namespaces: Dublin CoreData Documentation Initiative (DDI)Ecological Metadata Language (EML)PREMISDarwin Core</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p></li><li><p>Bibliographic Citation Moduledcterms:bibliographicCitation/Citation informationDOIData Object Moduledc:creator/Name*dc:title/Data Set # dc:identifier/Data Set Identifier PREMIS:fixity/(hidden) dc:relation/DOI of Published ArticleDDI:/Depositor * DDI:/Contact Info. #dc:rights/Rights Statement dc:description/Description # dc:subject/Keywords *dc:coverage / Locality Required *dc:coverage/Date Range Required*dc:software/Software*dc:format/File Format dc:format/File Size dc:date/(Hidden) Required dc:date/Date Modified*Darwin Core: species/ Species, or Scientific*</p><p>Key* = semi-automatic# = manualEverything else is automatic</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>Singapore Framework CompliantA loose standard for Dublin Core endorsed application profilesSingapore framework provides guidelines for creating a DCAM-conformant Application Profile (DC Application Profile)A packet of documentation which consists of:Functional requirements (desirable)Domain model (mandatory)Description Set Profile (DSP) (mandatory)Usage guidelines (optional)Encoding syntax guidelines (optional)</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>Singapore FrameworkBenefitsConsistencyLong-term quality control Interoperability with other metadata structuresAligns w/Semantic Web and linked data developments</p><p>Use of Scholarly Works Application Profile (SWAP) as a key example of an application profile in conformance with the Singapore FrameworkThe Dryad Data Repository **</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p></li><li><p></p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>Domain ModelDryad application profile version 1.0 accomodates one publication associated with multiple datasets</p><p>The Dryad Data Repository **</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>Description Set Profile and Usage GuidelinesThe Dryad Data Repository **DSP is an information model and XML expression ( (optional, mandatory)Non-literal (thing philosophically things in the real world, known in different ways) (mandatory), there are different rightsSubject, creator, descriptionLiterals (strings): =, = Usage guidelines are optional </p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p></li><li><p>Application profile work, thoughtsto datePositive aspectsIntellectually engagingThink we are making a contribution, have to start somewhereMachine capabilitieseScience/data synthesisChallengesInfrastructure not all there (a lot is not in RDF)Registered Dryad purlProof of concept difficultTime consumingDocumentation lacking**</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p></li><li><p>HIVE (Helping Interdisciplinary Vocabulary Engineering)Automatic metadata generation approach that dynamically integrates discipline-specific controlled vocabularies encoded with the Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS)provide efficient, affordable, interoperable, and user friendly access to multiple vocabularies during metadata creation activitiesBuilding HIVEVocabulary DevelopmentServer preparationPrimate Life Histories Working GroupWood Anatomy and Wood Density Working GroupSharing HIVE continuing education Evaluating HIVE examining HIVE in Dryad</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>*Titel (edit in slide master) *HIVE model</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>Digital Curation CurriculumThe Dryad Data Repository **UNC is a great place!!Metadata is key for digital curation, and an important part of our curriculumExperiential learningCollaboration Interdisciplinary teamResearch </p><p>Challenges, language, balancing priorities</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p></li><li><p>Publications (project wiki: Greenberg, J. (2009, in press). Theoretical Considerations of Lifecycle Modeling: An Analysis of the Dryad Repository Demonstrating Automatic Metadata Propagation, Inheritance, and Value System Adoption. Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 47 (3/4)Greenberg, J. (2009). Theories of Evolution and Cultural Diffusion: The Dryad Repository Case Study for Understanding Changes in Organizing Information Practices. iSociety: Research, Education, Engagement. 2009 iConference, February, 8-11, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. White, H., Carrier, C., Thompson, H., Greenberg, J., and Scherle, R. (2008). The Dryad Data Repository: A Singapore Framework Metadata Architecture in a DSpace Environment. In DC-2008: Metadata for Semantic and Social Applications. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, 22-26 September, 2008, Berlin Germany, pp. 157-162.Carrier, S., Dube, J., and Greenberg, J. (2007). The DRIADE Project: Phased Application Profile Development in Support of Open Science. In DC-2007: Application Profiles: Theory and Practice. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, Singapore, August 27-31, 2007, pp. 35-42.Dube, J., Carrier, S., Greenberg, J., and White, H. (2008). Dryad: A Data Repository for Evolutionary Biology. In Bulletin of IEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries, (4) 1: Scherle, R., Carrier, S., Greenberg, J., Lapp, H., Thompson, A., Vision, T., and White, H. (2008). Building Support for a Discipline-Based Data Repository. In Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Open Repositories: Dube, J., Carrier, S. and Greenberg, J. (2007). DRIADE: A Data Repository for Evolutionary Biology. In Proceedings of the 2007 Conference on Digital Libraries, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 18-23, 2007, pp. 481.</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>Dryad Wiki links to publications, the application profile, and lists Dryad team membersMetadata Research Center Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent)</p><p>The Dryad Data Repository **</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p></li><li><p></p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p> DigCCurr2009</p><p>DryadDepositor/sSpecialized RepositoriesGenbankTreeBaseMorphbankPaleoDBLTER Data Catalog</p><p>Journals &amp; journal repositoriesDryad-Data objects supporting published researchResearcher/sOne stop data depositionOne stop shopping an option</p><p>The Dryad Repository Application Profile </p><p>******</p></li></ul>


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