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The webzine for players of Warhammer Fantasy armies, especially fans of armies that Games Workshop seems to have forgotten about and no longer support.

Text of The Doom Seeker #4

  • Editor-in-Chief: Bilbo BagginsStory Editor: Ironlord

    Artwork: HazkarWriters: M4cR1II3n, Son of Khaine, Godless-Mimicry,

    Mighted Strumbrow, Ironlord, Bilbo BagginsPhotos: Godless-Mimicry, Guardian_A

    Title Graphics and The Doom Seeker Logo: Bilbo BagginsSubmissions:

    Letters to Editor: TheDoomSeeker@hotmail.comCover art by: Hazkar

    The New Slayer Brotherhood Fantasy Battle Reporter

    Ravening Hordes us on Facebook: The Doom Seekers

    From the Desk of Bilbo Baggins Page 3Slayer Journal Page 5

    Tactics for Beginners by Ironlord Page 5Create a Cavalry Unit by Bilbo Baggins and M4cR1II3n Page 9Cairn Crackers Page 12

    Tales of Karak Kadrin Page 16Blood on the High Seas by Mighted Strumbrow Page 16The Runic Raven of Borek by Ironlord Page 18

    Expression in Runes Page 21WFBRs Hammerer of the Month Armies of Godless-Mimicry and Guardian_A Page 21Converting Beastmen Characters by Godless-Mimicry Page 24

    Ravening Hordes Page 27Hooves in the Night by Ironlord Page 27Forest of Death by Son of Khaine Page 34Firewolf Saga: Defenders of the Plain by Ironlord Page 36

    Fun and Games Page 43Look Snorri by Hazkar Page 43Word Search: Warhammer Fantasy Page 43

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle Reporters Hammerers of the Month Page 45November - December 2009: Noble Korhedron Page 45January 2010: Guardian_A Page 46February 2010: The Engineer Page 47March 2010: Godless - Mimicry Page 48

    Issue Question Page 49Other Realms Page 50

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    Images and artwork must be in JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif) or Bitmap (.tif and .bmp). All Articles, Stories and Battle Reports must be submitted in MS Word(.doc) OpenOffice (.odt) or Text (.txt) formats. Articles and Battle Reports should include images clearly marked of where they would be in the article.Submissions can be sent to Deadline for submissions to be considered for the next issue of The Doom Seeker is .

  • The Doom Seeker - Issue IV


    I know you are expecting me to rant about someinjustice or problems with balancing in the game. Well Imgoing to fool you and talk about The Doom Seeker e-zineand its history instead.Many fan e-zines seem to have trouble making it past anissue or two and we have made it to issue number four!This triumph comes from an e-zine started as asuggestion (actually the urging) on The New SlayerBrotherhood by Kera Foehunter, and to this point it hasbeen a lot of work!I want to thank Kera for the headaches she has causedme and send her a bill for the Ibuprofen I need for thecontinual headaches since!Has it been easy? No, it hasn't! Finding people to writearticles, submit artwork, and proofread in a timely matteris difficult and it doesnt make it any easier if the issue isreleased late or when you have a person in charge thattakes it as a personal affront. You can imagine the stresslevels I have experienced as both my father andgrandfather worked for a local newspaper many yearsago and I have tried to match their levels of excellency!When we started TDS, there was really only four peoplethat put out the first two issues. Grimstonefire, Ironlord,Hazkar and myself. We were able to put out the firstissue in only a few weeks from deciding to produce thee-zine.The first issue was nearly ready in a few weeks but I putthe release date back because I was helping out myfriends at Dogs ofWar Online at the same time with their e-zine Gold andGlory. I didnt want the two publications coming out tooclose to each other. I now realize that it is difficult to workon two e-zines simultaneously because you always needto make sure that there is some time for resting betweenrelease dates. If you look at G&G #2 and TDS you willsee the similarities, including the listing of sites dedicatedto particular Warhammer armies.From the start I made an executive decision to broadenthe appeal of the e-zine. The original discussion aboutthe content of TDS was done on The New SlayerBrotherhoods forum to try and promote the site. I realizedthat Slayers may be a little limited for a quarterly e-zine,so I brought in Ravening Hordes (The Yahoo Forum) toexpand out our issues.We decided that TDS will always have stories of Dwarfsand of other Warhammer races as well as create specialcharacters and units to use in fun games with yourFriends. We have also produced a series of articles onhow to create units and characters for your games.The most stress I ever experienced came from Issue two.It wasnt well known that the cover was completed only30 minutes before the scheduled release! I had been

    pushing the contributors for their art and submissionsbefore that time, but to no avail.During the production of Issue three we added a newstaff writer, Warhammerman, and added another forumto our supporters. This was Warhammer Fantasy BattleReporter. This decision had the effect of adding morewriters for TDS. Unfortunately their submissions came intoo late for that issue.We have Son of Khaine and Godless-Mimicry fromWFBR writing for us now, and this brings us to our fourthand largest issue!Because of the increase in the amount of writers, Ipromoted Ironlord to Story Editor. He has been workingwith our writers making their stories meet the standardswe have set for ourselves.Have there been problems? Yes of course there Have!We still havent received any letters to the editor and wehad problems getting entries from a painting contest wehad. But these problems are minor and hopefully we willstart to receive letters for future issues.The biggest problem was the unexpected and untimelyfailure of my laptop, which I referred to as The Beastbecause of its size and weight. Only one month out ofwarranty and the video card fails. This is typical of mylife. Just when you need something to go right,everything goes horribly wrong!Because of this problem, I had to put an older laptopback in service so that I could put out this publication. Iwill fix or replace "The Beast when I can obtain theneeded funds. Now if I can just guess the correct LotteryNumbers So what does the future bring us? Games Workshop hasdeemed it time to release a new version of theWarhammer Fantasy Rules in July of 2010!Will this release fix the problems they themselves createdin the current army books or will it be the straw thebreaks the camels back and finally have people leave thegame or look for alternatives? Only time will tell for sure.As for this e-zine, we plan on going through the book andgive you our observations about changes and what theymean to the game in future issues. We would also like tohear from you and let us know how we are doing. Yourstories, submissions, photographs and artwork mean somuch to this e-zine's survival. Let us all put in the extraeffort to make issue #5 even better than this one!

    Thankfully,Bilbo Baggins,

    Editor in Chief.

  • The Doom Seeker - Issue IV


    No general has ever gotten anywhere withoutremembering the basics.No great general has ever gotten anywhere withoutlearning how to apply them.Thankfully the first of these can be taught to you, butsadly the second one is best learned fromexperience on the table top. So in this edition of theDoom Seeker, your truly has been tasked withshowing you a few simple tactics and formations tohelp you on your way (hopefully not to doom butinstead) to victory.

    Hammer and AnvilThis is the tactic that I have been using for thelongest, I've been using it since I started with TheLord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, and thatI've had the most success with. Why does it work?Because it's simple and doesn't require a bucketload of resources to pull off.Now obviously the tactic requires two pieces.The Anvil: A solid block of models (preferablyinfantry) to absorb the charge (Diagram 1), this unitshouldn't be focusing on attacking back (but attacksback will help break the charge) but simplyabsorbing and holding the charge. Although a basiccore choice can fulfil this role, and will cost lesspoints if it somehow backfires, a truly solid anvil canbe found in most army's special choices.Using my own army as an example, VampireCounts, an anvil could be made from zombies, thesec